Top Tier Premium Tank Tierlist! 🏆 | War Thunder

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  1. Do u even play the fukn game 😂 the oes is mid i got him.myself tf u put him there

  2. Did you make this list while drunk or what

  3. Vbci2 isn’t that bad if put it at decent because it performs pretty good at ambushes with its faster turret traverse rate

  4. @zaviyarsaleem6931

    israel aint real

  5. @KhalifahMuhd1010

    As a PT-91M Penderka main. This is a win for me.

  6. What part of TURMS is “almost bias”?

  7. Ngl turms feel trash, armor sucks, Mobility sucks, gun is fine but cant oneshot a leo2a4 upfront bc no spalling at all, but he can oneshot you

  8. @DoctorBobTheReal

    Sweden takes the W!

  9. @asmundskargjstl9233

    The type 16 is REALLY good at its br bro

  10. @alexandreaudard4309

    The VBCI should have been a tech tree vehicle

  11. The T-72 turms T is bias, my friend got attacked by an A-10 in realistic like 5-7 times and survived with minor damage

  12. 2a4 best of all

  13. @syahwalathasasongko7639

    wdym challenger at second tier?

  14. @sebastiancuch2263

    Dude, did u just place OES above Click-bait? Im really sorry about your mental problems but just dont mislead people into buy OES, should be meh ad best

  15. Meanwhile turms’ reverse : 4 km💀

  16. PUTTING OES SAME TIER AS TURMS XD got im sick of rage bait channels xD

  17. Bro put turms higher than leo 123🤡

  18. @Agreenbuldozerfrompayday2

    What do you have against France tech tree💀

  19. Leopard 70€ worth

  20. Finally, someone who isn’t afraid to post French-hate online!

  21. As a Brit main I can confirm, best ground combo harrier gr1/ sea harrier + challenger 2 OES

  22. I HAVE to know what the song they use for Israel is

  23. CV90105 makes me sick. Hate that thing

  24. Where would you rank the leo2PL?

  25. @Anonymousgamer1994

    which music did he use while showing britain

  26. Americans:Russian Bias!!!!
    Russians:f*cking -4 km/h trash

  27. As a sweden and china main with the ztz96a(p) and who has grinded sweden with no premiums besides the sav 20 and the starting stridsvagen, i can confidently and accurately say. PLEASE, stop buying the cv90 because it ruins the higher tiers. And as a china main halfway through the tree having bought the ztz96 almost a year ago, i do not regret the purchase. However i do think that it’s criminal to say its almost bias when you have to fight the turms or m1 KVT almost every game and your tank has ammo inside of the fuel tanks while having weak breach armor. Its best hull down and has a good reload but its nothing compared to other top tier premiums. Think before you post.

  28. Finally someone who knows the value of challenger 2 oes😂that shit trasfer the shells towards it into the void sometimes 😂

  29. Putting the VBCI is t a fair comparison, the AMX-30 Super is the better choice


  31. Now remake it with the new premium centauro 120

  32. @chrisrossick3716

    what’s the video with the almost bias tier?

  33. SWEDEN 🆙🔛🔝

  34. Do more ranking videos

  35. Viet nam ?

  36. @vladimirochkan9797

    Turms beas??? WTF

  37. Challenger OES? Almost bias? Srsly??

  38. 🇮🇱 israel🇮🇱

  39. Comme un Français, j’ai envoyé une énorme baguette chez vous.
    Au fait, il va faire exploser votre maison.

  40. @williamjordanyear1136

    challenger 2 is not better than the clickbait bro xD

  41. try using a cv90105 against an object 292

  42. I wonder how is the 10.0 a top tier now.

  43. putting vrcc over type 16 is a war crime

  44. what name song british??

  45. Merkava is the worst one here💀

  46. Puttong turms NOT in the lowest tier is wrong.

  47. @tuananhlenguyen4899

    missing type 90

  48. Israel: genocide tank

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