Top tier, top kek. – P.43 ter Italian Tier 7!

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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. FIRST

  2. Topkeks? My favorite biscuits!

  3. “not playing wot anymore but likes to watch youtubers play it” – see cause people love to see other people suffer…

  4. How do you have 5 skill crew already? TEACH US!

    • Circonflexes Smart on you for keeping Female crew members. You probably finished all the campaigns like years ago right?

    • “2 normal crew that i free exped the first 2 skills on”.

    • Circonflexes yeah but how tf did you already grind the extra 3 skills?!! That should take forever! I played 200 battles in the KV-2 with 55 winrate and I’m only 85% on first skill

    • Wou need cca 250k free XP (2 skills 2 crewmembers) for that while on sale. Use 7,2k gold to convert 250k XP into free XP (also on sale). That’s the total price. Good investment.

    • yeah finished the campaign years ago

  5. « Well played » blink blink*

  6. +2 is debil. Gopnik approved.

  7. Top tier top kek top Italian butt crack

  8. Finally going to install the new update to -kill myself- play Wot again. Thanks Circon, i guess, lol.

  9. Anybody see Avengers Infinity War spoilers bat man dies and Superman is Clark Kent

  10. Circon, maybe create a petition to make WoT MM +1 only

  11. Also Circon in your eyes: T20 or this?

  12. And +2 only for TDs and/or for too good tanks.
    Or maybe make it an option to turn on for people that want to suffer (like 1 base and attack/defense game modes).
    And ffs the platoons with 1 tier difference

    • Really? +2 good for TD’s? Try that in a Tier 4 Marder 38T against a KV85, or in a Dicker Max against IS3.
      TD’s might have good guns for THEIR tier, but they lack either mobility, armor or a turret.

    • yep while the plus 2 mm wouldn’t be bad for the derp gun carriers like the SU-152 ect the majority have no armor, low view range, or low mobility with no turret (most of them) and the gun for most would be good if close but since you have no armor you usually have to shoot far away making it less effective on penetration.

  13. Only watching WoT on youtube is good, because you rarely see the bad side, and as long as you remember that the bad side is 99% of it, and really bad, you are fine.

    • doesn’t help that most teams it is like they purposely put most of the good players on one side (people with like 5000+ personal rating with over 20k battles) while the other team has an average personal rating of 3500 and most don’t have over 7k battles…

  14. I like watching Circon play…..I`m not gonna bother

  15. Someone in chat said this tank is like a T20 but good.

    But it doesn’t have the T20 gun by the way ay ay ay

    • No. The gun on this tank is ACTUALLY good and isn’t hammerfucked by hidden softstats that ruined the T20.

  16. Michael Cartwright

    Just you wait… The tier 8 suuuuuuuuuuucks. No gun depression. And you are right Circon. I just quit WoT today and I agree. It’s fun to watch you play 🙂

  17. 4,5 minutes. Typical day in WoT. Meh.

  18. >top tier
    >not top ter
    you had one job Circon

  19. I like to watch you guys because i suck at tanks ,you are at least entertaining ,maybe some day I will learn not to lose money all day long, game is f-ing frustrating

  20. I don’t think Paris is a good map by any means, but still there are way worse maps that shoud be deleted from this game first. Besides lately WG is only reworking maps that are shit, turning them into even bigger shit and then they are removing them completely from the game. No new maps, no nothing, ahhhhh good old WG, blyat.

  21. Plus two is gud, da

  22. Michael Cochran

    without a doubt, watching Unicums play WOT is much funner than actually playing this shit game. Le sigh ;{

  23. Everyone follow Circonflexes we can’t lose LOL!

  24. Yeah your plays are good but… You had like 120,000,000 credits after the new years event, how do you blow 60,000,000 credits in five months my dude?

  25. haha you edgy basement dwelling neckbeard fatfuck kek amazing hahhaah

  26. Guilherme Souza

    i watch only for the memes this game is dead LUL

  27. amx 13 75 is just plain op right now in the new front line mm. So much fun.

  28. This tank seem’s like a T20 but better in every way the T20 could have wanted. The only thing the T20 has as a clear advantage is the APCR pen :/

  29. Circon, I stopped playing WoT over a year ago, but still watch here on YouTube.

  30. The game is fun, as long as you stay away from things like tier 10 and grinding super heavies. I’m looking at you O-Ni.

  31. Conecici Madalin

    i like paris more than province and mines….

  32. watching you play, is more fun….but this Frontline …really is very fun

  33. Me too i don’t play anymore, mainly because of the credits nerf, its immensly better watching than playing

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