Top Tips For War Thunder – From a 9 Year Veteran

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Source: Sako Sniper



  2. well I really have to disagree with the point that hardware dosen’t matters, I play on my laptop that run most maps at around 40-50 fps at mid graphics setting and it uses intel ex graphics card( intergrated), and the problem is it almost 3-4 times a game freezes and black out for 8 seconds or so. That is really frustrating if you get killed during that time, I think hardware definatly matter, at least have it so that what frustrates you is the game not the thing you are playing it on.

  3. Another tip would be to sometimes let kills just go and avoid becoming greedy

  4. 9 years of playing. That hurt to read, I stopped playing 2020 for good. But I still like to dabble in the community from time to time

  5. Will watch it after school, and after a round of wt lol

  6. You buying a mouse for war thunder?

    Hell i bought second keyboard for that

  7. my biggest tip if you want to grind fast is consistency. it doesnt matter if you gat one 7k game if then you get eight 0k games

  8. Good tip: play american planes

  9. Fkn finally, use damn backups, even more important if you only have 1 tank (premiums lol), especially if you wanna grind since those premiums have the best RP rates too.

  10. im good at typing so i know were all the keys are so the programable mouse would be useless for me lol

  11. You missed a chance to say “Use your binoculars, its free!”

  12. doiboiplayswarthunder

    I play Soviet 5.3 on arcade battles, and im always running out of silver lions, and i know i get more silver lions from realistic battles, but i am just so unbelievably terrible at realistic battles like i feel like i have a blindfold over my eyes, i always die very fast because i just cannot see the enemy. What do you think i should do?

    • hey man I mainly play RB and it’s not even like playing the same game. Going from AB to RB is like going from Wrold of Tanks to Warthunder.

      most helpful thing I can tell you is be very very patient, and use your binocs to peek over hills, keeping your vic behind cover.

      it is very hard to know how to spot tanks, and it really is a learned skill.

    • It’ll take a while to get used to it, but it’s worth it

    • use binos, pay attention to minimap, configure post fx to your liking(i use reinhard tonemapping), dont use fxaa because its blurry trash and use taa or better yet: no antialiasing, and lastly your monitor and resolution does wonders for spotting if you have a cheap 60hz VA panel with misconfigured color settings you will have much harder time spotting

  13. So how do you free look in the garage, so we can check out ships?

  14. Who the hell actually looks down at their keyboard ever?

  15. When i started playing WT Obama was US president.
    Pro tip: uninstall Warthunder.

  16. The whole reason they changed the warbond system was because of how many players were using it to get backups instead of buying them for GE. It isn’t exactly a secret dude.

  17. The Logitech G600 is amazing for war thunder. 12 key num-pad bult into the thumb rest.

  18. The game just isnt fun anymore, done most of the things there are to do, including reaching top tier. It aint fun no matter the skill, happiness flows when I dont play this game. I want something like War Thunder but not it.

  19. Medically ill my friend we play war thunder

  20. Any monitor recomendation? Im using a 24″ 1080p 60hz and it feels worse than yt videos.

    • The 60hz is probably what’s making it seem crappy, I’d recommend upgrading to a monitor that’s 144hz and above, gives a pretty noticeable difference. Luckily you can get 1080p monitors in that refereed rate range for a pretty reasonable price. Look around during the holiday season and you should be able to nab one on sale for pretty cheap

  21. As a player since the air forces closed beta, I´d add one more:
    Do not try to be the first one anywhere, AKA use your less usable allies as meat shields. Its better if that poor dude gets killed and you get 5 kills than if you die and then he dies as well.

  22. Spend money

  23. until the grind is lowered i aint playing

  24. I play on console and I can say getting a mouse and keyboard has helped me a lot as there are way to many key binds in the game for a controller

  25. Clutchkicker392 Ison

    Awesome!! .ore of this plz .Rick O’Shea / ammo stuff is cats, thanks so many .good job.

  26. 5:43 -tip here from seasoned ground player:
    -for US mains out there (and any other nation for that matter), Soviet tanks ammo is extremely is quite trolly when shot; you get hit it, have it go black, and nothing will happen quite often. What works best is trying to shoot just beneath the back of the turret. Soviet tanks only have 3 crew members, and they’re gunner/commander line up perfectly for a side shot

  27. alpacaofthemountain

    Great advice! War thunder can be frustrating, buts its still a fun game

  28. How not to suck 1 sec edition play Russian tanks end of story

  29. Step one: Don’t suck

    Step two: You’re a pro

  30. I love how no one mentions the number one problem with this game, your brainlet team mates ignoring the map and call outs and feeding all their tanks before 5 minutes, then you get the exhilarating gameplay loop of trying not to be spawn camped in the completely open and bereft of cover spawn points.

  31. Tips from a 9 year hacker veteran

  32. My Tip is relatively Simple; every Tank/Plane/Ship you unlock and Buy gets some Free Repairs. Put some Back-Ups onto them so you can not only use them twice in a Match, but also you won’t need to pay for the Repairs for the first 10 or so Repairs (do note that you can save a Free Repair if you use a Backup and the Tank is still alive at the end without Damage)

  33. I was Bored on playing fps games since 2014 till now, but i have a spot of love in war games so i started war thunder just now in 2022. I understand that to play in this certain type of game we should play for fun not for grind. But in order to have fun for myself i need better vehicles with better systems and armaments. Since im playing just in my spare time, i wont be able to grind as fast as i could to get to the better tiers. Untill now im stuck in tier I, playing RB Only most of the time in the matches just reaching for the middle of the map and then die right after. How Do i grind faster? But not untill actual top tier. Just reaching the tier where i could have fun most of the time playing. Without Spending any penny for premium boosts so i could also enjoy the process of reaching it?

  34. Ive been playing since 2012 and at least for tanks I sick. Planes I’m pretty good.

  35. 1)Disable autorepair. If you need full roster of vehicles, you get prompt to repair them all anyway. We are looking at big numbers over time here, with 8-15k SL per nation tree a day being realistic without any edge cases.
    2)Remember: it’s barely a team game. Yes, you have teams, but you only prevail if you play it as free-for-all with assists provided when it is of any assistance to YOU. This grants you several basic rules.
    2a)Never sit in the first line. Doing so gets you killed or damaged. Let someone else do the dying.
    2b)Extend teammates life time by shooting those shooting at them. If they landed the first shot on your meat shield and he is not dead yet, you most likely won’t get shot when you search the enemy (Most players will try to finish off the meat shield), giving you free aimed shot. Properly aimed shot = incapacitated enemy. Incapacitated enemy keeps your meatshield alive.
    2c)Repair your meat shield afterwards, but make sure that you won’t be shot doing so. If trying to help will get you in the open – leave the meat shield for dead and retreat back to grab new meat shield.
    2d)If you have 2 extinguishers, DO use one on non-open top teammate, but only if he already spent his own. As cynical as it sounds, players who haven’t unlocked their own extinguishers most likely won’t be able to do much – their gun accuracy sucks, proper shells/shots are not unlocked, probably non-existent experience with the vehicle.
    3)Get yourself some custom sights. Base sights game uses got atrocious range readings for shots without setting range on the gun.
    4)Playing arcade, learn your anti-air machine gun. Players typically go into suicide dive in air vehicles in this mode, getting a critical hit against such enemies gets YOU a free plane point when they slam themselves into the ground. If your BR range sees a lot of open tops, go to sprinkletown. Enemy will quickly succumb to your hot loads and either switch to SPAAs (Which die to tanks rather easily and are still bullied by planes), switch back to closed tops (Which is least desired outcome, but you still get enemy with one less drop) or quit alltogether.
    5)Have fun. If you don’t have fun, stop playing war thunder and play something else, like yourself or Genshin Impact.

  36. You… Need to look down at your keyboard?

  37. Also a big tip if your really low and you can’t repair (aviation) don’t fly into npcs like tanks or aas since your plane does barely any damage to them.if possible i recommend trying to ram a player as a last ditch kill

  38. the point about getting a mouse with more then three buttons is more of a preference thing, I myself find using a keyboard easier bc I have been using it. I never have take my eyes off the screen bc I know where to press without even looking, alot of people who are fast typers do this regardless of whether they play games or not.

  39. yooooo im actually one of these “new” players i started when russia started its disastrous invasion of ukraine.. ive been improving all that time by myself and watching youtube since the game isnt very chat friendly and that one trick you mention about the custom battles practicing against AI to learn the mechanincs is one i found out about by myself and im super happy to see someyoutuber mentionning it in a video. nice one man cheers

  40. damn this makes WoT look like a mobile game

  41. Most of these i know

  42. Actually, using a headset versus my usual 2:1 speakers I find is a huge advantage.

  43. 9y wt vet and your first tip isn’t quit? you’re sick

  44. My main problem is when i shot an enemy my 75mm gun don’t pen absolutely nothing I’m in Tier 2 also for some reason every time I get shot I instantly get 1 shot

  45. “im not going to insult your intelligence and tell you to look both ways before going into the open” the next 2 tips: use backups, use your binoculars

  46. Which programmable mouse do you recommend? How many programmable buttons do you recommend except the basic left/right and scroll wheel buttons?

  47. Sadly my pc is kinda poop so it runs at like 20 fps

  48. I just got used to key positions on my keyboard thru muscle memory leik a regular human owo

  49. i got the 2013 halloween pumpkin decal

  50. Über brainy tactic: move only when it makes sense.

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