Tornvagn – Tank Review – World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks is releasing the Tornvagn, a Tier Swedish premium Heavy, with the ultimate turret! Here's a full review!



  1. 19:19 are you actually complaining about having not enaugh arty??? Brah pls ….

  2. Hi QB!! i think its the 1st time i do a comment since 2015 XD… i think this tank will be great at 1 thing… 1 thing only… tier 8 Clan wars camping teams…. hull down champs ;D

  3. So true. It’s not that it’s the most op thing ever. The armor is broken and the only solution is loading gold and hoping you have enough pen. Other than that it sits still being awful to play and awful to play against and just being overall another terrible addition

  4. Amirali Asefvaziri

    i u do need arty for this one :I

  5. Genuine QB. Why is view range so crucial on this and heavies in general? I understand wanting to be able to spot, but considering this vehicles stays at relatively close range and will still be out spoted when a light/med knows what their doing. Is it really worth dropping vertical stabs? Also the chapters are a nice touch.


  7. Freshwater Spaceman

    The worst thing about this vehicle will be the tomato wallet warriors on your own team that will just camp a redline hill with it whilst the rest of the team evaporates, your sanity… death by a thousand cuts.

  8. 10:07 field review

  9. Quickybaby you should review the sturmtiger on console the tank is insane and has more splash radius then the T92 HMC

  10. The speed is what HT should be. We shouldn’t have 40+ km/h heavy tanks, let alone some of the 60+ ones you can make. this is like what HT should have been and were way back in the days. Actually, this is how HT should be all around. Bad view range, slow, but have armor to face opponents.

  11. the “fuck you, give me money” tank from wargaming

  12. That accuracy is just abysmal… It is the derp-level accuracy without any of derp’s benefits.

    But honestly – it is nice to see something that isn’t another OP Russian heavy, or universally good monster of a tank, but something that is very, very heavily tailored to one particular role.

  13. Another heavy with a nearl nonexistent turret, fuck off WG

  14. Im actually really scared of this tank. Not only becuase i will have to meet it but also the fear that i can get this and have a boooring game.

  15. Do not say the R in Tornvagn. Hidden R in that. Swedish power, fun to look and good to know how to play against it. I am born with shakinghands so almost only TD:s for me these days.

  16. And then there’s Caliban which will be even less fun to play against. And a heavy which you can’t track. They want us all to go mad.

  17. QB few days back: Praising and loving Concept 1B.
    QB, when the Tornvagn (Concept 1B mini) is released: Oh, I don’t like this tank and sitting in a position as an OP vehicle.

    Quite odd to love and simultaneously hate pretty much 2 same tanks.

  18. You can Penn the raised enginedeck with good he Penn. I realized it yesterday when I got a random leopard he shot in there

  19. the fuck? oh it basicly a kranvagn… that got it turret stripped ;-;

  20. Softer R please it is tornvagn not toRR!!!!nvagn. 😛

  21. Isnt concept 1b just like the same tank but good?

  22. and the minsk update makes the map so much worse.

  23. Anybody knows how to find QBs Discord server? I need 10 friends to send gifts to during the holiday ops… I know, sad, but I am not too social when it comes to gaming. Sue me…

  24. This tank is going to be a nice chunk of credits when I instantly sell it whilst trying to get the british meme cannon.

  25. Quick question: 122 TM or this?

  26. This was great! And i really like your take on this tank, its important to point out that this will be boring for everyone and frustrating to play against.

  27. Good luck at tier 6

  28. you made me laugh

  29. WHERE ARE THE WEAKSPOTS????????????????

  30. Better armored t34. Nothing more.

  31. boring tank for sure

  32. lol so when these start dropping, everyone start playing SPGs and make a bunch of people angry.

  33. I hope we get caliban review tomorrow

  34. This might be the best tier 8 tank to be in a tier 10 game since you cannot push a flank or be effective when you’re top tier

  35. Just watched another CC fight in it…it has no side turret armour & that hump on the left side of the hull & turret is weak. Freaking slow as hell all around. Gun handling is very suspect.

  36. This might come back to bite me, but… somehow this might not be a broken tank for once? Maybe the DPM and speed are just bad enough to balance out the fact that it has no turret weakspot?

    I still don’t think that we really needed more hulldown tanks, but I feel like this is a better direction for balancing tanks.

  37. the only way to beat this tank is to hide behind a corner and wait for them to come

  38. You mean artillery had a valuable role in balancing? You don’t say..

  39. They did not park on you, they tea-bagged you!

  40. This tank might be one of the few chances my Obj.261 can hit for 500+ damage with the splashing HE.

  41. i love the chapters, they make the video more readable if you understand

  42. It feels like this is the kind of thank that if I saw going to a flank, I’d just turn around and drive to the other one. We’ll see how it performs after a week or so, but I honestly don’t look forward to playing it, you are right it feels like a very boring tank to play and to play against.

  43. Well, thank god for arty innit!?

  44. Looks like a pain to play and a pain to play against. Perfect.

  45. Weird cupola weakness placement. At the right side of hull

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