Tortoise 1 vs 8 in World of Tanks!

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Today, in , __M_A_R_I_O__ goes 1 vs 8 in the infamous . Buckle your belts this one is savage!



  1. Hello friend. did you realize that these cheating companies use your videos to advertise their services? oh the irony.

  2. Merry Christmas to u and ur family.

  3. Was this commentary your audition for shonen anime VA gig?

  4. juego y batallas arregladas completamente basura

  5. I literally tagged you in better game with arty, than this, at least my enemies wasn’t really retarded like in this one, cheers

  6. Its so funny how the obj 283 play

  7. If this was console version Mario would have been toasted. Good game though.

  8. Everytime I play mine I get lit up by arty, or any teir 10..

  9. Can I get these enemies?

  10. Outfuckingstanding!!

  11. Enemy team probably would have won if that 283 wasn’t there. It was taking up valuable flanking space to just shoot into the air for a full freaking minute. If it wasn’t there then literally any of the other tanks would have had the opportunity to take that position and likely end the game. I’d probably have an epic game also if my opponents were storm troopers manning tanks.

  12. My favourite T9 Destroyer, moderately difficult to grind on a free to play account. But it was a fun grind

  13. Its amazing how he survived because if it were me i’d be penned by everything on the coupola and machine gun port with standard rounds from half way across the map.

  14. It’s not fair! These 8 guys were just bothered by their boyfriends. Otherwise, they would win this battle.

  15. What happened to you doing a review of all the new reward tanks from holiday boxes? I was really looking forward to you playing the their 2 through 5 reward tanks

  16. Most stressful game I had recently was in the T25 AT. Did a lot of damage in a tier 7 game (~3,000 early on, ~4,500 total), but the last 3 minutes was down to me and two ally arties versus 4 tanks and 2 arties. Only had a bit more than enough HP to take one hit (which I did near the end and was on like 25 HP) for that entire stretch. Easily my best mastery level match so far.

  17. OMG, such an exciting game, gg man, I was nervous just watching the reply

  18. DAMN!!!! That enemy 283 whiffed their shots. Just like me in those stressers of a game

  19. Talk about a bunch of mouth breathing imbecils…

  20. Dumb enemy team. Only shot gold. Cool.

  21. take a shot every time he says field mods

  22. Nuts lol

  23. im concerned with that obj 283, i mean they missed half their shots on the tortoise at blank range.

  24. god i hate that overpowered shitbox

  25. i wish the enemies in my matches would not fire gold all the time at my tortoise, like in this match 🙁


  27. That is why you shouldn’t give rental tier 9 tanks. Let those new players battle it out in the lower tiers, learn and then try the higher tier. I remember when i started it almost took a year before getting to the higher tiers. Now those bots in those tier 9 rentals ruin games for everyone.

  28. Enemy 283 typical rental 50% crew player hahaha

  29. Imagine using only gold ammo and not like true chads that go standard ammo large amount of them over apcr alongside a bunch of HE, like imagine going full gold ammo just to have better stast, wr and stuff all bs for what I see and think.

  30. Lord_of_ Tanks_2016

    If I had this luck in WoT I’d start killing tanks on the neighbormap. Seriously. The E4 not penning… The FV4005 missing his rear at like 50 meters… The obj 283 is a story for itself. How can the T95 shoot so badly? It’s absolutely insane.

  31. Great game. Well, we gotta respect the positioning, marksmanship and clever thinking, but also gotta admit, it was all combined with gold, premium consumable and blessings of RNGesus when it comes to that FV fluffing the game, or GW hitting their shot, but doing only symbolic amount of dmg.

  32. Yeah imagine having a game where no one fires gold at your “heavily armoured” Tortoise.
    T10 game with no gold in the air is nonexsistent in Asia

  33. Let’s be honest this was actually an 1v5
    That obj 283 was legit an idiot, the shitbarn fv4000 missed at almost pointblank, and arty not really a threat for armored tanks.

  34. That obj. 283 on the enemy team was just completely braindead.

  35. That FV4005 hitting the E75 wreck gun 🙂

  36. nice ammo loadout

  37. This obj 283 is the dumbest player I have ever seen lmao

  38. That 283 is the best example why low tier players/newbie players should not be able to play higher tiers until they reach certain levels of tech tree tanks.

  39. Step1: watch the QB video of epic battle in some tank.
    Step2: get impressed, go play the same tank.
    Step3: get annihilated in a matter of seconds.
    Step4: get annihilated in a matter of seconds.
    Step5: get annihilated in a matter of seconds.
    Step6: rage quit, uninstall the game, throw the PC out of the window, burn the remains.
    Step7: PROFIT!!!!111one
    Have a great holiday season, everyone. Spend it with your loved ones. Go outside. Enjoy the real world.

  40. I hate the British female commander, sounds like she is screaming all the time. They need to redo her voice

  41. Man wish I could have these enemies.. None fired gold and potatoes all of them, so free

  42. 12:25 My guy Mario didn’t load a single gold shell what are you talking about? That was all AP

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