Tortoise Ace Tanker

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Source: osirish

Tanker … AKA … Why I don’t like the Tortoise!

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  1. Osirish, there is no question you are a very good player but I think you
    are getting stuck in a rut with your tortuous thinking. Yes it had a large
    weak spot on top which means you can’t always hull down but it also had
    excellent gun traverse and when you use that in conjunction with anything
    you can find to hide your right side behind the tortuous can be a hard
    target to freak with. Also you said you like being aggressive with your
    British TDs .. I have had the FV 183 for a while and I can tell you with a
    24ish second reload you can’t be that aggressive with it lol.

  2. how would you rank your top 5 tanks anyway?

  3. NinjaMonkeyPrime

    Sounds like this tank needs to be kept at longer distances to protect that
    weak spot. It would be nice if the game had better feedback on where the
    shots pen you to make it easier for newer players to his weak spots like

  4. I love my Tortoise although i do agree with you that it is very frustrating
    time to time, but in the right situations its fantastic. :)

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