TOTAL DESTRUCTION! KV-2 Unlimited Fire Rate (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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Source: BaronVonGamez


Thanks for watching!


  1. First at last!!

  2. So today I talk about my finger injury that people have been asking about,
    and taking out an awesome KV-2 with auto fire and an awesome skin.

    What’s everyone been playing lately? Anything cool happening this weekend?

  3. that’s an epic skin. checked the sekrit dukomant: “cyka blyat wife let 5
    yers old girl paint my tenk…” gaijin is like: “ok this guy is sad we
    might give him a little buff”

  4. and think what if arty in WoT had a reload like that

  5. Balázs Szabolcs Nyiri

    i use this skin as well its the best xd

  6. sail a pt76 across Poland, do it for stalin!

  7. there is no link for the camo ….

  8. dude I was giving a middle finger to someone while playing soccer, and the
    ball hit my finger, I broke it :(

  9. how did u get that skin?

  10. Hope your finger gets better, and continue the great work on warthunder

  11. Stalin would be proud of you !

  12. Holy crap Baron, that must have hurt like a mothertrucker. Also that doctor
    has the worst bedside manner :/

  13. “Hope your hand is on your mouse, and not anywhere else.” ?

  14. How fast can the KV2 drive backwards with the gun (on unlimited ammo/fire
    rate) as engine?

  15. Doritos Nachos PrePadous

    Hi baron

  16. rip finger

  17. Play next the su 100y with the Tb 3 box power

  18. I got the tip of my left ring finger smashed off

  19. 3:16 haha it looks like the sticker lady on the top of the kv-2 has a robin
    hood hat because of the shape of the stone

  20. I Don't Understand Math

    on what graoich is he/are you playing on min, low, medium, high or max?

  21. i had that happen to my right pointer fingure some years back i got mine
    shut in the tailgate of a truck right at the first knuckle

  22. Phinger Phly

  23. Niiice skin!

  24. Hi baron

  25. Please make your videos with subtitles in Spanish , I always see your
    videos and do not understand anything , but I still see all this I wrote by
    Google translator :v

  26. Your so lucky to have the PC you have right now!
    I can load my WT on less then medium with 30 fps and I have really BIG FPS
    My PC could never process that destruction btw

  27. you can’t destroy a mosque you moron

  28. Baaaahhhh That skin is disgusting :)

  29. KV-2 rounds cant melt steel beams. 10:26

  30. Feeling for you bro. I’m on my 5th week after a collarbone ‘fracture’ ..
    finally out of the harness I had on my back, but three more weeks to get
    rid of the sling ..

  31. kv-2 with automatic fire is my nightmare

  32. Can we have a match of Muas vs Maus

  33. Unlimited 5000kg bomb

  34. play the super maus even better firerate like krebscoco

  35. Is the skin authentic?

  36. Pic or didn’t happen!
    Nah…. that sucks. Had a similar injury, almost broke my finger too. I was
    checking my home post box and my finger got stuck in one of the holes. I
    was damn fucking lucky.

  37. Man, that had to be nasty. Hope you fully recover soon!

  38. i have that exact skin lol. Makes the derp tank extra derpy

  39. When I first saw that skin I thought it was from the Mylo Xyloto coldplay

  40. I fractured/chipped my cheek bone whilst mountain biking in Scotland and
    the weird thing was that my body went into shock and was shaking but I was
    completely fine inside my head. I was weird to say the least to have no
    control of my body. Saying that Baron seemed to have it worse than me but
    I fell for you :D

  41. That camo is dope.

  42. kermit the fag

  43. my dad dose not have a bone in his left ring finger it was turned to powder
    now it metal all from a sledgehammer

  44. I bet it affectted his sex life, if u know what i mean

  45. Grillotine!

  46. wow is fucking awesome!!!

  47. #DoomArmy

  48. #doomarmy

  49. #doomarmy

  50. #doom army??

  51. Quintkat “Quin”


  52. Quintkat “Quin”


  53. #Doomarmy

  54. Baron i can feel your üain yust from your story. something like this would
    be just a total nightmare for me as well… hope everything’ll heal

  55. #DoomArmy

  56. They fucked this game so hard..Gajin is such let down.Had a great idea but
    fucked it up in last updates


  58. Lol i have this camouflage

  59. Can other players see the skin? -Thx

  60. Su 100Y plz :# <3

  61. It my skin in kw 2

  62. can other players see your personal skin?

  63. KV-2 Now has autoloader. Russian Bias. Russia OP, etc.

  64. wonder if the dr knew who u were and used warthunder terms to describe ur
    injury lol

  65. I lost the tip of my right middle finger by shutting a door from the inside
    and the tip of my finger came strait off and was on the frame

  66. richie thach (TitanicMan2)

    Finally. Arcade.
    Do more.

  67. Put dis on maus!

  68. Put this on the maus!

  69. Imagine stay inside your house, hear hundreds of shells fired from baron
    and one of them destroy your house, what will you do?
    A- it’s aweso.. *die*
    B- oh baby a tr.. *die*
    C- hi baron can you make a v.. *die*
    D- *type on the global chat (facebook) “there is a cheate..* *die*
    E- *die*

  70. holly fck! even blind person can see this tank)))

  71. I have kv-2

  72. I love the kv-2 it’s awesome

  73. Baron I know the pain sorta. A while ago I was choppin wood and stuck a
    hatchet in my knee. Then a few months later I slammed my finger into a door
    jam and shut the door. I know ur pain. And also that was a user mission
    right and there is a buch more of thoes caus a while ago Phyl did some vids
    on it. Hope u feel better and get better the rute to recovery is a pain in
    the ass and long as hell. Get well soon

  74. Can I get war thunder for PS3?

  75. 10:29 KV-2 rounds can’t destroy steel beams (0.0)

  76. I lost the tip of my middle finger when i was something like 7 to a

  77. I have that skin

  78. I have the same camo :D

  79. I cut a few mm of my thumb while I was sharpening a stick,
    it felt really weird

  80. I cut a few mm of my thumb while I was sharpening a stick,
    it felt really weird

  81. su 100y next please, and I hope you recover soon.

  82. Sorry to hear about your finger.( I have that T- Shirt.)But welcome to the
    “Mortality” wakeup. Hope you heal up real soon.

  83. is your finger ok


  85. just through up

  86. What song is at the beginning?

  87. In my tiger I once killed what I think was a black prince shooting through
    the corner of a building.

  88. So you finger got crushed by a 20lb piece of metal. And my hands have been
    stepped on numerous times by 1500lb cows and my hands are fine.
    Hmm…science doesn’t make sense sometimes.

  89. don’t worry if you have enough money you can buy something to regrow it

  90. get a b29 and carpet bomb the city in Tunisia

  91. Hi , god bless you paron.

    greetings from Saudi Arabia.

  92. how can I apply this camo on ps4? help me pls.

  93. hmm I know all about losing part of a finger when I was younger I lost the
    very tip of my first finger on my right hand to a going lawnmower yer I was
    lucky it nicked the tip and not take it all off, So from then on I have a
    puffy lump on the underside of the tip of my finger, Now that is great
    firepower if you can hold the tank steady LOL and umm intersting skin not
    one I would use myself.

  94. A guy of my neighbourhood almost lost an arm like that.

  95. hope it gets better

  96. so is this skin just for the KV-2 or for any tank?

  97. We need T-35 land battleship in unlimited ammo

  98. 0mg unreelistik skin plz unistall ploks!

  99. BaronVonFourFingers

  100. In Xo Viet Russia you get chocolate in form of a KV-2

  101. Baron jeez man. Hope your finer gets revenge, looks like it’s starting at
    this video!

  102. was the grill worth it?

  103. The skin on my thumb was torn to the bone when I was jumping over a fence
    once. (I cleared the fence!)

  104. Show us a pic of your finger dude

  105. Speedy recovery m8

  106. hope you’ll make a full and fast recovery :)

  107. I sorry about it

  108. Didn’t know partially royal was your roommate 😀 I thought you guys were
    just Colab channels

  109. on the bright side fingertips have the ability to regrow, so even if Baron
    would of lost it he could grow a new one

  110. take care man

  111. This is a great example of the king derp showing his military might!

  112. My grandfather part of his right index finger in a punch-press

  113. i was scratching my ballsack with my hands

  114. Liam the dark angel.

    I crushed my thumb when my brother slammed the bonnet shut on his car.

  115. Ricer KV-2

  116. L mean getting the tip of your finger essentially obliterated is bad but
    try having 15 stitches in your leg 2 inches away from your balls and being
    sewed up by a doctor named Dr. Slaughter.

  117. Almost thought you were driving a part of the Berlin Wall for a second

  118. get better soon

  119. I wish you could turn off individual engines on 2 or more engine planes
    because it would be super helpful

  120. there is a good chance you can sue the guy who gave you such a useless
    recommendation! plus his reckless suggestion has affected your livelihood.
    i’d look into it. i realize your first thought is you don’t want to come
    off as a crazy dick, but if it comes down to weather you might look like an
    ass, but make up for lost money. or you can keep your pride in this case
    and lose out on money. i offer this as an idea and do so with as little
    forcefulness as possible. just something you might want to think about.

  121. Jad Collado (Battlemach1ne)

    I always shoot people through the wall on this map. takes most enemies

  122. Back in college days when I was working on a project, when a piece of wood
    cracked the power drill I was holding in one hand somehow hit my thumb from
    the other hand. Good thing it only split my thumbnail, but I definitely
    still remember that excruciating pain. I can only imagine yours was 100x

    Anyways, hope that surgery gonna go smoothly and wish you a speedy

  123. it is all distructive but not all via gun some u need to drive tank fro it.
    i remembar a match were that town was omost level down that was shick.sry
    for my eng

  124. What a fucking eyesore

  125. The auto-fire KV-2 should be this year april fools special!!!

  126. “Flight or Fright”

  127. 666 likes

  128. Anyone notice at the end that baron didn’t drown? KV-2 invincible confirmed

  129. Poor loader… Must be exhausted.

  130. That is one bad a$$ grill ;)

  131. Right ring finger has been wiped out twice,total of sixteen
    stitches……ouch. You have me sympathy,that shit hurts.

  132. The Exploding Mushrooms !?

    play the tiger 2 p turret 8th attempt

  133. What a crybaby.

  134. Crusader plz

  135. heal fast baron

  136. strok stllinum cant be pen only vodka can kill tha crew

  137. baron you derp your suppose to tie up the grill with bungie cords so that
    doesn’t happen lol

  138. Miroslav Makovec (Acada)

    You were lucky. If it would be S-51 instead Grille, your finger would be
    toast. Anyway I wish you quick recovery man.

  139. Hope your finger gets better soon, Baron!

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