Totally Terrible Teams Thoroughly Traumatize Tanker

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Source: LemmingRush


  1. The title of your video I thought you were back playing on NA but your not. It’s nice to hear the teams are terrible on EU just like NA……hmmm…..wait…. that’s a bad thing, lol!

  2. They don’t know how to play a map at tier X? Sorry but that’s not an excuse at top tier

  3. Nice porn title

  4. Totally normal…

  5. my god lemming doing pay to win directives and improved equipment? wow

  6. Welcome to the types of teams the freakin Match (lmaoooooo) Maker almost always puts me in!

  7. Robert Vanderbush

    came for the LOLs, wasn’t even a minute in and already the LOLs happening

  8. 6 points for alliteration

  9. Wow, T57 was botting!

  10. I miss the days of lemming streaming

  11. W-ZED lol. Also if you can fit in your girlfriends sweater you probably should start working out

  12. You are wearing Lemmingcrush’s sweater? What on earth for? and, how? 🙂

  13. The only channel i’ll ever watch ads for.

  14. Cheesus christ!

  15. Even though I suck at the game, I really enjoy watching your videos

  16. Did the e100 have a Mausive target on his tank?

  17. why are u no longer in Mahou

  18. It is nice to see a game like this. It is a loss AND you give us great tips and information. Thanks!

  19. im glad im not the only one that feels like this

  20. I liked your videos more when there was only voice , why did you have to put face on screen ? Your restless head bouncing around that little screen all the time is funny so I can’t focus on game….loose the head , you don’t need it for wot

  21. Not bad teams. Bad MM. FU WG!

  22. Obj 140 is underpowered? Damn I do my best in that tank more than any other. Feels OP to me. I hope they buff it then.

  23. geez.. your GF is that big or you are that small.. lol.. never met a guy who can wear his GF’s shirts.. 😉

  24. Nice Alliteration LR!

  25. Yeah, NA is worse I think. Game after game like that. It’s gotten to the point where you choose your early damage position, then your fall back position, usually behind the super heavies 50 meters from cap, then your horrible death position…one, two, three, it’s so easy.!

  26. That was my day yesterday (Saturday, July 13) as well. 11-19, 36.7%. I am not even remotely in your neighborhood talent wise, but no matter how well OR poorly I did in any game, every game was a ROFLstomp. Those are the days I hate this game. Well played Lemming.

  27. Arogant, nothing else to say

  28. Im getting a good laugh at how everyone is asking what does “quickybabying” mean in the comments section. Glad to see the meme grow, lol.

  29. I'm Not Using My Real Name

    All that gold ammo. I can’t watch it’s too gruesome.

  30. I love how you criticize everyone and play the exact same way.

  31. Welcome to TTTTTT this is LemmingRush

  32. don’t want to bash them cause they might not know the map ???
    tier fucking 10 , if you don’t know then you’re a useless asshole who BOUGHT your way up the tiers !!!
    i hate that half the player base now is all rich kids with daddys credit card burning a hole in their pocket fuck wg

  33. lol idot

  34. Welcome to a fucking normal MM Game of WG idiots! Turn on xvm and you would have noticed it from start… Best thing is, WG shit want to turn off this crap after 10 years! Thats ridicilous! Cause this idiots hiding there own MM-Crap behind a steel wall! Instead of making teams equal they fucking hide it, cause they are too stupid for a good MM or they don’t care! Both is not acceptable!

  35. “Hey guys this is LemmingRush today we’re gonna be playing the most underpowered tank in the game. The Obj 140.”
    Yeah.. right..

  36. Alliteration 100

  37. keeping it street

    Lol he must have been playing on the weekend

  38. Lol second game three enemy tanks were fighting to get his kill

  39. That was a bit of a Benny Hill chase scene at the end

  40. Carry Hard.

  41. Dude, are you old enough to have a girlfriend? LOLOL seriously, you put out great videos!

  42. I just realized his game is harder since every bastard on the other team is gunning for him and the $5bucks in gold.

  43. . i disagree, the field is very important on the first map! if you don’t take field you have 300 meds taking your back side. just gotta dodge and dip through the holes 🙂

  44. It was the EBR and the T57

  45. You all lucky you dont Play on EU server

  46. isnt the T62A the most underpowered??

  47. the problem with team objective games is you always have a team full of greedy selfish humans that are only smart enough to figure out GET A KILL and don’t even try to win the game-amazes me how stupid people are now days

  48. WOW!!!!!!!! never thought a narcissist could get a girlfriend, unless she is made up

  49. Love the sarcasm lol

  50. Jammy DodgerMan318

    You get a like from me for the title alone

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