Tovarischch War Thunder’s BEST TANK (War Thunder Tanks Request)

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Source: BaronVonGamez

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  1. Russian Bias haha jk

  2. first love your vids

  3. k

  4. Nice

  5. i love your stuff and thanks for epicknis

  6. Leandro Giannese



  8. Nop chieftain heat round

  9. tank request: Penta shot. (Upgrade tree to get is: Twin, Triple
    Shot, Penta Shot.

  10. pls play the panzerkampfwagen IV J next next

  11. Tavarisch* :)

  12. wtf 25 mm guns killed u


  14. Tiger is much better than the T-34-85 MUCH better and Gaijin still over
    glorifying the russian tanks they are still worse than the german tanks

  15. The Rusian Bias Stalin Is Good

  16. t34 85 op

  17. Blue Creeper92_YT

    play the xp-50

  18. nope it’s not

  19. is the stream happening?

  20. the animatior,the thierioest and the fact teller

    Russian bias don’t exist

  21. try the panzerwerfer

  22. Play the T-28 next, Murica

  23. m60

  24. first rule when fighting: never underestimate your enemies

  25. Can you plz play the super pershing with the freedom camo

  26. Drive out ze Ferdinand !

  27. Ostfront “Ace” 00

    So baron this is if you’re u don’t mi d or like anime. You like tanks and I
    know the perfect series for you. Girls und Panzer. Imagine this your at
    home sitting down in your arm chair or whatever and then a tank flies past
    your window. Yup GuP in a nutshell. School girls learn to be “better women”
    by driving tanks. Nothing pervy or anything like that. Super innocent and
    perfect for a tank nerd like yourself.

    Just don’t think about the fact that the tanks drive a Mach speed. Just
    ignore it I did

  28. t34 85 d5t is the same thing and have smaller br

  29. All the war thunder noobs crying russian bias :)

  30. Next Tank for Request : Panzerbefehlswagen VI (P) with Combo : Ta 152 H1

  31. the one video where i wanted you to do badly because of the vehicle you
    were driving

  32. Russian danks stronk.

  33. <>

    Was there ever any doubt?

  34. Baron, you should be sent to Gulag because of the inglorious propaganda you
    showed us in the intro.
    Puny fascists SPAAG are no match for GlouriOUs T-34-85 URAAAA

  35. Woah, I got into a Baron video, wow. Great video by the way.

  36. could be only me but ithink the t-34-85 is no truble becaus i have killed
    much more t-34-85s then they have killed me

  37. landon scranton

    Someone add this to war thunder –>….0…1ac.1.64.img..2.8.637.X7Qdp8xzRyA#imgrc=DNYoY7CNc-7m1M%3A

  38. Joaquin Hernandez

    this is a vid on russian tanks shows me an ad for joining the us marines XD

  39. Professional Croatian

    next conmbo : m18 and p51d 5 w/ bombs and rockets

  40. Play the super pershing
    brilliant Tank ?

  41. hey baron do you live stream
    if you do play the song youtube whore

  42. LordScrubMaker TheSecond

    Freaking noob, take the goddamn point, what do you think the Medium tanks
    are for?

  43. BaffleTheftThunder Z Gaming Fun Time

    M4A3E2 Jumbo Sherman with the 76mm gun

  44. Chieftain Mk. 3!

  45. 4:37 he bounces a Panther shot..on the frontal plate or turret…yeah..not
    Op at all…and he was even the impact degree was probably a lot
    less than 60…

    5:18 other panther shot…another bounce on turret…and the panther was
    once again high


  46. 5:26 it just isnt you Baron. a lot of people struggle with mouse
    sensitivity issues on this game. It’s the game itself personally. Just like
    when using a Joystick there seems to be an unnaturally high dead zone where
    input of controls are not responding until you jerk a bit more on the

    I had to abandon trying to play sim battle because the controls on this
    game are retardedly bad and unreliably inaccurate. I can play say a true
    flight sim without a problem with my joystick but no matter what I do in
    options/settings I can not get the darn thing to feel natural when flying
    on War Thunder. At the same time mouse controls seem to regardless to have
    too high of a sensitivity level when you make slight movements with the
    mouse. I have my DPI off and sensitivity very low in options and I still
    can not mouse aim with a tank. But yet I can play Red Orchestra’s tanks
    just fine, or snipe beautifully on World of Tanks, or even shooters. It’s
    the game not your mouse personally.

    This is one of many reasons this game’s population is so low. They seem to
    refuse to fix problems like this. I raved on the forums about issues with
    joysticks being down right none competitive on realistic/arcade modes
    because of the dead zone issue making accurate shooting next to impossible
    with a joystick on at least the PC version of the game. Let alone
    simulation battle. I recently tried using a joystick on the game again, and
    ended up with the same horrible results. Shitty flight models, combined
    with bad registration of control inputs on this game just make trying to
    use a joystick a nightmare. I can head shot people on Rise of Flight using
    my PC joystick, but I can not even hit a plane sometimes on War Thunder,
    let alone accurately aim at a specifically part of a plane. lol

  47. #germanAAisOP

  48. the BRITISH Sherman Fierlfly is the best Sherman ofcourse

  49. German team wasnt the best, you shot at all of them multiple times and no
    one figured out that they were getting shot, especially those guys on

  50. Sherman jumbo with 170 armor in turret one dont know which model it is :D

  51. Comet with something you want :b


  53. Geometry Dash Electroman

    I think that 3 inc gun carrier for its tier almost nothing can penetrate
    its front so can you play with it?

  54. Jackson Stewart

    Historically the 85mm gun on the t-34 was not going to go though the
    mantlet of a Panther. It may ricochet downwards on the D and A models due
    to the shot trap created by the rounded mantlet which I think would be cool
    to see happen in a game. For some reason the Russian weren’t able to make
    very powerful guns given the caliber they were using. The 85mm on the t-34
    was slightly weaker than the 75 long on the PZ4, and the 122 on the IS-2
    was still no better penetration wise than the Panthers Hyper 75mm. The 88
    Pak 43 of the Tiger II and Jagdpanther were more penetrative than even the
    100mm gun of the SU-100(also so was the 77mm of the Sherman firefly). Even
    the 76mm of the E8 Sherman had a bigger punch than an a Russian 85mm. The
    T-34/85 is still a very good tank in my opinion because it solved a lot of
    the major issues that were hurting the performance of the earlier t-34s. It
    had a 3 man turret so the commander could finally leave the gun business
    for the gunner and do his job of coordinating the tanks and finding
    targets. Also the vast majority of them had a Cupola which meant that the
    commander could see a lot more of what was happening outside the tank
    without having to expose himself. Still I have never understood why the
    Russians struggled with achieving higher Penetrative results despite going
    to increasingly higher calibers.

  55. Best Sherman? I would guess it would either be the M4A1 of the first jumbo.

  56. Play the Nashorn or the Dicker Max

  57. Rodolfo Francisco Mendiburu

    Panzer IV G

  58. Shrek The Psychotherapist

    Shrek is love, Shrek is life

  59. the best shermans are the early ones.

  60. Baron also notice you are driving this in the best possible condition. AKA
    full upgrades and a fully trained crew which most players won’t have. For
    example your reload rate with two crew is the same as mine with five. Also
    notice how you are still not able to penetrate your enemies from most
    angles (except shermans and the like).

  61. Of course the best tank in the game has to be Russian

  62. Rudy is the best

  63. Jack Haldopoulos

    watching the bias, isn’t that entertaining, it was like those sad animal
    rights comercials.


    The best Sherman tank is m4a3e3 (76)

  65. Can you play with the Dicker Max

  66. richie thach (TitanicMan2)

    I don’t think the T-34-85 is a very good tank. It takes hard skill to play
    it correctly, and even then, you are killed 24/7 by superior Tigers,
    Comets, and Panthers.

  67. This is a great tank and for me the best sherman is the M4A2 Jumbo

  68. aries paddayuman

    I’ve Had Enough About Russians I’m Moving To Germany Fuck Russian Tenks I
    Don’t Care I’m Grinding Towards The E-100 And MAUS

  69. Bacon Termiator

    the Sherman 105

  70. zbigniew miszczunio

    Best OP tank Dicker max one shoot one kill

  71. The APCR in War Thunder is absolutely worthless and I don’t even bother to
    put it in the rack! The Russian APHEBC is a far superior round and pens at
    extreme angles with reliable one shot killing.

  72. ichhab keinname (FunnyKiller)

    *Tovarishch ))


  74. Brian Dunning (Mr666Games)


  75. Baron noob soviet tank abuser -_- why did you stoop this low :/

  76. Plz try the glorious sherman m4a3e8 easy eight

  77. I Don't Understand Math

    Is this ze proper way to speak ze German

  78. Can u play the Russian 37 mm tier 2 SPAA and try to kill tanks. Stalin said
    he wants younto do that for mother Russia

  79. Exiled Overpoch

    Tiger 1 slices through that armour like bread and butter

  80. Baron try the russain premium sherman with tu2

  81. Will you people l la get out of here with your crap Russian bias!

  82. Best sherman tank?: Of course the Jagdtiger 😛 Play it for the FATHERLAND!

  83. If I’m not mistaken. If you own a cap. You can reload ammunition for as
    much as you want. Someone correct me if I’m wrong

  84. Jeremy GoneHunting

    Best sherman = Jumbo 76

  85. alejo ruiz camauër

    t95 and b29

  86. Baron play the inpenetrabel Maus for the Vaterland!!!!

  87. THE 105 heat rounds ftw

  88. M4A3 (HVSS) Sherman – most OP SHIT on his tier with M67 HEAT

  89. 1942 combo, IL-2 and T-34

  90. The Tiger is much better with the current in-game mechanics. The problem is
    driver/player mistakes and the small maps.

  91. If this game was realistic: the t34’s crew performance would be greatly
    reduced due to a very cramped interior, an 88mm shell would cause more
    damage to a tank than an 85mm and German ammunition would explode just as
    much as Russian ammuniton

  92. M4A3E2(76)W best Sherman tank imo, but really any of the Shermans that is
    equipped with a 76mm is good enough.

  93. Play the invincible Tortoise!

  94. Hello baron could you play next with m36 jackson and a-26c douglas

  95. It’s soooo frustrating when your team just sits still and you know within
    40 seconds you are going to loose.

  96. BARON PLEESE PLAY THE MURICAN T25 baby pershin’!

  97. Panzerkapfwagen acht “Maus”

  98. Irgend so ein Type den niemand kennt:)

    Jumbo 76

  99. Calliope would be the best Sherman tank

  100. F-86F-25 Sabre!

  101. m4a3e2 with 76

  102. This tank is OP because of its BR. Technically it should not have
    penetrated that Tiger 1, and it should be over-matched by an 88 independent
    of angle. Reload is too fast and after penn affect is way way to effective.

  103. T26E1

  104. The sherman Jumbo with 76 or The M4A3E8 FURY

  105. Going through panther mantlets when they cant get through yours… makes

  106. Keep in mind you are in an upteired game too, in my opinion T34-85 could
    easily be 5.7br

  107. could you plz play is-3 next video? 😉 see if its a good or bad tank

  108. simon de meulemeester

    you can adjust the sensivity in the options baron

  109. The easy 8. Definitely.

  110. I think the HVSS sherman is best. it has 105 mm cannon

  111. Nafees al-ansari

    i think the kv-85 is better than the t-34 because kv-85 has better armor

  112. i simply wonder why is t34-85 the so called ” best ” ?

  113. None of the Sherman’s there all pretty rubbish

  114. sherman easy 8

  115. fetsmurff mc burger

    play the sherman jumbo (76) hvss

  116. Play da pz 3 f next plz

  117. LOVE this tank

  118. worst tank do the panthers got a better gun

  119. Leopard 1 and GERMAN F86f Sabre. For the Fatherland!!! Fend off the non
    true East Germans!!!

  120. It’s all about that CobraKing I personally think that’s the best Sherman in

  121. Great compliment for Russia this tank is!

  122. Please play sherman fire fly because it takes a lot of skill to use

  123. ISU-152! stalin widow maker

  124. play sherman 105mm next

  125. fun fact: Gaijin nerf russian tank and make the British op

  126. Seán Gallagher

    the shermen firyfly

  127. russian bias too real

  128. Destroying that Tiger got you in a Wirbel of trouble!

  129. M4a3e2 76w

  130. M4a3e8 with a B25H as a world war 2 version of a A10 Warthog.

  131. sherman firefly is the beast,if u know how to play

    ) DANKE!

  133. Play TORTOISE pls for Ninja Turtles glory ! Like this Comment

  134. M4a3 105 definitely for sure

  135. NuclearWinter2110

    Using OP tank – showing off hacks. Send to Gaijin Gulag!

  136. is the tiger 1 in war thunder also very underpowered like in WOT?

  137. Also I’m super excited that there adding the M163 because my dad drove It
    in the army. When it comes out, can you drive it please? (if it is in the
    1.59 update) Thanks :D

  138. The best sherman is fitefly, Tiger Killer!!

  139. I gotta disagree that the T34-85 is the best for its tier. Dicker Max takes
    that cake easily. Don’t get me wrong, the T34-85 (both of them) are bonkers
    OP, but Dicker Max is the best tank for its BR.

  140. +baronvongamez I think the Sherman Firefly is pretty OP!?

  141. knowledgeable gator


  142. Does anyone know why I can’t hear any gun sounds in realistic battles? I
    can hear my own, but any friendlies or enemies firing are completely
    silent, no matter their distance from me, I can’t hear the engines either,
    just my own.

  143. Emil Destrebecq

    t34 85 D5T is clearly the best of his tier :p
    t34 85 nah certainly not against panthers ^^

  144. Marder III h

  145. Sherman Jumbo (M4A3E2).
    Sometimes all’s you need is a little (a lot) more armor.

  146. firefly

  147. Dicker Max is best at BR. it pens all tanks at 4.3 br from the front.

  148. the best sheman tank is FIRFLY!!

  149. Best Sherman? Clearly the Jumbo with the 76′ (W) M4A3E2 ?

  150. The problem I see comparing the T34-85 with other 5.3 br tanks (like comet
    1 eg) it has greater speed greater manoeuvrability greater turret rotation
    speed and it has special nuke shells that rarely get ammo racked and brit
    tanks do even though they don’t have explosive filler. something isn’t
    right. There is a reason people complain. i feel the 85DST Should be 5.3
    and 85 should be 5.7. its only real weakness in game is the gun depression.

  151. Casper krægpøth

    would say the M4 american really good for its tier 🙂 or the firefly

  152. M4a3e2 76w, Doesnt have the best gun But atleast it has armor and apcr is
    not to bad

  153. Personally, the Sherman with the 105mm howitzer. I’ve done work with that
    tank and the HEAT rounds are deadly

  154. what about the best heavy tank

  155. how the fuck does a 20mm cannon kill a tank… what fucking bullshit is

  156. MOST OP…ISU-152


  157. +BaronVonGamezCan you take out possibly the Cromwell mark 1?

  158. Beginning of the video gets rekt by a wirbelwind, a few seconds later;
    starts bragging about how good the tank is. gj baron gj.

  159. T-10 and maus

  160. Tobias Björkman

    Yo Baron! Saw you play M4A3 (105) today – vid on its way? :)

  161. It would be nice if you would play some tanks that weren’t easy. Play
    American Armor so we can actually learn something from you. There is little
    to nothing to be learned from playing Russian Iron. You might as well be
    issued a GodGun. It might be fun to play, it might even be fun to watch,
    but you’re not exactly showing off superskillzors playing the T34-85.

  162. drive the panther d the best from the west

  163. Joshua Dominguez

    M4A3E2 [76] is the best sherman

  164. Next, play the T54-1947
    May Stalin’s hand and infinitely sloped armor be with you.

  165. Play the ZSU-57-2 for stalin. Go make those king tigers cry!

  166. Everytime I play RB in my Tiger and see a T34-85, I run and hide. If I
    don’t, I will be one-shotted by the 85mm Stalinium UberCannon!

  167. Capture M4 sherman German tank

  168. The Panthers weak point from the front is the flat part of the mantlet

  169. Remember baron swordfishes are friends not food

  170. Best Sherman is without doubt the M4A3E2 (76) W. The frontal armor of both
    the turret and hull – unlike that of the “Super” Pershing – is
    astonishingly effective.

  171. Speaking of Shermans – the M4A3 has EXACTLY the same BR as the t34 -85.
    I’m sure they’re equally matched. Kappa.

    The BR system is a bad enough joke as it is, the 34 85 is hilariously

  172. Strictly at its battle rating: M4A3E2 (76)
    It’s gun with AP ammo can make short work of. Tiger I Hs and early model
    panthers combined with its thick, sloped front plate and turret makes it a
    very tough tank to kill at its BR.

  173. jumbo or firefly

  174. 4:37 How did he bounce that panther shell?

  175. Calliope or Firefly if you want to snipe are the two best Shermans

  176. Best sherman is T34 1942

  177. did they get rid of the one man standing bs?

  178. Muhammad Fadhilah

    Cobra King (Premium Tank)

  179. I’m done with your shit Baron. WHY THE FUCK IS NOBODY BUT MAGZ TALKING

  180. Now look at that speed, gun, turret traverse speed, armor and it is lower
    BR than Panther D
    Russian bias confirmed.
    Btw there is no best Sherman tank, only least shitty is M4A1 (76) W

  181. Guido rc (thegmcarc)

    The best sherman M4A3E2 (76)

  182. M4E3A2 (76) do it baron!

  183. Later you should play the Panzer 2

  184. M4A3E2 Is the best Sherman Baron

  185. the best Sherman iiiiiissssss………… Jumbo and of course Easy 8

  186. how did you use those binoculars?

  187. Leopard 1 and Ho 229

  188. The best time i ever had with the sherman is the M4

  189. baroun I see t34 57s all the time the thing is still really popular and
    still op as fuck last time I played it in rb I got 10 kills and a base

  190. Hey Baron, are you going to stream more in the Summer? Thanks!

  191. do the t92 american light tank please

  192. One question why russian tanks can’t lower there gun

  193. Good game

  194. Baby Pershing or M36 with any plane of your choice!

  195. Other OPs for their BR
    M3 Lee
    M10 Wolverine
    Early Panthers
    Tiger II H
    KV 85

  196. All Shermans are Great

  197. baron can you do a video on the isu152

  198. play T10m

  199. Xx_MLGallstaR_John_xX XxMLGxX

    I love my T-34-85 it’s a versatile tank which u can destroy a tiger 2 or
    higher still the best tank

  200. Jesus Rodriguez

    The Sherman Firefly will do the job ;)

  201. I think you could use the M4A3 (76). an upgrade of the M4A3 (105) , but
    with a 76mm AT gun

  202. t34s are like the cancer of war thunder

  203. Meh, the game needs more realism when your crew gets knocked out imo. Like
    screeching to a stop or randomly driving around full speed when your driver
    gets it. Or not being able to call artillery when your radioman gets hit

  204. actually i don’t think the t 34 85 is op at all. With my tiger 1 i can pen
    is where ever i shoot and it is almost always a one shot kill. I have not
    been killed by a t 34 85 in like 2 weeks so far and i am grinding the tiger

  205. Kelvin Irizarry

    Baron the Jumbo 76 and for Tier IV for best tank can you do the M46 Tiger

  206. the best Sherman tank? does the Sherman Jumbo with the 76 count?

  207. Nestoras Zogopoulos

    baron it hurts my eyes to see u trying to shoot at non important places of
    the tanks i mean he only had hes driver why wherent u hitting the driver
    and spended 6 shots at his turret and trucks!!!!???

  208. Play with ~4.o tank in 7.o – 8.o RB match 🙂 Good luck

  209. Nestoras Zogopoulos

    ahhh im starting to regret that i stopped playing americans to play with
    the rusians but i was really angry with the way the factions are made fk
    this shit im always fking getting reckt when playing with shermans which is
    80% of the mid tier for americans from t-34s ,,,,tiger shits and freaking
    bad matchmaker and battle ratings now stop that shit that russians are
    glass cannons cz first of all if they one shot u there is no way to fucking
    get a chance even to shoot and secondly their ratings and slopped armor are
    unfair now the germans i cant rl blame cz their good tanks start from mid
    tiers so they have a hard time to get the ball rolling too but sth must be
    made for those battle ratings and match makers cz i know since wt want a
    more realistic feel they wont change the tanks stats.

  210. It’s not that the T-34-85 is OP it’s just that people really don’t
    understand how to fight one and just leave themselves completely exposed, I
    see it every day and I see it in this video people just leaving themselves
    completely open to attack.

  211. Tankbuster 1945

    T-34-85 is my favourite world war 2 tank apart from the M4 Sherman…..

  212. Enrichment Drive

    German high velocity : tiger 2(h) and me 262 with the 50 mm. HVAP those is

  213. m4a3! killed a tiger with it up front. right through his drivers window

  214. Back then I enjoyed Russian tanks too, they weren’t so powerful unless you
    tried to fight them in weaker tanks, but I learned pretty fast how to ammo
    rack almost every low-mid-tiered tank and where to shoot them. Now it can
    be a pain in the a** to kill them without a proper gun, since ammo rack
    seems pretty random on USSR vehicles. I just mostly go for a full-crew

  215. WTF no log on the T34-85???

  216. play the t95

  217. hey phly
    Just wondering what you think about the war thunder poll thing that
    everyone is talking about?

  218. not enough american bias. play the sherman jumbo 105 and as a combo use the
    f6f-3 hellcat whit the tiny tims! those things oneshot a maus on a direct

  219. t34 85 took 2 direct shots from a panther d and not even a scratch,the
    shrapnel level of russian ammo is op,i cant bring myself to play anything
    russian,its just cheating

  220. pls stop saying aphebc

  221. lets see how many kills ya get in the british tier2-3 line up,bet you do
    way worse

  222. Micko San Andres

    barron use the t -95

  223. Leaving this channel, this is noob land. Both the subs and Baron are some
    of the biggest noobs I’ve ever seen.

  224. Best sherman?
    Of course M4 Revalorise
    (just kidding)

  225. Sherman Jumbo best M4

  226. Best Sherman Is the M4A1.
    At the second tier Sherman’s are deadly and can go toe to toe with any
    other tank. It’s when you get to the next tier that they become outclassed.

  227. Either the first sherman or the 105

  228. L3rn 2 artillery

  229. Baron play the 10 and the PBY combo ha ha so derpy the m10 is better than
    the T-34-85 in my opinion because at it’s tier it bounces more and has
    enough pen to go into tier 3 and kill t-34-85s and kv-2s and tigers if side

  230. Has baron done a video on the Achilles yet? I just got one yesterday and
    have been wrecking pretty much everything in it, t-34s still give me a hard
    time, but as long as I dont play too aggressive I can usually come in the
    top 5. oh and the archer was just a damn mess.

  231. carlondus Ardoin


  232. omar khan ahmad

    whaaaaaaaaaaat??Are you serious???T34 85 looooooooollooooooooooooolwow.. u
    guys need to practice on tiger h!

  233. Siti Azwan Mohd Kamal

    play the m18 gmc

  234. The M4A3 Sherman would be one of the best. It is more armored than most and
    the gun can pen most things at its tier.

  235. Hey my comment was shown. That should make the Rest of the Day even better

  236. T-34-85 is such a bullshit tank and Gaijin are fucking idiots for making it

  237. Please play the Jumbo!

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