Tovarishch-62, T-62 Tank Gameplay (War Thunder 1.61 Gameplay)

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  1. TheHilarious GoldenChariot

    go to bed baron i can see your tired

  2. 1051541451431641621571721571511441234567881234567812345678123678326470547
    Step1: Highlight the numbers.
    Step2: Ctrl and F.
    Step3: Put 9 in.
    Step4: Enjoy.

  3. 6:40- is that map london?

  4. candieka tasbihyantra

    i wonder will gaijin implement era in this game hmmmmmm

  5. Play the brummbär pls

  6. Ostfront “Ace” 00

    Does the T-62 have that reload irl…I figured by the T-62 they would have
    an automated loading system so the tank crew wouldn’t have to break their

  7. this thing… actually seems inferior to T-54 mid 1951. That has enough
    HEAT pen to deal with anything, plus the APCBC rounds to boot.

  8. you can see the reload time on the stat sheet of the vehicle baron, you
    don’t have to count, anyways you count way too fast

  9. Btw, they also nerfed M60 and M60A1 armour. Is what they call ‘refined’ in
    patch notes

  10. Louis Glendining

    crew replenish? Looks like we are getting med-packs

  11. suka blyad – mean bitch slut if you translate it literally. What it really
    means is something like “fucking shit”

  12. Breaking news Baron stalin was already dead when they designed this tank

  13. sheatfs and bias8,4,3,2,1

  14. play the m60 WITHOUT sehatFS

  15. seriously baron? a new tank with new ammunition comes out and in the
    gameplay you only use the old cHEATfs? APDSFS would have been more
    interesting to see, if it has different spalling or if its just APDS with
    higher pen……

  16. Kostya Demchenko

    sukina blyaa – fu#king bitch

  17. i clocked 11.7 on your reload fully upgraded Baron. You should count in
    bananas ( eg 1 banana 2 banana 3 banana etc) if you’re going to count
    without a stopwatch :p

  18. 12:10 how did he miss that?

  19. I hope u doing better Barry…

  20. this is dev server?

  21. Can You Do
    M4A2 With B-24 Pls

  22. Cant wait to face this things in my Tiger II

  23. Lightening drake

    I thought they weren’t supposed to add the second apfsds shell. so very

  24. Get a proper gaming mouse with the controllable sensitivity

  25. 12:26 turn on subtitles

  26. CYKA!!!!

  27. Hey Baron why don’t you just decrease the sensitivity of your mouse mate?

  28. Tactical Seal 'Prince Oberyn'

    i’m a prince boys you are fucking a prince :)

  29. Crew replenish modification? Is that what I think it is? Is it new or have
    high tier tanks allways had that?

  30. Im 100% confident that we will be seeing the T-64 and T-72 within the next
    two years. This is Gaijin after all, and they *NEVER* keep their promises.

  31. Azarias-12 The Skinny

    сука блять, or cyka blyat means “Son of a bitch”

  32. Milorad Miličić

    Сука блять?

  33. 15 sec*

  34. NEXT T-64BV

  35. Baron there might be a button on your mouse to allow you to alter its

  36. why are the colours so saturated

  37. AH-6J Little Bird

    Add Leopard 2A6 or Japanese Type10 for balanced

  38. the final stabilized discarded sabot is purely a kinetic damage round, made
    from depleted uranium it is really a devastating munition, not much of any
    thickness of armor plate could stop it. a op round in real life

  39. omnipotank oakframe

    Yet the chieftain doesn’t get its fin stabilised sabot rounds . . . russian
    bias comrade.

  40. Dogeius Extremeius

    pz bfw vi

  41. What kind of mouse r you using? ;p

  42. Why dont you use the KV-2 with HE only, and shoot under the tank…Shooting
    under the tank is a really good way to destroy a tank with HE. Plz. Barony.

  43. Why wasn’t it the 1.62 Update

  44. Stop adding top tier tanks, T5 is broken as hell so they need to fix it
    first. They should focus on adding other nations like France and Italy.

  45. T62 vs tigers omg so fucking realistic I am crying and don’t fucking reply
    me with any of you protecting gayjin money fuckers)

  46. T-62 in WW2- Corean war game balanced tovarisch )))

  47. finaly some competition for the US and Brits

  48. I wonder when they will show the rounds eject from the rear of the turret
    since the T-62 had an auto-ejector for spent casings.

  49. Scykoh Biskit (EnchantedChrome)


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