Toy Tanks and 2 MORE New Maps!? | World of Tanks Last Frontier and Dalny Update 1.13+ News

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Source: DezGamez

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Time to talk about some mroe upcoming maps to of Tanks, this time 2 more… I have no idea when or how those are going to be released, but the amount of maps they are working on simply rediculous.



  1. Anyones knows how many new maps they are working on? I lost the count already! 😀
    Anyway, have a NICE day and good luck winning your piece from the 100k gold cake: 🔥❤🔥

  2. The Dalny looks like pearl river ngl, if you can imagine that, it have kind of a same routes to go to, why don’t they add something new but renewing the old maps. :I

  3. Start counting since they announced the rework of Minsk and Empire’s border. WG news about maps make me laugh so loud …

  4. where are the My Little Pony tanks?

  5. the first couple pics made Last Frontier look like a bigger version of Mines

  6. “Overdose of maps”? You can never have enough maps.

    …and no, I haven’t seen a single GI JOE or COBRA themed tank.

  7. Somehow they listened to everyone moaning about not having enough maps in the rotation. Good to see a possible arty map in the making 😛

  8. Years go by and wargaming keeps announcing maps every few months but yet aren’t adding new into the game. Maybe stop making new and actually add some?

  9. Thrall Dumehammer

    I wish they had the G.I JOE and COBRA styles for different tanks. I’d be very happy with that. The actual tanks from the series, not so much.

  10. I told my wife that Barbie comes with Ken. She said, “No he doesn’t. Barbie comes with GI Joe, she just fakes it with Ken..” 😮

  11. Might give my son my WOT account and start playing War Thunder.. 😡

  12. WG’s map department is more of a tease than my wife

  13. First map looks like a re-worked Swamp map

  14. Sir Richard Noggin

    Coming in 2027

  15. Václav Pecháček

    Those 3D styles are ruining the game.

  16. 3d styles are fine, so long as they’re just styles. If they become T34 and T34B again, then yeah, that’s a problem. The other thing with 3D styles, is they’re going up in price pretty damn quick. NO WARGAMING. $15 for the styles. You start going much higher I won’t buy them.

    Also. I’d love to see Wargaming design more attack/defense maps, with dugouts and all that fun stuff. Even if that means balancing out a new game mode.

  17. this look like one of the old maps

  18. Bought both tanks for 84 quid but then had to get a Prime sub to get Duke as a commander.

  19. I wonder why they call them Random maps? I see some so frequently and others hardly at all. So how random is Random? Perhaps Dez could do a test and let us know.

  20. $22 for. Skin?…. thats why you dont see many

  21. finaly some new maps but i would like to play on some old oned too, and yes happy birthday yay 😉

  22. I hate when 3-D styles are forcibly rendered!!!!! They become pay2win skins because they mask the tank and may hide weak spots. We have an option to hide non-historical camo, but that doesn’t work on 3-D styles?!?!?!?!!!!!! wtf WG. I hope they changed this because I was very mad when I had to try to snipe hidden commander hatches and weird silhouettes.

    @8:45 arty nerfs happen; *EBR laughs in OP*

  23. 5:23 to me, it looks like a hip bone.

  24. I would be fine with toy tanks, many of the tanks are already either made-up completely or based on some concept drawings and wouldn’t work in reality.

  25. How much retarded game can be..
    WG:Hold my Vodka:)

  26. If they’d made the Cobra tank a style for the T-44-100 (R) I’d have bought it day one and not given a damn about the add-ons.

    I’m also goddamned tired about how gold is slowly being made worthless and how no content creators are reporting about how WG is clearly trying to MAKE gold utterly worthless.

  27. Let’s Map It Out…

  28. Bring back Stalingrad map!

  29. looks like army men to me XD

  30. As long as I can choose historical and avoid the most extreme designs I am happy, I would prefer a ‘historical mapping’ for the plastic looking tanks and those gold ones but at least I don’t see garish stuff … I like my tanks tanky

  31. Another great video Dez. Love your work. Thank you

  32. That first map IS an old map. It was broken. Tons of stalemates and too small. I forget the name of it. I don’t think it’s been in the game for 6-7 years. They should bring back Stalingrad, Port, Arctic region and Swamp.

  33. Who thinks like a pacific island/ iwo jima map would be cool? I think they could do some fun stuff with that (apart from more pig drowning areas lol).

  34. LordShockwav Gaming & Advice

    Love that cobra skin, got it once i saw it on the market!

  35. Komarin 2.0

  36. Михаил Владимирович Кучин

    What happened to the “airport” map there’s a video on worldofranks- Asia youtube channel of a tank driving around on the unfinished/low render from of it 3 years ago

  37. Лиса Алиса

    2-cam Live Mansur bear on YouTube

  38. it makes me mad seeing them make so many generic stupid maps, when there are so many great maps that they removed like south-coast, northwest, or swamp… just because they are too stupid to balance them… so instead of great maps we get mirrored sh1t that nobody really likes

  39. Take my finger for youtube algoriththtmtmutn

  40. Am I the only one who absolutely hates the toy tanks? They look soooo bad

  41. bert onderdeel tweser_g

    Eg tolt a lot bla bla its a money wolf now dont gife a. Fuck about players the game more and more Joke now broken teams and more soo 🖕🖕🖕🖕 theme

  42. this first map is a fucking mines 2.0. there should be at least two more entry points on that bloddy hill
    the secound map will have an obysmal problem: an rushing EBR at the start will spot everyone on the base, and the bases are inside shooting ranges of echother: so, if there is an ebr the battle may take only about a 1-2 minutes, wich is also bad. there has to be some cover between the bases.

  43. catalin stratulat

    The ugliest 3D style

  44. Looks like hidden village back in the days…

  45. It’s just that both maps look way too similar to older maps and most of that comes from the 3 lane setup they have been going on all along. Would really like to see something that deviates from that as apart from the texture, to me, the first feels like a hidden village/karelia mashup and the second alot like a squished together serene coast…

  46. WG could make and sell 3D stiles for tanks instead of making a not worth to buy battle pass.

  47. I’d like to see them do some styles for some of the popular tech tree tanks some t8s and 9s would be great imo 🙂

  48. All of these maps in development, yet they only release one or two a year.

  49. the GI Joe tanks look dreadful.. many of us want the tanks ( and ships in wows ) to look REAL.. authentic camos etc .. these things look rubbish imo.

  50. dez please talk about log in issues after 1.12 patch!!

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