TOYATO TECH TREE INCOMING | War Thunder Technicals

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  1. A very fine house in the country

  2. You meet some really good players at low br, quite often. Good quality shooting all around.

  3. Our house, is a very very very fine house. fine house. with two cats in the yard, life used to be so hard.

  4. I hope they will add czech tech tree

  5. Don’t know when Indian military vehicles will be added in i am waiting for it

  6. I have watched this dude for years and I’m still confused how phly, a dude who used to be a pilot, and of all the possible additions to this vehicular war sim game, is consistently excited by the idea of a pickup truck with a 50 .cal being added to the game.

    Truly, a man of culture!

  7. Ok but here’s the real question

    Which country would get the Toyota tech tree? Japan? Nah they don’t use technicals. Probably a seperate Middle Eastern (MEC) faction?

  8. When Vespa with recoilless rifle

  9. Error: Name Not Found

    Im quite disappointed there no bosvark, ystervark and CM25 here 🙁

  10. Phly, you’re thinking of “Our House” by Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young

  11. phly wrote toyato btw

  12. They should just add a middle-eastern terrorist technical tech tree that’s just a bunch of trucks with the most random guns on it

  13. Phly :is an SPAA
    also phly: Plane, *not for me.*

  14. Day 3: Play the TA 154 in air realistic and watch the 30mm work their magic.

  15. The Illuminated One

    Toyotas do win wars.

  16. I want the Toyota Truck with the BMP-1 turret. Yes it’s real, google it. Regardless of your stance on the Syrian war, there’s been some impressive technicals come out of it.

  17. Willy’s jeep with 50 cal and Rambo manning the gun please

  18. Ive killed leopards in this

  19. Toyato

  20. Hey Phly, if you want more technicals, Japan has the Type 94. Its kinda phorgotten…

  21. low tier zsu57

  22. Hummer with the 25mm chaingun

  23. T34 At Your Door

    Day 23: play ikv-91-105 and saab 105G combo

  24. 5:07 CSN – Our House

  25. I can see vbieds working in War Thunder driving around in a dump truck filled with explosives. be under Syria or just Mid east country category of vehicles from all of their crazy vehicles they create for War

  26. Taliban toyota ,Instantly blow up when you tap J button … 200 kg TNT equivalent suicide toyota 9.7 BR , 500% XP, 589% SL, Premium taliban toyota 79′.

  27. Well I’ll start to bring more heat rounds with my apdfss

  28. Maybe the next April Fool’s Day event will mimic Konami’s “Jackal” (1986)? Would be cool to zip around in jeeps freeing prisoners and blasting things.

  29. Day 284: Phly, you should play the Hampden TB Mk I. High-yield, low-tier bomber goodness

  30. soviet potato truck strikes fear in heart of every german soldier

  31. JayTheMaidToKill

    Something that always baffles me when it comes to Gaijin’s decision making is the amount of ammo different truck AAs carry. Some can carry a whole army worth of ammo, whilst others can fire off only a few bursts before they have to go rearm at a point.

  32. Attempt 27 of asking Phly to play the Super Pershing


  34. Turkey tech tree? Meh, Toyota is the hype.

  35. Károly Vilmos Szebik

    8:03 a tie-fighter flying by

  36. your title is Toyato instead Toyota lmao
    Great videos you make you got me laughing in this one

  37. Are you playing agains BOT,i wish i could get opponent stupid like that


    I want a Pepsi tech tree, at one point, they had the worlds 12 largest navy after selling the Soviets Pepsi for a couple of naval vessels, AND they promised an F-16 or 1 million dollars for winning a competition, the guy chose the F-16, but Pepsi didn’t give him it

  39. I have bounced on the chassy of a whirblewind more times than I’ve bounced on any heavy tank

  40. You should play the A-26B-10 with the T1E1 day 6

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