TOYOTA IN WAR THUNDER | 57HP/TON Sam Launcher (War Thunder 1.99)

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TOYOTA IN WAR THUNDER | 57HP/TON Sam Launcher (War Thunder 1.99)

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  1. That’s a HUMVEE you jackass and it’s such garbage that Japan gets an American vehicle before America.

    • @isaque severo I wouldn’t worry about it tbh

    • @João Pedro Couto Cruz what, just because you start a thread doesent mean its mandatory to reply to atleast one comment. And who do you think has control over that? OP.

    • They obviously copied the F22 RAPTOR

    • João Pedro Couto Cruz

      @Solo Wing Pixy lol my friend, I was expecting this kind of answer, tbh it took longer than I though. My comment above was only for fun, in order to see if OP would react or not. Of course its not mandatory to answer everyone. Anyways, cheers and have a good day, mate.

    • @Bryson Eyman If i remember well the M8 was a long time ago buyable in the US tech tree. Now it’s a special event reward or some sort. Or i might be mistaken. I’ll check that back! =)

  2. Technically tanks are road legal, and can be driving on roads by civilians.

    There has to be certain modifications made to the tank to make it street legal

  3. Next April fools I’ll just be technical with 50 cals and 20mm

  4. “Street legal”
    *Panzers laugh in Poland invasion*

  5. Gaijin: add this
    Also Gaijin: *add traffic cops*

  6. I cant wait for the avenger humvee, which has stingers and some 50 cals

  7. Well the French 1.0 AA could be street legal

  8. Honda Civic in war thunder when?

  9. i want a event with technicals agains weaponized ladas in the afghan desert, and with things going on in real life they maybe can put tesla soon in a tech tree for minor factions

  10. Getting some anime vibes here

  11. Intro music?

  12. Baryonyx Walkeri

    Not sure if someone already commented that, but there is actually a “Spz Kurz” in Germany that has been declared street legal after it has been demilitarized and had its speed limited as well as being painted bright white.

  13. I’m not a 100% sure but I think you can bind a key to get a driver view in ground vehicles

  14. CommanderAustria

    Most of the military vehicle are road legal.

  15. Bob semple tank is superior

  16. 0:40 and what about the *milk trucks*?

  17. big urge to researched Japanese vehicles

  18. Definitely Family Friendly Content


  19. Finally a milk truck thats not russian

  20. Are you on the test servers or something?
    Because I don’t see any of these things anywhere in the tech tree.

  21. Wheres the HUMVEE? Or the LAV? Or the Stryker?

  22. Wait, does the US get the F104 this patch? If not that would be dumb af

  23. GTA war thunder edition

  24. 6:34 they do

  25. I think, the missiles should be able to damage ground light vehicles. Because you get those battles with no air some times.

  26. Fukin gaps

  27. That a10 warthog noise had me fuckin dying

  28. 11:16 what are these torpedo like things in the air on the left? in the kill cam

  29. Intro music – Look where that got you

  30. Do you have a new round personal decal or is it an effect caused by the model?

  31. Every British vehicle Since the 60s is road legal in the UK and in Europe. There designed with that in mind

  32. Is this my 4Runners grand pappy?

  33. ::0:0:0::0:0:00:0: confirmed infantry combat

  34. Toyota’z da jumpiest truk in Waaagh Thunda.
    Change me mind.

  35. Phyl, there is a control for driver view, you just need to bind it

  36. Godfather Actual

    Phly, did you forget all the Russian potato trucks???

  37. japanese car
    Racing Hearts 3/Look where that got you as intro song
    Getting some serious Abroad in Japan vibes here Phly

  38. ISIS likes this video

  39. Probably Not Dad

    Most tanks are road legal if you go through some hoops(lights and a licence plate). Also. don’t forget the potato truck anti air at the low teirs. Literally an old farm truck with machine guns.

  40. -World of tanks: **adds wheeled light tanks, everyone hates them and the comunity begs for a freaking nerf**
    – Players of armored- vehicles- related games: Well, at least now, game companies will avoid that mistake.
    -War Thunder: “Observe”

  41. Its like that old game where humans are fighting dragons in a apocalyptic world and even has a movie which I fofgot

  42. I personally would’ve loved railroad vehicles XD

  43. Phly try T-34 1941 and Il-2 1940 and 1942 best Russian bias man plz try out ohh and add the T-34 1942, The T-34 and Il-2 r like Brodudes

  44. Rolling Thunder Actual

    Ngl Phly, I might rather have the McDonalds than the SAM.

  45. The mud and dirt goes through the chassis of this truck

  46. Hey phly
    Never seen u do a vid on the sea venom

  47. Lol all tanks are road legal. What you gonna do if a tank crew decides to take their baby for a spin downtown. Give them a ticket . That would be funny to see.

  48. Specter7 All hail the dn

    7:10 Them dang duke boys are back at it again

  49. Hmmmmm the american Avenger system seems more promising, at least it has a 50 cal coupled with the SAM pods. But nice to see some little combat cars added! :p

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