Track Nudes OnlyPhans (War Thunder Churchill 1)

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Track Nudes OnlyPhans (War Thunder 1)


  1. *Boys play this, it’s insane.* Have a good Saturday!! ALSOO Tomorrow is 2020 Wins & Fails Video 🙂

  2. Almost got me with that R3 nerf option. Almost.

  3. Day 1: It’s been 3 years… F-86 Sabre

  4. R3 reserve tier, change my mind

  5. I’m that player that gets shot once then doesn’t move. I just accept fate

  6. This should make it obvious why the Churchill is one of my favourite tanks

  7. Phly only bounced that Marder 4 times because the person playing the Marder is a dunce. I would’ve destroyed that Churchill, and I would be destroyed in the Churchill if I played against a player who knows what they are doing. I always end up facing opponents who always know where to shoot. It’s rare when I get into a well armoured tank and I don’t get wrecked from someone making a lucky shot while angling. If you angle you should also be moving between reloads, I find that works best. Like I rarely face narb teams in any vehicle.

  8. Can someone fill me in on the reason why ppl hate the puma? I’m new to Warthunder and it seems like ppl just hate looking at that thing.

  9. i love this cause im griding brit rn XD 😀 love the videos keep them up

  10. So this is why this tank was named Churchill! It smokes!

  11. Arl 44 pls

  12. A question for anybody passing by:

    How do you like your tracks?

    1. Wet
    2. Tight
    3. Loose
    4. Other

  13. Attempt #23! Phly! You should check out the Ki-109! It has a 75mm with 100mm of pen at 2.7! It goes great with the Chi Ha LG!

  14. Phly: Once you push the germans once there’s very little comeback

    So…Just like real life

  15. Fuck i think is the r3 nerfed so sad

  16. I picked B

  17. can a smoke round kill a plane?

  18. He wasn’t moving because he was in an Air Battle maybe

  19. “Warthunder where’d you find this sound effect?”

    *Hits frying pan*

  20. I WANT C 0:13

  21. Attempt #33. C2A1 with CL-13A air support, Canadian phan requesting Canadian machines please Phly.

  22. Requesting since Sept 2018. I-16 type 10 with historical information please Phly

  23. I knew it was answer D

  24. I am so sorry for this cliché ye olde question sire but whats the name of the intro song which has been used in this video good sir?

  25. This was not my experience. 🙂

  26. “Once you push the Germans back once, there’s very little comeback” and people still say this game isn’t realistic enough

  27. I never thought the Gun Carrier would EVER be called the ‘pinnacle of engineering’.

  28. McDonnell Douglas F-15E Strike Eagle

    The title makes me uncomfortable.

  29. Phly you should do more Abrams videos

  30. Playing low tier or high tier because 4.0 is a mess.

  31. Samuel Janošťák

    The hull 76 is great for killing Wolverines and Hellcats, by hitting their MG with HE.

  32. Phly you need to suPHPHer! Play the KV-1 with shrapnel rounds only!

    PS: no getting free frags by shooting Flak Buses or R3s

  33. Anastasios karampelas

    Everybody is talking about the German and soviet steel….but no one talks about the Brit ‘sh steel monsters….

  34. 17:48 That’s almost cinematic. Holy shit.

  35. *bri’ish technology*

  36. Phly daddy. Why haven’t you done a video with the new British ADATS (M113). Want to see some aa atgm action

  37. sometimes I wonder myself on which kind of server you´re playing. Everytime I play these kind of tanks I just get brrrrrr *dead*

  38. Vietnam

  39. Kinda satisfying to watch the tracks rolling in a churchill. Nice game

  40. Angelo Francesco D. Garcia

    Poor guy panzer 4. He might have had a bad day in warthunder so he didnt move and accepted his fate.

  41. Austin Bryzen Azucena Nicolas

    i new it was d

  42. The more Phly uploads the more the thumbnail gets cursed

  43. Such a fun tank to play one of my favourite also phly pls play 3 inch gun carrier

  44. The name “OnlyPhans” killed me because i know where it’s derived from 😂

  45. Doom slayer portrayed by churchill: I had a match in that Churchill in which I faced tiny weak enemies such as early panzer 3s bt5s u know all that weak stuff

  46. how did you shoot the secon bigger gun?

  47. Phly I have an idea its a series where we send you clips of our gameplay and you analyze what we did right or wrong. I know its not as fast-paced or as exciting as your usual content but I think it would be quite interesting to see what you have to say.

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