Tracking Masterclass – World of Tanks – Progetto M40 mod. 65

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Source: Circonflexes

Playing the game at one of the easiest tiers in the game. People asked for it, so lets go!


  1. Loving the new videos circ, huge fan of your awesome content!

  2. You should ask for money for that masterclass

  3. Keeping those sealclubbing goals on track I see…..

  4. Killing a SHEKL T95 in the first minute, oof

  5. Hard to keep track of all the puns in the comments.

  6. That makes me want to get the progresso.

  7. Oof, Circon, no bully plez

  8. Saw the unfortunate news about Terry on the Facebook group now I feel guilty cause I didnt even had the opportunity to say one last goodbye cause I was banned for a month…
    My deepest condolences to his family

  9. Good game

  10. You’re a god dude i mean better than the existant gods tbh you’re like a cool greek god rofl

  11. This is so dirty.
    Moar like this pls

  12. Can’t stop won’t stop Circon is the Dawg! PS.: Circon is so *DISGUSTINGLY GOOD* I almost want to just grab a kniff and stick it in myself, what is the point of playing this game if you can’t play it like him?! 😀

  13. Watched the video, after it i took shower while singing “wouldn it be nice to have a turret”

  14. Really so much porn ???

  15. Yup, that 270 was a min roll 🙂

  16. 4:27

    Sounds like a good book. Might need an addendum that says “When your team actually bothers/is capable of capitalizing on it.”

    • A lot of it is timing. If you or your team is out of position to take advantage of it, then it’s helpful. Lots of people track a tank and get mad cause no one shoots at it. If they bothered to look around, they’d see many times that it’s not possible for anyone to get a shot on that tank.

  17. Cruelty to Tier10! This will not stand!

  18. Mihai Dragomirescu

    Critical hit, zero damage, no tracking. It’s fine, next shot for sure, critical hit, zero damage, no tracking. Fiiiine, this time FOR sure, critical hit, zero damage, no tracking!! F.. it, (loading HE), critical hit, damage done, traked. Yes, i’m sooo good!!

  19. Over 11K combined
    *_1 kill_*

  20. surprised youtube allows this type of content. That was just down right dirty, I need a cold shower after that video.

  21. I have the feeling you kinda love this tank… ^^

    Oh and comming soon : “Would it had be nice to have a turret” by Sabaton feat Circon ! XD

  22. One of my reasons I keep coming back to Circon, is the way he plays, he does not play like quickybaby or baradul (both awesome players, both willing to block their team mates in postions to be unwilling shields for themselves) , circon plays with great actions and helps his team, those two, are awesome players but I would not want to be near them in a fight :). But circon sounds like a grumpy old man usually, now get off my lawn :).

    • Uh, I don’t often see QB block people. I do see him yolo a lot

    • Paul Mc i can’t agree that people using mates as meat shield are awesome players. But I can’t downvote at the same time. You look right and wrong at the same time. You are the schrodinger comment guy.

  23. That’s outrageous!

  24. great ruffle stomp , why am i always on the other team ?

  25. First to dislike

  26. R.I.P. Terry 🙁

  27. 1-Go for the legs first
    2-Easier to open them up

  28. The Slightly Tilting Cat

    Cant learn anything from Circon’s videos. I mean… he’s just Seal Clubbing…

  29. @Circonflexes How many subs did you lose after this upload lol

  30. I wish it was a double video of both ace games 🙁

  31. Circons Beach Boy parody debut , collab with weird Al lol

  32. Me luvs the T10 seal clubbinv oWo

  33. Hey Circon, as soon as you start posting videos of some other games I’ll resub right away. I like you character however fuck WG and fuck tanks. Best of luck.

  34. Your tier 10 seal clubbing stream was the best, Circon. Everybody enjoyed watching you have fun playing the game, instead of the beating of the tier 8 wheeled vehicle grind. Personally, the only line I have left to grind is the french wheeled vehicles, and I’ll finish my Lynx grind in frontlines this week. Hopefully the EBR 90 grind isn’t too bad in pub matches.

  35. That was awesomely ruthless!!

  36. « Wouldn’t that be nice to haaaave a turret 😀 wouldn’t that be nice to do some damage :D? Wouldn’t that be nice to haaaaaave a turret ? :3 wouldn’t that be nice to actually do some deal some damage ? WWwwOuldn’t that be nice to haaaave a turret xD? »

  37. “The Importance of Tracking Vehicles: A Guide by Circonflexes”

    10/10 Would buy this guide

  38. More Tier X seal clubbing.
    Ya aughta be ashamed!

  39. “Its a 10 from Len”

  40. Oh… sad to hear about Cyberwraith. 🙁

  41. Anyone coin the term “Trackgasm”, yet?

  42. I have to report this video for violence.
    These poor drive wheels did nothing bad to you ?

  43. Turrets OP, pls nerf!

  44. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a turret…
    Then I could shoot at things all day long.
    Wouldn’t it be nice to have a turret…
    Then I wouldn’t get tracked and forget which button my repair kit is on.
    Oh wouldn’t it be nice…

  45. “Wouldnt it be nice to have a turret?”

    This is why Circon videos are so far above all the other streamers.

    Superb tracking too. Have to admit, Circon videos are pretty much the reason i get as much assistance as i do.

  46. Perfect example of why you should always go for tracks especially if you have support and own dpm doesn’t mean that much.

  47. Ummm, more tracking than Windows 10, well done Circon

  48. Trusek der Mulmschenk

    I‘m astonished at how Circon hasn‘t received a strike for sexual content yet

  49. Goddang, that has to be illegal in some parts of the world.

  50. Introducing new ingame badge: stealing exp tracking son of a *. Awarded to people who tracked at least 6 players and dealt over 3000 assisting damage.

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