TRADING CARAVAN in World of Tanks!!!

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Wargaming is bringing a Trading Caravan to World of with tonnes of offers including the brand new Kirovets-1 rare T-22 !



  1. i wonder what t-22 is gonna sell for

  2. WG simply just milking everyone and not even trying to improve the game, I will happily ignore this.

  3. WG doesn’t care about balance anymore, all they care about is milking as much money as they can from their dying game.

  4. 16 MEZ? Nice! Right when my work starts! :,D

  5. Kirovets? Man, that is a 4 year old tank on the Asia server if I remember correctly

  6. thats why I left this game for what wot thinking about ”how can I rob players more and more”.

  7. It looks incredibly complicated and unnecessary. Anything with limited availability or requiring players to be online at the time it goes live is not fair and many players will miss out because they can’t be online at the time, or limited availability inflating prices. Why can’t they just sell things with no limited availability and for a set price?

  8. I sold my Caravan without even playing it once. Another fuck you event from WG.

  9. They are thinking like they are running a casino since they are moved to Cyprus… This is so stupid, so complicated…

  10. WG just like mobile phone companies – always some mugs out there wanting the latest offering

  11. Classic FOMO (Fear of missing out) move from WG. I don’t care…

  12. Soo..nothing special. Thxx WG

  13. Freshwater Spaceman

    World of FOMO.

  14. Buckets_Full_of_Bacon

    But how do we know which items are up for sale? Do we have to reroll endlessly?

  15. what do you think about Ogers within warhammer3 ???

  16. I am a free to play player but I was hopping that I could pick up a premium tank for credits. Do any of you think this is likely?

    • Might be they said there will be deals for gold bonds and credits but u will also use small ammount of credits to reshuffle and try ti get new deals so it all comes down to luck if u get credit deals

    • There will be a premium tank for credits in black market for sure, which will come in like a month or two

  17. Never been this early!

  18. kirovets 1 has the same hull as 703(ll). so if you have that, dont have to buy this

  19. stopped playing this game last summer and never felt more satisfied. Watching QB on stream is infinitely more enjoyable than actually playing this godforsaken game.

  20. WG trying to cash in before getting shutdown?

  21. Jfc… Could they possibly give us a heads up so we could save up a bit? Dropping events like this is dumb.

  22. The kirovets is basicaly a 703 II hull with an is3 turret

  23. 3:20 ya definitely not pay to win. It’s not like you have to grind 24/7 or buy a premium tank to get bonds.

  24. Limited availability… Puts people who have to work for a living out of any of the tanks that are sold.

  25. How u can see the dislikes on YT??!!

  26. I just want the IS-3A. How hard is it going to be?

  27. Chromium Photography

    It would help if WG would list what is available from the get go. I have a feeling it will be more hype than substance.

  28. Sounds like a big convoluted scam. New “Stock”? As tanks are actually just pixels, what new “Stock”.

  29. There isnt really much GAME in this game. Most people have the tech tree tanks they want. So its all about keeping it relevant with the hype and hopes of new tanks. You never get a days break from the grind and the “special” offers.

  30. I just don’t get it, we are all experiencing 15-0,1,2,3 games and yet WG are completely ignoring this aspect of the game and continuing to invent more ways to fleece us of our gold and credits. I know it won’t happen but we should all just boycott all these events until the basics of the game are improved.

    • people are too stupid and greedy. and being stupid and greedy is a very good thing for opposite business, you can just milk them till they drop and the stupid and greedy they will do everything not to drop so, basically, you can just milk them till the end of days. PS! it is not WG who is greedy here, it is us, that is why systems like this work, they are just abusing it as do all businesses all over the world. so yeah.

  31. This event is only for cave dwellers that dont have any job and play all day in order to get the good deals as always, the casuals who have a job and a life wont have the chance of getting something decent….

  32. Иван Средојевић

    Sell old modules and shells you don’t need, there is way too many of them in every garage. Also, premium and regular fire ext. if you don’t use it and gg.

  33. Do you think 30.6 k gold will be enough for t22 medium ? I can buy 20 kmore

    • Depends on if it is going to be purchased by bonds or golds or credits. It is hard to predict, I can imagine that it can also cost 50 000 000 credits or 20000 bonds. Hard to say. But if it is for golds then I think you are fine with 30k golds.

  34. Total War: Warhammer 3 preloaded already? Please Chair-General QB, make content with tips and stuff because it is already a complex game and I can’t think of many tactical decisions other than flanking in Total War games, learn us how to read the battlefield and all of strategic choices that are a little tricky to notice…

  35. If the previous auctions, etc are anything to go by I won’t have enough credits, gold, bonds, etc to buy anything like the best stuff. That said if anyone wants me to vote for a bundle reply below and I will if I can.

  36. QB, if you need credits go take a look at your emblems under ‘exterior’ and see which ones you can sell. I bet you have hundreds if not thousands of them that you’ll never use anyways and thus could sell for millions of credits, given how long you’ve already been playing WoT and how you most likely have never sold any of them. I know you could just sell your equipment, since you bought it at half price and therefore not lose credits, but 50% equipment sales are still really rare these days and so I’d rather hold onto what I got for half price instead of selling it again.

  37. Gamble approved by WG.
    They trying to milk money from dying game asap

  38. Fear of missing out + gambling percentage + fear of missing out. Wargaming getting real harsh

  39. Typical WG bullshit.

  40. I started grinding credits last week for the Black Market and now the release this. So after Under the hammer and now the Trading Caravan will we see even the BM or are the just trying to bleed us of all our gold and credits before we see the next event?

  41. I had a question on wot channel: this is the “new” black market? / they answered me: This looks like a military convoy, Black Market was and still something different ran by a separate group! – Dwigt

  42. This isn’t even an event, it’s just a tank sale. I can’t remember the last time there was a real even in wot, like a special game mode.

  43. Stock limitations for a digital good. I am glad I do not play this anymore. Will be fun to watch though

  44. Wargaming sells premium tanks because it needs money to create more premium tanks.

  45. The one thing I really want is that skin for the Borsig I dont care what it’s being sold for I’m going to buy it

  46. Kirovets-1 is from WOT Console.

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