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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Buffed Bond Store and Wars Tanks – M48A2 Räumpanzer, M46 Patton KR, T95E2, 59-Patton Buffed. World of Tanks Update 1.13+ Patch News.
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00:00 | Introduction
01:50 | M48A2 Räumpanzer
04:25 | M46 Patton KR
05:00 | T95E2
06:00 | 59-Patton
08:00 | Winners
09:40 | Conclusion

from: WG

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More premium tanks enter the supertest to be buffed, this time including many different versions of Patton. Also, announcing all the winners for the April’s giveaways. 😉

What do you think?

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– American M46 Patton
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  1. Dez my man!!!! Just recieved notification that I won and was gifted 5k gold from one of your giveaways. The notification went straight to my heart
    <3 and you really made my day
    You're such an awesome and generous guy! Thank you so very much and keep being awesome bud!!

  2. Norman Armslave

    for me when it comes to that patton bulldozer. having an experience using guns with 0.4 accuracy that can be improved further with skills and upgrades is good enough for me.

    the tumor in the turret can be dealth with map and terrain knowledge

  3. The SCHOVEL!!

  4. Can I win one time 💔😐

  5. Thanks for the info,, and the fun.

  6. T25 Pilot 1 crying in the corner right now.

  7. Personaly I prefer chieftain/T95 than T95E2 especially after buff of DPM and mobility

  8. Poor poor Matilda IV, which was my most played tank, needs a buff too. Can’t imagine just how underpowered the old girl must be these days, (since it was already starting to get underpowered 4+ years ago) and it makes me sad.

  9. even with this changes Räumpanzer is still a hard pass

  10. Man, the raumpanzer is such a sad tank. It’s a shame too, because it looks cool as hell.

  11. 59 patton is still trash after the buff

  12. Undercover Bush

    Finally my 59 patton gets some love <3

  13. Eta Jutub Czanel

    And here i thought that im gonna become angry because i bought stg instead of patton but the buff is like no buff XD

  14. they need to buff the children playing WOT and making it almost unplayable at the moment.. get the damn kids back to school – Europe … !! the Kung flu won’t hurt them !!

  15. thx Dez, received the notification and accepted off course :), hope to buy the prog46 in the next black market with it. Keep up the awesome content creation and info sharing. Love it. Greetings Duplo.

  16. RamPz absolutely needs mobility buff. It’s a M48 but it has a significantly weaker engine than the tech tree M48.

  17. 5:37 new equipment. The enhanced gun laying drive aiming boosting unit.

  18. Ram panzer is a worthless piece of shit excuse of a medium tank. It’s disgusting. I’ve literally NEVER seen one played on the NA server because it’s such an absolutely terrible tank.

  19. Ardeşîr Medan

    Still waiting Löwe buff and please dont say ” Löwe is good dont need buff ” it is huge and slow but armor only works mid to long range Engine is always broken with every shot received. Alpha is low for reload time & caliber of the gun.

    • Löwe is good dont need buff. Out of the “old school” t8 premiums – T34, IS-6, Lowe – is Lowe by far the best. Also Lowe was buffed a lot in the past. Gun accuracy is great and turret is also quite good. Problem is there are far better other tanks that would require nerf.

  20. Too bad they didnt fix their shit MM bias RNG bullshit.

  21. Ron’s mod reviews

    190 pen is not enough for a +2/-2 tier 8 medium. The rampanzer is still a turd

  22. Wilfred Stewart

    ALways good to hear your voice Dez, love your reviews/content! Keep up the great work!

  23. Daniel O'Connor

    Thanks Dez for the giveaways I am sure you made some F2Ps day 🙂

  24. _ Centurion_XIV

    My T95E2…
    Finaly, he gets a bit love…

    It was the reward for the first referal programm Dez…
    We’ll see what’ll happen to him

    • That’s the tank I was hoping to see in this. It’s pretty abysmal. Low alpha and bad gun handling is not a winning combo. Just ask the CDC. At least the CDC has decent pen, tho.

  25. The shovel buffed 😮

  26. *W H E R E C D C W G*

  27. T95E2 was an exclusive tank from old referral program, if they sell it for bounds i am going to be soo angry.

  28. Jaromir Szewczyk

    I think maybe the 72.01.k will be the next bonnshop vehicle

  29. **sigh** still no win from Dez giveaways; but it’s ok, the several-week-old news that the IS-5 is getting buffed is enough for me, even though I wish it got a few more tweaks, a little helps as well

  30. they might even give the panzer a really good meaningful role instead of selling a tank that is pointless

  31. will my beloved POS snowplowman tank actually be usable

  32. My stats are far too horrible to win anything other than getting a meat shield award…lol

  33. elia natalegawa

    sad 🙁 i wish i could win some gold just needed them to buy a tier 8 prem tank . i lost my IS 6 when my …….. brother selled it 😐 and since then i had welp no credits ……. but its fine il contest in another gold giveway dez! 😀

  34. WG knows only a 2 words : MONEY & BUFF

  35. William Mckinnon

    What about the defender? smh it is so weak

  36. I love the look of the raum but as you say the mobility is garbage. No change to that really sucks. Even the accuracy buff doesn’t help, other German mediums will still out shoot this tank through accuracy and penetration, not to mention that giant tumour of a secondary turret

  37. I really like the buff A mobility buff would also be very welcome. E2 was reward from the old invite-a-friend programm.

  38. m46 patton kr is not fun, i doubt it will ever be after thsi buff, its the most shittiest thing ever, they shouldve buffed the speed instead

  39. Ryokajimo Sensei

    Still waiting for the Patriot buff.

  40. M4 Rev buff please

  41. Sad AMX M4

  42. Buff the CDC!

  43. Mats G Andersson

    Why not buff T34?

  44. Professor Awesome

    Even with the Turbo Charger and the improved Oil, the M48 Rpz is still slower than my 277 or 44 100

  45. Thanks Dez my man

  46. I have the t95e2… I was waiting for a buff for yearsss goddamn

  47. Also, t95e2 need some more buffs

  48. i know löwe is not for bonds but it would be nice if it get the same buff as the tiger 2 like 360 alpha.

  49. All these tanks need to have the huge weakspot removed for a smaller one, something like the newer m48 turret or the tl-1lpc.

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