Trolled on the Dev Server – Type 74 & STB – War Thunder Gameplay

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Source: BaronVonGamez

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  1. recoiless rifle is not very recoiless =/

  2. I wish there was someone smarter to review these tanks…

  3. 007-goldeneye-N64 James Bond

    Barron you need to test out the low tier tanks like the 150mm and the
    reserve 57mm with APHE stop playing the high tier tanks for views play all
    of the tier 1 2 and 3 tanks then play all of the rest later ive been
    waiting 4 ever for you and Phly to play the low tier tanks!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. 007-goldeneye-N64 James Bond

    yeah and his game looks like shit for some reason

  5. 007-goldeneye-N64 James Bond

    barron if you dont play low tier soon i will unsub bro

  6. Japanese tanks are great!

  7. In April of 1951, there was a battle fought for control of the Hwachon(sp?)
    dam that is now in South Korea. At the time the Chinese communist army
    controlled the dam and UN forces took control of it as part of a
    stabilization of the lines that became today’s border.

  8. There’s a now Paris as a map

  9. Japan is the greatest counter against Russian tanks

  10. Baron!! You should definitely do a video on the new Japanese suspension,
    IT’S BEAST!!!

  11. baron the ontos has 6 barrels not 4

  12. T. Woo Official Channel


  13. most excited tank to play?… not the stb-1

  14. I think this is the border of china and nk. Because of the damm

  15. Uh Baron the Ontos has 6 guns, not 4…

  16. they r just ganna get fuck in the ass .


  18. So, no matter the game, the Test or Dev servers are always cancer.


  20. if they put the ontos in, i will be so damn happy, i asked them about it
    back right before the german AA patch

  21. Is thats Korea map modeled after the Chosin Resivor?

  22. You can fire one at a time, I think you need to set the keys.

  23. British tanks with shells that are fixed and not broken as they are now.

  24. baron plz play the t1 jap TD with the 150mm cannon

  25. I’d rather have French tanks the Japanese line feels dry with its low pen
    until about tier 4 and 5

  26. The only thing I’m excited for this patch is the IS-4 and t-54 mod. 47, 49,
    and 51 getting their models reworked

  27. Baron, it is supposed to be Chosin Resorvoir.

  28. perhaps this map is inspired by hwacheon dam

  29. So many weeaboos

  30. Baron what do you think is worse arty in WoT, or low graphics
    snipers/bullshit ricochets due to absence of actual spalling in War

  31. I want the ONTOS too!!!!!!!

  32. Anyone notice how for Japan’s tech tree, first comes Aviation, then Army,
    but in the actual game, its supposed to be Army, then Aviation? Why is

  33. yukari guy lol

  34. they already confermed ontos long time ago

  35. Disappointed in jap tanks. Not even Type 74 has stabillizers, has slow
    turning turret , not that impressive reload and weak armor. Type 60 to
    little ammo to be interesting.

  36. This tank is basically looks like a leopard 1 with some other design
    influences. Not very interesting in my opinion. High tier isn’t where the
    japanese tank flavor is, though the td is a bit interesting.

  37. yes that is a dam they sunk a city in the way of their building area so
    they could do it.history.

  38. Baron how many hours do you have Logged in WT?

  39. considering the type 74 is a 1974 tank it should be the best as it’s a far
    more modern design with the closest other tanks in game being about ten
    years away or even more (1960s). The famous leopard 2 was put into service
    only 5 years after the type 74.

  40. Battle of endor: rebel forces :30 thieves as ewok: 50 muskets as rebel
    trooper :1 samurai master for Luke : 1 M16 for LeiaImperial forces:50
    muskets as stormtroopers :2 chicken men as at-st: 1 chicken man man as

  41. FYI the Type 74 and STB-1 are kinda same since STB-1 is First Prototype of
    Type 74 and they both have lowrider aka hydropneumatic suspension.

  42. Japanese bias?

  43. ive been wanting the ontos for awhile now since they went beyond ww2. its
    the basis for robotech macross destroid tank designs from the early 80s
    thats how i found out about it.

  44. Aether taurtaus has a YouTube channel I’m subbed to him. Go check him out

  45. I love all the new maps

  46. 4min in and Don’t see the Trolled by server. That’s why people won’t be
    watching through the entire video, check your analytics.
    Looks like you are playing Kubra Dam.

  47. looks like they spent a lot of time and effort on these Japanese tanks.
    hopefully they balance out well in their given BR unlike what they did with
    Brit tanks!

  48. what do you expect Baron, KV-220 op piece of shit. it’s br better be nerfed
    to 5.7!

  49. 5:20 Wtf Gaijin :)

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