Trollin’ Ensk

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  1. PremiumBombardement


  2. No views 3 likes 😛

  3. Eoeeeeuuuhhhh! Eeaaahhheeeeghhh!

  4. 5:23 WTF?? Why not go for 3,000 DPM?? Man that is sooo cringe.

  5. Yeah you have that banced derp or 122mm machibe gun cannon

  6. Typical ISU-152, you just have to send a few political disidence (probably butchered that word) to the Gulag and you will make the thing work for you.

  7. @Circon do you think switching my t mod 1 for fv4202 or luberte good ?

  8. IDK why but I hated this tank. Was doing soo poorly in it..

  9. ELC EVEN 90, OBJ 705A, OBJECT 705, IS-M, OBJ 257, OBJ 268 4, OBJ 263, OBJ 430 and OBJ 430U
    All these new tanks but you still play the SU-152, ok.

  10. Ace tanker are you fucking kidding me. Every time you have a shit game you get an ace….

  11. Hey Guys, little question: they just released the Chinese TD’s for Console. Are they worth Grinding?

    • then it good they have amazing gun for tier and from tier VIII they like the ISU 152 line but with reliable armor

    • CheeZeArtZ - 100% Laktosefrei

      TheKincognito I am currently at the Tier 6 one, amd i loved the tier IV
      i didn’t line the Tier V, but i think i was just too stupid…
      The Tier VI is quite nice with the the top engine
      Tier VII should be standard
      the VIII simply suuuucks but then they are great 🙂

    • TheKincognito worthless pile of dog shit

    • Thanks. I guess i’ll give them a try

    • The worst spots are tier 5 (slow, big, no armor with just an okay gun) and tier 8 (slow, armor is not good enough). The rest have good gun and/or good armor/small, although they are nothing special in the end

  12. everything looks so easy when you play 😉

    • I don`t know. don`t have it. but sir Cir is fun to watch in all kind of stupid things 😉

    • That is true tho. But just a fact that you don’t do jackshit with 135mm AP pen in a tier 8-9 games, sure you can pen some mediums and lights but aiming to heavies weakspots that have more armour than you can pen, combined with 0.48 stock dispersion and 600m/s shell velocity is just stupid to even try lol. HEAT or HE and just aim center mass or lead 40 meters hoping for the best.

    • And who ever was whining about heat, seems like he deleted the comment and ran cuz why the fuck not

    • Because he only shows the games where everything went well. He’s monetizing positive game play.

    • Because all his episodes are hand-picked

  13. The end is beautiful x)

  14. New Video Poggers

  15. U 3 marked every tank so whats left to do 3 markthem with only firing HE that is sport of olympic proptions

  16. 750 alpha TD at tier VII is such a good meme ?

  17. That’s so dirty lmao. HEAT SU-152

  18. I guess you could say he “cirControlled” the battle Huh?

    Yeah yeah, I’m leaving…

  19. you missing that BL10 a bit?

  20. Bär mitderlangenScher

    I’m currently playing this thing as well. The meme potential is sky high, one shoting elc even 90s all day long 😀

  21. You sure jimmied the Scorpion G’s rustles

  22. holy jesus!! that was so epic

  23. SU-RNG.

    The one in ten games where you don’t get trolled by the gun and/or actually bounce something tease you just enough to keep playing it.

    • you mean Russian 152 RNG, the Greatest guns in game, but they’re fickle creatures that decide their own trolling target, it could be you, it could be the thing you’re aiming for, or something pissed Stalin off so greatly it would divert your shell to deal with that,

  24. This is almost dirty… no heck. Its totally dirty!!!

  25. German Engineering…. progammed by russians.

  26. Your in an SU-152 and you have to use Premium rounds!!!

  27. SU-100M1 sooo nice

    sehr sehr sehr geiler typ

  28. I would like to see him 3 mark the m56 scorpion the original scorpion

  29. I’m driving this piece of shit as well, should I mount the 122mm boomstick or the 152mm derp? I had both mounted but I still hate this tank

  30. You had my team against you
    3:02 “SU was just spotted there, I better drive my fat 40mm ass right in front of him and I got a good game again”

  31. Ah the good ol’ SU152 derp, love it, I think this is even better than KV2 😀

  32. Shot @ kv3 is proof that aiming reduces dpm

  33. you sir, are still a barbarian 😉

  34. U mean trollin’ t(ensk) ?

  35. Trolled_hard.son/rektSkorpG
    That is what a proper smiting looks like, goodness

  36. What did you really do to earn a master’s in this TD? You only made a couple of shots I don’t understand.

  37. finally an amy schumer movie that could be funny

  38. 1 in 10 games???? more like 1 in 1k for me at least…..

  39. I love this tank. Really troll with the derp gun.

  40. Derp can be So great at times 😀 I Love my KV-2 for it, 3 shots fired 2800 damage and High Caliber 😀 just KV-2 things

  41. Thought the Skorp shot was awesome then the ram kill at the end topped it.

  42. SU-152 is a glorious meme-machine.

  43. SU-152 was one of the most fun grinds I had in the game. Or well one of the most fun TD grinds at least. So worth it just for that 1 in 10 games. Also blowing up KV-2s is so much fun, they get so angry when they meet a bigger DERP.

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