Trolling the Enemy as the Annoying Light Tank! – World of Tanks

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Source: LemmingRush


  1. Hey yeah man thanks for the info

  2. Good luck on No Nut November !!

  3. This is exactly what I needed ! Thx lemming rush !!! <3

  4. I don’t like light tanks.

  5. Any chance you could make a t9 object 705 video with the 122 an the 130mm?

  6. I been watching the madness of “Bo time Gameing” Pissing myself with sillyness laughter and their team play and rapid fire & killing one-shot – all on low teir fun…

  7. RUSH – kool no joke – ur here – now , do you sleep ; )

  8. How come you don’t have a damage blocked indicator?

    • I think he said before that he finds it annoying to have too much things on the screen. You can turn it off in the settings if you want

  9. good fight lem i liked it very much ; )

  10. Seeing the title…hoped it was Lemming in the ELC Even 🙂

  11. I guess you were just camping too much lemming XD

  12. Clickbait is real. You seem to be struggling for new content. I hope things improve for you.

    • KennyRGB Assloadofjello

      Leechtime i have no idea what you’re talking about. The title is annoying enemies with light tank, the video is him annoying enemies with a light tank. Idiot.

  13. Annoying, definitely. Half the time they can’t kill you in your heavy, but you become arty bait and die a slow, painful arty death thanks to this annoying roach of a tank

    also applies to the elc even 90 fuck that thing sometimes lol

  14. RIP the 59-19 autoloader. The game just isn’t the same without it. Fun times.

  15. No Fap Cam??? I was expecting Sexy Unicum Halloween Fap Cam

  16. When this tank had the troll auto loader it was soooo fun. Even though you couldn’t pen anything frontally once you did pull along side a Japanese heavy or some thing huge like a Ferd you could be sooooo annoying

  17. Luís Augusto Panadés

    Like ever super well explained and reasonable.

  18. That really was pretty good. Fun to watch must’ve been fun to play….I miss this

  19. 59-16 is soo cute :p
    do you recomend do this, or try with all lights? if in the same situation? i’m new with lights, soo i don’t know much, i do have a type64, and i’m going to try take 2 marks on him.
    after i think i’m gonna grind the chinese light… soo if you have tips <3

  20. Try the amx 13 57.

  21. lIghT tANks ArE OnLY f0r ScoUTinggggg, FUKIN NOBBBBB /s

  22. if ya wanna be annoying, play SPG

  23. Haha it was my 2nd tier 6 I played like 280 games in it. Now I have hype 64 so I sold 59 but it’s solid tank

  24. 1:10 Stop camping Lemming!

  25. This is just a bad Type 64. They took away the gun that let it do SOMETHING better than the Type 64, so now with the generic ass gun you’re just playing a nerfed version of a premium tank.

    • A fish with incredibly long legs

      Pretty much, but if someone doesn’t want to buy a type 64, they can play this, maybe even bring it to skirmishes. That’s my situation but with the t 34-85, I don’t really want to buy the M or the rudy, but the tech tree version is one of my favourite tanks, and i can easily outperform both of the premium version in pubs and in skirmishes as well.

    • That’s because all tier 6 LT were nerfed in 9.18, while type 64 remained untouched because it’s a premium tank. And btw that autoloader was very weak. 57mm gun was better.

    • +Vincent I 3-marked the 59-16 with the autoloader in old scout matchmaking. Maybe you didn’t like it, but I only kept the 59-16 in my garage because it gave me a different experience playing WoT than any other tank I had. When they took away the autoloader it became a generic tank with no advantages over the Type 64, so I sold it.

    • +vvav I love 59-16 too and even now I still keep it in my garage. But I preferred to play with 57mm gun. Autoloader had very bad pen (around 85 standard and 130 gold as i remember). Btw it’s awesome you 3 marked it with autoloader!

  26. amazing content as per usual! gg from Shropshire, England!

  27. Lol annoying?

    What more annoying than get nuke in your batchat by a T49 derp that have high chance to cause fire especially coffe batchat

  28. I’m surprised that you don’t use optics or binoculars on 59-16. Why? View range is so important when you’re in a light tank.


  30. You play without shadows and post processing?

  31. See u tried to camp and bummmm SPG hits you. l2p 🙂

  32. Brilliantly played. Love it when you laugh rather than rant when arty,d as you predicted.

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