Trouble in Paris – T92

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  1. whats the mod he uses for tracking marks of excellence?

  2. that alfa dmg lol

  3. I actually prefer the even 90 to this. If only it had a 20 second reload and more horsepower it would be my overall favourite light tank.

  4. “Only 5% of shots is gold” AXAXAXAXA DAA DAT STAT IZ BOLSHOI GUD – Drunk WG (not hating for gold spam, just hating the system)

    • Well, if you quote all the tier 1-3 machine gun spammers, most of whom don’t even know what gold ammo is, so it looks like it could still check out. I mean, you’re often firing a few hundred shots per match, a lot more than the gold spammed tier 6-10. Meaning that the low tiers really scew the results towards less gold % shot globally

  5. Like for the 2 mkre hand that appeared

  6. yah youre right circon, rng shouldnt apply to you a UNICUM

  7. Circon finally getting same rng as normal players… blames the game…

  8. Bas van den Boogaard

    What is that mod where you can see how many dmg for marks ?

  9. Lol wtf was this game ?

  10. This is the usual stuff I get paired with…all the time. And there is so few games one can carry…

  11. Maximus Geitzenauer

    my brain is melting


  13. circon been shooting so much the barrel is rusty on the outside 🙂
    maybe worn on the inside too ???

    also read “trouble in pairs” not paris 🙂

  14. 1:20 Thank you Circon for the honest laugh. 😀

  15. When the short 88 found on tier 6 tanks is more reliable than the 76mm on your tier 7….

    • Short 88 may have less pen than those tier 7 76mm, I always find it to be more reliable because of the higher damage. The low pen makes you more careful about your aim rather than just spam the gold.

  16. don’t ever play console version circon, you would flip your shit with how inaccurate all the tanks are lol

  17. The lower the number, the worse the accuracy.

  18. How’s your back?

  19. 3:56 wow he is playing without hands

  20. See, Paris is gud map for light tanks, da

  21. For all the bitching about your team you are the one who team shot that ISU.

  22. 4:55 Nani the fuck his hands

  23. Were those hands the hands of a man or a woman?

  24. Christiaan Carstens

    I would like to know what kind of keyboards some people use, if you look at what they are doing they must surely be drooling all over their keyboards.

  25. I love how the guy who has every personal mission completed with honors in a top tier 3-5-7 matchup finishes bottom on damage and xp *that’s not how it’s supposed to work*

  26. That was just fucked up

  27. WTF?????????

  28. World of Random Number Generation: Ep. 2

  29. I’ve spotted the problem, Circon – you weren’t playing a Russian tank 😉

  30. I hate paris map.

  31. Your accuracy every game is amazing.

  32. i have game like this every match only i have 0 skillz and shit teams. and he complained for one match ???

  33. Cricon, it’s not yoy or the Paris map. Wargamimg has absolutely screwed light tank spotting. More times than I can count, I’ve had tanks disappear right before my eyes not more than 100 meters away. Constantly, now, I’m having medium and heavy tanks out spot my 13 90 when I’m all camoed up, haven’t moved, or fired. It’s absolute horseshit.

  34. I have complained for years about the stupid spotting in this game and in this replay, you can see why. Tank right there and *poof* disappears in the open… so stupid.

  35. Does a head and beard massage help destress?

  36. “I’ve been shooting my left testical off” ….. so that’s that those hands are doing ;D

  37. Getting sweaty hands in that game ?? Your T29 has been wasting so much time in the back. You actually made a pretty good profit there…. After spending all of your prem ammo on that KV4

  38. after watching this my brain is mellllllllltttttted
    dsfsd didi gogoke gkrgr!

  39. Lmaooo so he spammed 121k worth of gold and with a premium account and boosters was able to turn a 90k profit. And this game isn’t pay to win… no offense to Circon, of course. There is zero debate about anything Circon doing being all skill. You’ll notice with Circon that if there’s any chance he can snipe weakspots he prefers to do that over using premium.

  40. Still made a ~1k profit even with out boosters XD

  41. Have you really not noticed that spotting mechanics has been totally broken for a long time ?

  42. suddenly tap 2 key and everything goes where you aim for…WG what have you done

  43. Games on the Australian and Asia server’s are like this all the time across every tier. Your lucky if you have 3 players carry across both teams

  44. I can’t remember ever being top tier in my T-92. I’m really wracking my brain to try to remember if that’s ever happened. I’m sure it has but it must have been such a lousy experience that I immediately forgot about it.

  45. This thing really need an auto loader

  46. Typical human. Hits the tiny 12t from 500 meters, through a fountain, on the move and then complains about the gun performance. Hahahaha!!!

  47. My brain was actually melting while watching that gun “working”, luckily my other two hands summoned and gave me forehead massage as well. Sometimes, our beloved wives are the only ones standing between WoT and our mental health …

  48. As a wise man once said: never worried :^)

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