Trouble Maker – T-34-1 – World of Tanks

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Source: Circonflexes

Causing some troubles for myself and the enemy team in the -1 !


  1. First! Epic replay Circon!

  2. Thanks for your support, <3

  3. Ah yes. This tank. I moved off of it extremely quick while surprisingly hitting most shots with its god awful gun

  4. Can we just talk about the elf that circled circon but diddnt fire a shot

  5. I loved this tank, way better than the tier 8, now that p.o.s. was a pain.

  6. I have almost all the tier 9 Russian tanks and yet not a single Chinese tank .

    • not worth it anymore back in the day they were worth it in like 2015

    • @Silver Torpedo now it’s all about Russia hulldown tanks with RNG

    • @Brian Karanja the T-34-1 is pretty fun though

    • @Brian karanja yeah russian have the same acc but better soft stats on all tanks and more durable modules inside the tank and they buffed russian armor in the past and they didn’t with WZ-120 didn’t get the same turret armor buffs as the T-54 i remember WZ-120 were my favourite tier 9 because of that 440 alpha damage gun it had but now an obj 430 has better armor and slightly less alpha of 390

      @Matt Green yeah it is one of my 3rd marked vehicles because it is low profile with a good turret and the gun is derpy but packs a punch of 250 alpha thats quite good for tier 7

  7. You seem to forget you get 2 sets of teeth. Your baby and your adult sets.

    • Shinyone Incarnate

      I once was in a music store, & in came a regular customer. The salesmen called him by name, & gathered around. He was tall, thin & had long straight red hair, ( like Axel Rose’s, if Axel’s hair was as red, as it is blond). He said: “Look at this.” As he held his mouth open to show his teeth, upper & lower. He had not only all his teeth in perfect condition, but two perfectly arched sets, one behind the other, top & bottom. Reminded me of a sharks mouth in the row setup, one behind the other.


    • Shinyone Incarnate were they baby teeth?

    • @LeadFaun
      No, two full sets of adult teeth.

    • @LeadFaun No, 2 sets of adult teeth.

  8. i like this tank …i have fun with it …

  9. well , technicaly you get 2 sets of teeth ,

  10. I love this tank and cannot be arsed to move up to the 34-2 and I just rotate the crew into the 34-3 for the daily double. It is the first ‘round top’ medium I played as I got to it before the T54 – the reload is slow but you just need to be patient. Enjoy!

  11. Damn… Saw that game on stream already… Guess i’ll watch it again

  12. “i bounced off a skoda”
    i remember when circon was playing the skoda and bouncing any number of shots lol

  13. Funny seeing this tank again, i remember when this was my favorite…. good times
    sadly it’s now so powercreeped i can’t even bring myself to dailies in the tier 8 counterpart…

    • same :'(

    • Åłëxãńdęr Łéûńg

      wait till you see the tier 9 WZ-120… That thing still has the rediculously exp-heavy 2nd gun that’s barely better than what you’re using on the already underwhelming tier 8 tank. You still have to grind it tho, since it’s the only way to then research the second turret and finally mount the gun on the tier 8 heavy.

  14. You actually get two sets of teeth :))

  15. This tank is a true hidden gem – fully upgraded and top tier, you can treat it like a heavy and just face-hug everything to death. Not to mention they’re so uncommon that most everyone is shocked your turret is so bouncy.

  16. Good morning from Australia Circ, excellent work mate!

  17. where do you live in Norway?

  18. Not taking advantage of the 3 – 5 – 7 at all….nope not one bit! =P

  19. Circon, making useless tanks useful since forever

  20. This gun also cannot aim at all. The circle is cosmic sized somewhere between Jupiter and the sun.

  21. “Completely standard game”

  22. AnTrAxX Slingshots

    See? Best example why +-2 MM is a Must…ppl like you would end up with 85%+ WR 😀

  23. #The gunslinger of Norway..never-mind the curtains…

  24. Waar woon je in nederland?

  25. this tank was a good 3 mark for me at least. quite fun

  26. Well actually really liked playing the t-34-1 and even the t-34-2 back in the day when i didnt know about dpm lmao. think theres so much need budding these guys… would really love playing them again and would be nice to see them becoming some kind of special (in a good and interesting way) again

  27. Circon subs on is a joke! We need more subs!

  28. I liked this tank back then. Yes it does not have any dpm whatsoever and takes ages to aim, but it’s really smol, stealthy, and packs quite a punch. The reload time is ideal for you to play peek a boo, either using camo or turret armor. In the case of emergency, you could just hug enemies sideways and laugh when they shot your turret or empty air.

  29. All this needed was premium ammo spam and 6 shitbag arties to showcase everything that wrong with WoT

  30. Gotta love you man. I wish all the best. Keep up with God’s work in the tank field!

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