True Beasts T110E3 vs T110E4 | World of Tanks T110E3 & T110E4 Gameplay

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World of Tanks T110E4 vs T110E3 – American Assault Destroyer Showdown. World of Tanks T110E3, Tier 10 American Tank Destroyer Gameplay. World of Tanks T110E4, Tier 10 American Tank Destroyer Gameplay. World of Tanks Epic Battles and Epic Replays.

00:00 Introduction
01:00 T110E3 Setup
02:07 Announcement
04:00 T110E3 Awesome Live Battle
12:00 T110E3 Battle Conclusion
13:14 T110E4 Setup
14:07 T110E4 First Live Battle
18:04 Second E4 Setup
18:30 T110E4 Second Live Battle
22:15 Conclusion

This one quite an exciting episode for me, featuring 2 ultimate American tank destroyers T110E3 and T110E4. People always ask which tank destroyer should they pick first, but here’s the thing… They both really good. For me personally tho, there is a favorite! 😛

What do you think?


  1. Oh yea…First!

  2. Second-Third.
    I Hate and like E3s

  3. Second comment heheh

  4. That’s an interesting phone ad

  5. Considering the e3 is just a bonus after the t95 its the only one I’ll bother getting

  6. I honestly enjoyed making this video A LOT.. Maybe I should play more with those American Beasts!
    What do you want to see me playing with next?

  7. Wesley Méndez Morataya

    one question: When you are gonig to do the grile 5 heavy video?

  8. can i play WOT on that phone? 😛 not that crappy Blitz version tho.

  9. I think E3 is broken tank. In this meta where hulldown is everywhere. Can’t be penned.

    • The meta is also mobility. Well…

    • Yeah but its boring as fuck to play 10 games straight, and hull down is not the meta, its mostly heaviums, good combinatiin of mobility and armour the meta tanks is the chieftain, kranvagn, obj 277, wz 111 5a, obj 268 v4 and the new HT vz 55, the thing is these tanks are not op in the hands of new players but to veteran players they will perform better in those tanks than tanks like e3, while e3 all people can paerform in it well as long as you can hide your lower plate, in short in tanks like e3 the capabilities of veteran players is capped unlike in heavium veteran players can greatly make use of it.

    • Oww theres 1 exception to the heavium meta the obj 279e that tank is slow but the problem with it is there is knowhere to pen it frontaly its like e3 with turret

  10. Thanks for another great and informative video. I really appreciate seeing your equipment and field modifications loadout. A big help for many of us trying to navigate our way through this change. Still love the turreted TD and their flexibility. Take care and stay safe.

  11. Honestly the E3 is brilliant for people who likes to be upfront and in peoples face, theres nothing better to brawl with a turning enhanced E3 , its hilarious .


    • I use a turbo, rotation device and additional grousers – its so much fun when they try to flank me, then get confused at how they cannot actually get behind my tank lol

    • @MBbpg Hun yeeep nothings better than being able to turn so fast that you outturn mediums and can just bully them because what are they gonna do fight you from the front lmao ..

  12. Day 60 still waiting for meme review 🙃

  13. i never have any issue fighting E4s, but E3 can be such a pain in the ass

  14. yup e3 just a good brutal flank pusher e4 more a heavy tank with bad armor and hard hitting gun

  15. E4 is beast?No way….
    E3 is clear winner!!!!

  16. “E3 is the ultimate tank destroyer”

  17. On paper I’d like the e3 or jagdpanzer e100 but their mobility is so bad it kills any damage out put. But it was 3 years ago no turbo and buffed equipment. E4 was just a big heavy tank that always performed

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