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  1. When you finally make it into one of phlys videos, but it is you getting killed in the first second

  2. lmao there’s a presets called brrrrttt lmaaaoo

  3. T95 or T28 according to wikipedia its T28 after last name change?

  4. Best thing about those shots that get you from the side like that atgm did is the skirt is 4″ thick… It’s backed up by a 2″ thick plate between the two sets of tracks… Then there’s the 3″ of armor on the side of the crew compartment. Lol. I had one guy shoot me once and the entire heatfs round went through the skirt intact, and didn’t detonate until it got to the crew compartment.

  5. CanadianLumberJack

    kv220 at a up tir seems to work to

  6. i had 3K SP in 2a6 xd me and random guy were 2 v maybe 10? xd and we won so that is how to farm too xd

  7. didn’t know Germans used Lamborghinis

  8. HolyDemon: Lord of Twats

    Hey, if possible, can you play the Black Prince? It’s due time that it gets some love and it’s really good at 6.0. attempt #2

  9. You shot a friendly enemy 24:00 He was waving with turret.. You became the ‘who we are playing with” leopard1 at 22:00 … 😉

  10. I think you meant: “Saying something is watertight, but in fact is waterproof.”

    When you try to shop for rainclothing you have been warned!

  11. uhh phly the description has the wrong title…

  12. any smart person can 1 shot kill t95 when shot in comander hatch
    and there is lo of stuff at 7,0 that can pen t95 front armor
    its dumb

  13. Surely if you want to get a nuke you need to put a full lineup on. If yorue like 2600 but have run out cos youve only got 2 T95’s its gg

  14. I got to 2996 SP a few days ago in the leopard 2 but ran out of ammo and the match was already basically over

  15. is war thunder fun?

  16. The thumbnail keeps me awake at night

  17. “New players” if your BR is 7.0 you’re not new, youve been playing since the ice age

  18. “oh look he got the Tigor” proceeds to execute him

  19. You are so funny, thanks for the videos !!! Cheer up !!! Hi from Belarus!!!=)

  20. PHLYYYYYY, I got a nuke, it’s fricken awesome hahahahahahahaha

  21. Phly, absolutely love your videos, could you do a video on the spitfire mk 24? I’m working my way down the tech tree, at the mk 9 at 4.3 right now, and want to see what I’m going towards. The least video you made of it was quite a few years ago. Thank you so much for these daily videos of entertainment in an otherwise bleak situation.

  22. First couple of minutes
    Plhy just sitting there and annoying the maus

  23. I feel like people really underestimate hills in games. They are way steeper than they look.

  24. Man keep playing this vehicle forever i wont get bored

  25. Did i see they reduced the nuke to 2500 form 3000? GENIUS idea btw….👍🤣

  26. day 6: play the IKV 91 105 and the swedish leopards with the new HE-VT

  27. honestly the Maus needs to be 7.0

  28. positive review?? for WT team?? no, they are suckers

  29. play is4m for the frist after 3 year ago

  30. hahahaha,this is so funny

  31. A Centauro a Centauro A CENTWHORO

  32. I’m in aviation Sweden I usually get ten kills but recently I have only been getting 2. any suggestions?

  33. I just started using this for 9.7-10.0 and works like a charm

  34. The t95vis like drax stay so incredibly still no one can see you

  35. Why does he sound drunk in this one?

  36. Are you getting a new house because on bennys stream you said “it’s almost a cottage” after you sent him something on discord.

  37. your frendly neigborhood Seal

    im gonna comment every day on phly daily vid untill i can play one game of war thunder with him (day 2)

  38. The most points i got was around 1,8k ish SP with the Leo2PL on 10,7

  39. Ⱁⱀⰰ ⰼⰵⰴⱀⰰ Ⱆⱄⱅⰰⱎⰰ

    Honestly i hate how cursed some of the thumbnails are


  41. How do you get so Mitch reacertch points whene you kill some one

  42. masocist daddy

  43. try t25

  44. Stop giving gaijin ideas

  45. I just watch the first 30 seconds of ur videos then turn it off lol

  46. Help me gravity!!!

  47. Heavy tanks are the defanition of humble

  48. I got to 2200 SP with the rooikat, then like 8 planes kamikaze bombed me

  49. Try e100 again? Maybe you’d have better luck bouncing with it 🤷‍♂️

  50. Phly try to get nuke in the b1 ter or matilda if that’s possible

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