Trying to do a Heavy Mission in my Kv1!

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Source: LemmingRush

Im super excited to announce that lemmingrush merch is now available 🙂 I tried to make everything as wearable as possible so if you a sweater or something out!


  1. Was I first?

  2. HEY HEY HEY it’s Lemming Crush – great to see you Old Man ; b

  3. When tier 4s and 5s are more salty than 8 9 and 10s

  4. Sitting on a chair

    im willing to bet money that LemmingRush will 3 mark the IS-4 stock

  5. I've got a bone to pick with you!

    Its 2 am

  6. Nice new channel icon.

  7. Hey @Lemmingrush , huge fan like no seriously, your breakdown of games really helped me excel in my gameplay but I was wondering, what do u think of Taugrim’s gameplay? I mean your both extremely good at the game, but have such drastic playstyles so i would like to know what u think of his playstyle. Also do u think u can put the links to the mods u use for the game in the description? Thanks

  8. Hiiiii lemming rush!!! How has ur day been?? Love ur videos!!!!

  9. NKVD Comrade Orion

    Bro equip KV-1 with 57mm and a shit ton of APC for nuclear-like destruction lol

  10. 2:00 Lemming got outplayed by low tier pro player

  11. The face at 2:13

  12. Vinh Quang Hoang

    I love the fact that you trashtalk the 25tp at the start and then got rekt by him 😀

  13. What are people thoughts on the T-62A vs. Obj. 140?

  14. What is he doing…What is he doing ..Hes playing weirdly…what is he doing…………Hes killing you!!!…

  15. I did all HT missions for the T28 Concept all in my IS

    And all my TD missions with M36 Jackson

    • I’m sorry what? In your IS? I despise the IS because the turret is made of paper.. The gun alpha is good tho 😀 no flame, I’m just surprised 🙂

    • @TheWlarc well most of the mission is doing dmg, which IS play great, i mostly play peak a boo and……sniping, yes you heard it, the thing is more accurate than fucking Panther

      The most block mission i got lucky bounce tier 9

      I kinda hate slow heavy armour tank so IS-7 and T110E5 line is perfect for me

  16. reminds me of doing HT-15 with Honors in my stock Black Prince, rofl

  17. Wait till u get to Heavy 15 mission for Stug IV 😀 I’m struggling with it for about a month, first with KV1S, now with KV85 😀

  18. Hey man I really enjoy your content.. I play wot on console, but definitely like to watch your uploads entertaining.. Any merchandise in tee shirts??

  19. hey lemming, why dont you play with the derp gun

  20. Magister R'yleth

    Whacking out 1000 damage in the KV-1 isn’t hard. Roll forward, put your faith in Stalin, and land 10 shots. I love that tank, no brain required.

    • Use 122mm Stalin approved gun

    • Magister R'yleth

      @My Hentai Girl I prefer the 122mm on the KV-1S. Looks better, works better on the faster tank. The brute force of the 85mm is how I prefer my KV-1.

    • @Magister R’yleth Yeah

      I despite the thing however, like why make you go through 1 extra tank on the grind?

    • Magister R'yleth

      @My Hentai Girl Because there was once a tier 6 called the KV-1s, and it was god. In the game, the KV-85 replaced it, and the T5 KV-1s was added. It does make sense in my opinion. The KV-1s is a big design departure from the KV-1. The KV-85 is a big leap from the KV-1s. The KV-85 doesn’t work for tier 7, not with the existence of the IS, which was also important. If WoT was like WoWs, and you researched different hulls, it could be compressed. But honestly, I’m not too mad. I love the KV-1s even more than the KV-1, and it’s only a tier 5 anyway. Try going from KV-13 to IS, that’s much worse. (Though I like KV-13 too. It’s weird, rare, and actually pretty decent for a tier 7 medium, most of which are complete trash)

  21. Why not turn on the shot logs to see if people are shooting gold or not? Its in the base game now…

  22. Kristaps Velikanovs

    Give us more vidoes like this! A lot of fun to watch how u are failing the mission 😀

  23. (12:38) Phil would be proud

  24. 2:01 * (:o) *

  25. Namegoeshere Orhere

    Play it with the 57mm and hope there’s not a lot of heavies, that machine gun is a monster.

  26. “enemy 267″… looking at tank list… which one is that? 😀

  27. Watching your reaction after the 25TP killed you was sooooo funny!

  28. More heavy tank content please!

  29. Elek Lenard Šebešćan

    bruh only ht15 was hard with kv1 for stug iv. othere were easy like biscuit

  30. U sure did got confused in the first match.

  31. This thing .. is windmill?

  32. Dude, you need to remove the ‘!’ from your merc link! It does not work otherwise !!!

  33. 3 mark the kv1 with the 57mm

  34. Where tf is lana

  35. Just get kv2 and do 3 non pen shots 😉

  36. You sir are using the wrong gun. Use the derp for max gulag.

  37. Should carry few HEs. Good pen and OP dmg.

  38. there’s a 122 for a REASON you know

  39. Checks the date of the video… 2019 and Lemming is just NOW getting a KV?
    Guess he didn’t believe when someone said there is Russian Bias in this game… wait til he get the KV 2 with the only gun it will ever need. Will he shoot AP out of it?
    Considering he _just now_ got the KV then yeah probably he’ll be spamming 152mm AP

  40. seeing lemming with our problems is so fucking satisfying, im sorry man.

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