TRYING TO GET 50% WINS in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today in World Tanks I’m trying to help Capgerwin get 50% wins overall in their E 100 Jagdpanzer; but who said it was going to be easy?


World Tanks is a Free 2 Play game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. THIS 261 IS DEFINITELY CAME FROM CHINESE SERVER!!(meme by chinese player)

  2. wow how annoying when you have to refer to the death star as the fv215b 183 its safe to say you really dont have to read out the whole name of that tank lol

  3. 1:25 wow He has the same win rate as me rn.

  4. Grille 15 is an example player that has no awareness of the damn chat… or game.

  5. You should create a Quickybaby Clips channel where you upload your live reactions from when you were playing games like these! I want to see how excited you were in moments like these but I don’t want to spend a ton of time searching for the correct twitch vod that this game was from then still need to scrub through it to try to find this exact moment.

  6. I don’t need to make an 18 minute video on how to get 50% wins. Its simple: every round you fire should be gold. Team up and use voice coms every match, and throw as much real cash at the game as it take to improve your odds of getting better teams in the matchmaker.

    • Test_name Test_surname

      ok I will add one more : pay for premium time but play only one game a day in a premium tank – all wins.

  7. Love it qb

  8. 261 and batchat 155 is best for this kind

  9. ok, so nothing new under the sun. German TD’s suck, Russian biased arty shotgun Rigged RNG works…

  10. I think he featured nielsen before

  11. QB, thanks for showing the good side of the players of this game. Too often the complaints in chat and on the forums are about toxicity and ability. You do so much to so the better side of this game. Good for you and thanks for caring.

  12. 6:53 the fv *inhales deeply* t w o o n e f i v e b o n e e i g h t t h r e e

  13. All of these arty clutches happened AFTER the nerfs, it’s insane

  14. WOWOWOWOWOWOWOW!!!! Just Amazing!!!

  15. Yuro is the BEST!

    What a heartbreak… I feel bad for that 60TP. If that 60TP won the round, he will probably show that replay to QuackyBaby or Lacho WoT Replays…

  16. cap GERwin

  17. Softeis Verbieger

    How can a grown up men fall back to close Baby station just because of a game which sucks anyway because it is just based on RNG, WG Matchmaking and the intelligence of your team. You always get placed in a boat and sent out to the Ozean… Sometimes with 10 holes in it and no paddle at all. You just doomed to loose and sink no matter whatever you do 🤷‍♂️

  18. If you have to get carried to 50% wins in a tank I’m not sure you deserve 50% wins

  19. Voldemort actually interacting with his community ? Is the world going to end ?

  20. HAHAHAHA Here is one of the best advertising producers for WoT the new internet kindergarten

  21. This was amazing to watch on Twitch 😭

  22. I still believe the most expensive Tank to play with Gold Ammunition only would be the T92.

  23. i got my most kills ever in the Jagdpanzer E100, it was like 7 kills and 8k damage lmao

  24. This was wholesome af. GJ QB .

  25. Make sure to like all of Neilsen’s songs

  26. Obj 261 accuracy man… the best for a jeff

  27. I use to have 50% WR on my free to play account, but then dropped to 39% after using Somua SAu40. What a crap tank.

  28. Bruh that grille Player……

  29. What a game

  30. My 2nd fav td.

  31. A garbage pay to win.

  32. Brandon Baltzegar

    These are the games that keep me playing the game. Dill bags like the grille want me to quit tho😂😂😂

  33. Just continue like this pls. this kind of battles we want to see 🙂 🙂 tnx

  34. This was exilerating , cheers

  35. Clearly,Grille is the hero here.

  36. I enjoyed this one 😀

  37. Russian SPG bias

  38. Hilarious watching it live…. chat was going mental – was an outstanding stream! 🙂

  39. Love the narrative!

  40. great game

  41. Remember watching this on stream, so much fun!

  42. They keep nerfing arty but we still win games.

  43. damn. a thrilling match!!!!!!

  44. Your last few videos are just crap

  45. Yesterday just one shoot tier 10 amx 13 105 with HE, 1.4k dmg. Most likely I’ll load 1st shell with HE cause always will encounter those LT(rat) 1st once battle start 🤭

  46. Noob grille

  47. So, what about the poor guy the replay was all about? 50% remember?

  48. proving its pay to win

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