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Source: QuickyBaby

The American starts soon in World of Tanks with the prospect of a “free” TS-5. But just how long will take you? I’ve worked it out…


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-7 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. QB Do the TS-5 marathon on your F2P account!

  2. ‘MURICA TANK! Honey bring me the Sweet tea and Apple pie, i’ve got a marathon to beat!

  3. I don’t play American tanks, but I would try this just for the free tank… If my college didn’t just recently block the WoT server…

  4. I don’t want a TS-5, I want an IS-5!!!!

  5. oh gooddd this is gonna be a hell of a grind for me as a f2p and having school on mon-fri, having onlu up to 16hrs to play on the weekend. this is reaally hard for me

  6. Kevin Wang

    Where you at????

  7. The EBR challenge was 14 days not 10 like this one. Something I think seems to be forgotten.

  8. Let me just say this… I AM GRINDING THIS ON FRIDAY AND SATURDAY NIGHT FOR AT LEAST 7 HOURS A DAY ON THE FRIDAY AND SATURDAY. So I am determined to get this as my FIRST permanent tier 8 premium tank.

  9. New tier 8 premium: *exists*

    Wargaming: *It’s free real estate*

  10. Ed Arandia Dela Cruz

    How long can QB do it on SEA server

  11. TheUnconventionalDeal

    I play for about an hour a week because I have a job, a family and a life. How long will it take me to get to the tank? ?

  12. Got a thermo exam next friday to study for and to be honest, that’s more exciting than the idea of working to get this tank for free

  13. Doesn’t this marathon interfere with the frontline season?

  14. Even if you only do half of the missions, I guess it’s still a good deal.

  15. Patrick Thériault

    No need for kevin Wang I chalenge you to do it again on your free to play account and prove us this is realy the easiest chalenge XD

  16. Łukasz Garstecki

    There is no point to try it…

  17. New tier 8 premium for your plays4free account, I heard? #kevinwang

  18. Kevin where are you?

  19. or, right, or you take the credits etc that you get up to?

  20. Good stuff mate. I am not going to… I just play

  21. Louis van Basten Batenburg

    Awesome that you help us predict how long it will take us QB, but maybe you could extend the time per base xp sheet just a little further? I think I’m about an avarage player with a monthly wn8 of 2500 so thats really nothing special. Regardless I get almost 900 base xp on avarage. So I think it would be beneficial for a lot of players if you extended it just that little bit further.

  22. Namegoeshere Orhere

    The EBR came with a zero skill B IA crew as well, it’s the only reason I bought it with my 80% discount since there’s no way to get French BIA crews outside the womenz.

  23. Can’t wait for the £50 bundle

  24. Do it on ur free account

  25. On my account i only finished one marathon and that was for caernarvon action x get it for free i was in no lifer mode but i did it because i like the standard carnarvon. And im never gonna play marathons ever and this tank is kind of e3 play style that i hate.

  26. I’m doing it

  27. I like the Marathons but there’s no way I would ever grind a 100% discount. Good luck to all you crazy people who do.

  28. Kevin wang we need you!!

  29. Get this tank with your PlaysforFree account. 😉

  30. This is why I’ve just resorted to buy the tank from the marathon if I want it, spending those XX hours working will give you more then enough money to just buy the thing and keep a lot on spare.

    Just a matter of economics.

  31. Goddamnit Wargaming. Of Course you release the damn Mission Marathon at the end of my Spring break. Sigh* Looks like I’ll never have the time to complete a Mission Marathon.

  32. it’s for people who don’t have job and family?

  33. What if you spend that time studying forsake something?! Don’t sell your time so cheaply! 😉

  34. Gabriel Alexander

    GUYS kevin wang is here just SCROLL AND LIKE ASAP

  35. it’s time for play, but you don’t count waiting for match, and time between match… I think it be more then 25% more time per day… It’s like second job, hard work…

  36. Don’t do this on your f2p account

  37. There should be a “test drive” option(a code/coupon for 2 hours maybe) to see if you want to grind it or not.

  38. How to get it in 15 hours:

    1: play like 50 games. Get a 30% discount. 5 hrs.
    2: find a one-time 8-hour job. 2 hrs.
    3: do the job, get your money (like 40 euro, depends on country) and get out. 8 hrs
    4: buy tank with discount for about 25 euro.
    5: enjoy a week with a new prem tank and 15 euro

    total: 15 hrs!

  39. I have about 16,000 battles and I’ve been playing since closed beta I think I can get this done….
    Who the hell has time to play WoT this much?

  40. everyone just comes here because they dont wanna read it ingame

  41. Marcus Freestone

    try to do this on my account 😉

  42. Ronald Mondriaan

    Hello QB, here no plans to do the challenge, no plans to deforce.
    I will keep my social life.
    Enjoy your day.

  43. Kevin Wang Challenge Quickybaby Again

  44. This is 1000% better than wot blitz, which sometimes these premium tank event can rely on rng by getting missions that reward you more currency than others, at least this is achievable with a grind

  45. Could do mission marathon on P2W account as comparison ?

  46. Wargaming criminals and their pay2win game, that is why i play Warthunder now 🙂

  47. Qb can u complete this missing marathon on ur free to play acc???


  48. spend time on a pay to win ru game and pixel Tanks or do something with your life… Think about that

  49. This is looking more worth challenge to do than the french

  50. Thank you for telling us about a new shit tank that aint worth a slightest effort. Thanks for saving my time and effort QB!! Wargaming remains retarded AF

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