TS-54 – Tank Review – World of Tanks

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TS-54 is the first premium in World of Tanks that can use ALL crews from American tanks, however, at $9 a month is it worth it?

BUILD 1: ►https://tanks.gg/tank/ts-54?f=61122&e=2.S.D
BUILD 2: ►https://tanks.gg/tank/ts-54?f=61122&e=K.2.D



  1. The tank that you don’t own, you just rent.

    Then again they’re all like that, wargaming _[sic]_ could shut the game down tomorrow.

  2. The UPDATE REMOVED “enhanced Crew Training” for FULLY RESEARCHED Tanks!
    Thank you WG!

  3. Everytime I see the benefits that people paying a lot of money get or use a lot of mods get in this game it makes me want to quit it. Being a below average player on a limited budget simply isn’t that fun anymore.

  4. man, this shit is so fun, i have been spamming the shit of this tanks past 2 days and already got my 1 mastery on the tank, playing this shit with a turbo like a med is so fun

  5. i got 4 amo rake not good

  6. my question, wot plus better or worse then premium time?

    • You can’t subscribe to WoT+ unless you already have a Premium Account. From what I’ve read Premium has more useful benefits for casual players.

  7. Long plan from WOT, constantly releasing American premiums that have terrible crew lineups that don’t match their tech tree counterparts. So they could release this tank that take any crew member. Now WOT+ subs can train up the straggling crew members that couldn’t fit into the T8 premiums.

  8. freaky disorder

    i think all pay2win is disgusting, no more money from me WG until you remove all pay2win including making all tech tree tanks competitive vs premiums

  9. Origami Paper Planes And Tanks

    14:31 yes, the KV-2 is tier 8

  10. Just A FYI: The TS 5 Crew is also a perfect fit for this tank.. Maybe there related 🙂 THANKS !!

  11. So the Maus and E100 have easily penetrable turrets but this tier 8 doesn’t… Hmmmm

  12. British HK Fisher 港英漁業

    So once again, the game became more pay to win

  13. Dwindling player base? monetise hard monetise often! kick it until it’s dead.

  14. Quickie baby that was a good commentary a good review in the good game good job say Hi to Tanya for me love you show

  15. WoT moves further and further away from reality.
    37:56 – they should be the lenses for the stereoscopic rangefinder – assuming WoT hasn’t just invented the turret.

  16. seeulater gaming

    All of the “Plus is the end of WOT” commentators are now like “WOT Plus does seem to be more attractive”. WOT knew people would have no issue paying $9 a month. Hell, some people pay that in coffee everyday. LOL!

  17. Henry Luis Orozco Fernández

    Now everybody wants to use this new tank. Last night I came into a match with seven TS-54, three on my team and four on enemy team. Although the armor is good, the front cupolas are big and easy to pen, and if you have a higher Alfa you can just trade very well against it.

  18. Why does WG keep coming up with better and better $premium$ tanks, I have no idea. No idea at all.

  19. Might just be me but I find that there’s an annoying delay on this tank between the time I click the mouse and the time the gun actually fires. It’s the only tank I have that does this.

    • Double barrels are finicky I’ve found. Just recently got the 703 II, and I struggle with the same delay you speak of.

  20. What your guys opinion for 10v10 Match lobby on WOT?

  21. Good video, QB. Must say, though, some of these tank skins you use are disappointingly drab.

  22. Sorry QB, but 0:45 at this moment i turned video off… thanks to wg…

  23. Love this tank. Its so comfortable to play and easy to grind credits in. Totally worth spending the $9.. set it up and forget about it. $9 isn’t much imo. People spend that each day on a cup of coffee so $9 a month is nothing.

  24. Subscriptions are dumb, especially if they add so little

  25. When are 10 v 10 happening on the EU servers? This will ruin WOT there as well.

  26. do the ts 60 as well, saw one yesterday.

  27. I’m saving my coin until the 3 barrel tank comes out.

  28. SPARTAN Cayde-26

    Lol QB called K-2 KV-2 XD

  29. Better uninstall WoT asap !

  30. cant wait for the first Tank with 4 barrels.

    just kidding, the game lost me as a scout player by adding the wheeled vehicles.

  31. Lmao $9/month for a virtual tank

  32. As far as the subscription point, and to the point of months or years from now, it would be nice if that after say a year of WoT+ you could have the TS54 permanent on your account (or other vehicles when the inevitably add more)

  33. Think they should buff the bz176 and give them also a second barrel

  34. interesting how much difference the case of cola does. 3m Recon Perk. 1m Situationl Awareness. 17m Case of Cola. Thats 21m in total difference and not only the 17m of the case of cola. That is huuuge!

  35. Monetization would be ok, but I feel more frustration then joy, playing WOT now – and that makes me realize that paying WG more, when the game is not fun anymore – is just reckless!

  36. I’ve always wanted good American tanks that will have either a good gun or dependable armour.I’ve played tank lines odd the e5,e4 and m48 patton.Patton line tanks were slow despite being medium and had bad accuracy.Armor wasn’t anything good but not bad either.Grinding stock American tanks are nothing but pure pain.
    I’ve enjoyed every single tank of the E4 line except tank itself.Really horrendous armour and reverse speed,trollshit gun,bad gun depression made it even worse.

    E5 line made me suffer so Dan much cuz it was my first ever line so back then i didn’t know shut about the game but M103 was a pure pain in the ass.Bad armour,mediocre speed and stock gun had only 198mm pen.E5 struggles bcuz of it’s weak spot and the gun accuracy not that good but ain’t bad.Who’d pay E5 if they have Sconq?American tanks have bad mobility and gun performance.And also they have a big ass cupola on the top to make you suffer more

    This tank is a good tank cuz it has good armour,speed and decent enough gun.Finally some good American tank but at what cost?

  37. M Akkarapat Thanagurasami

    I think WG choose American because Western Player is American, Patriotic I guess?

  38. Lukasz Baszkiewicz

    Now compare it with Tiger2 on same tier – this is sick

  39. Allow me to paraphrase qb, “it upsets me that average players can get such a good tank”

  40. Another cancer hulldown tank but in tier 8

  41. Comprehensive. Thanks.

  42. cichlidhybrid martel

    wath an odd relaud

  43. I have this tank still at least for 30 days cancelled the subscription not impressed by the tank at all it kinda sucks.

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  45. Met this tank all day yesterday and didnt feel it was a threat and could easily take it out. Maybe I was just lucky.

  46. David Gallimore

    I was 100% going to buy WOT+. But they took away 85% to 90% of the value for me when they took away the Bond equipment demount and without lowering the price accordingly.

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