TSAR Tank vs MARK V, Crazy World War 1 Tanks – Men of War Assault Squad 2

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Source: BaronVonGamez

●Big Thanks to Beckett

Thanks for watching!


  1. Orwellian mod! please! lol

  2. You’re not thinking of Orwellian,I suspect you’re thinking of H.G.Wells,in
    which case I’m totally for that

  3. Do the mod!

  4. 10:25
    reference to the best RTS ever created

  5. use the v1 mobile rocket launcher on slickbee

  6. WTF, it’s a tank?

  7. make the ranualt ft

  8. do ze german k wagen. ze biggest tank of ww1.

  9. Det är faktiskt Imperial Ryssland inte Sovjetunionen men tekniskt tsaren
    tanken fortfarande testas efter WW1 & skrotas då eftersom Sovjetunionen ,

    …vad? Baron vet inte svenska?

  10. Make a Sherman with the Tigers 88

  11. Russian bias

  12. Baron. If you do make a mod, update it a lot.

  13. ya i have a cat that is 16 years old

  14. A and G productions

    Fuck cat I’m allergic to those baster and that’s why I have a black German
    Shepherd for a pet

  15. slicks a traitor

  16. Don’t cats kill and bring things to you to make sure you’re eating right?

  17. Oh yes steam punk and WW1 themes would be great, to see AV7’s vs MK5’s as
    well as Renault Ft 17’s.as well as steam Tanks like those from the Sigmar
    emire in total war.

  18. The tsar was born after a afternoon of vodka

  19. butch yes

  20. during ww1 a version of the mk 5 was produced but saw only one battle but
    only 20 were produced the version was the same except there was 3 cannons
    on the front and sides 3 mg’s paired with the cannons but it had a cannon
    on the back so it could fire on all sides making it one of the best tanks
    of ww1 but only 20 were produced. so sad.

  21. Cornelius McMuffin

    Hurry up and release this and do more WWI and interwar


  23. Make the mod you were talking about once this one is finished. The Stalin
    commands you.

  24. SSFhighcommandJOHN

    You did my suggestion and did the Tsar Tank. <3

  25. GRIMREAPERwillEATyou

    SMK/T35 (WT) vs Independence

  26. Punkrock or Orwellian mode,

  27. Elite AT sniper squads.

  28. Cats be like:senpai I killed a bird and brought you its head notice me

  29. This episode was kind of dry and boring.(more destruction and modern

  30. Темний Сталкер

    Proszę Tank Piłsudskiego

  31. Єня Модест

    Czołg Mendelejewa.

  32. If you done do steam punk mod add the walkers to it

  33. when cats give you a dead animal, that’s probably because they like you…
    And since they june patch, alot of us can’t
    play AS2. fkn shite, dev can’t do a thing about it… zzzz

  34. The French Char St Chamond, it has the fast firing 75mm. The German A7V cuz
    it looks like a toaster and has a million dudes inside. The British Mark A
    Whippet because it’s the fastest tank of WW1 13.4 km 8.3 mph, no cannons,
    just machine guns but it could run down infantry… once they get tired. Oh
    and give the infantry anti-tank rifles. The Germans lacked a good tank but
    they had a 13mm anti tank rifle, the 1918 T-Gewehr.

  35. Ohh yeah Universal Colossus from supreme commander

  36. Wow, Slick mentioning War of the Worlds gives me an idea.

    Baron, make an Alien Tripod for your mod with some kind of beam cannon,
    maybe based on a flamethrower, if possible.

  37. Vsolid's Napoleonic Meme Machine

    I sure wonder why the TSAR never went into service! What could ever go

  38. I would love to see a Steampunk mod, but finish the WW2 one first, I want
    to play it so bad!

  39. World War One mod please

  40. that giant robot thingy that slickbee was talking about supreme commander
    it is called the universal colossus and or the king kriptor and i know no
    one will care but this but what ever

  41. If that’s a WW1 mod then it would be great if there were all the original
    tanks of that era, like, CA1, Saint-Chamond, Rolls-Royce armored car, you
    name it!

  42. finally!

  43. You ought to release this mod. It’s a victim of feature creep.

  44. You should do whole squad of Japanese suicide bombers like from movie my

  45. yes

  46. YESSSS!!!!

  47. all the ww1 tanks!

  48. Cold War theme or mods!!!!! Or, all the mark tanks

  49. One problem I have with the Mark V model they used, it has a stokes mortar
    even though it’s a standard Mark V and not a tadpole.

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