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  1. Are you sure about that. Lmao

  2. Yeah, for the most part, top-tier gameplay is boring. Long range sniping behind cover with thermals.
    Please dedicate at least one day per week for low-tier gaming. Funny pre-WW2 tanks and biplanes!

  3. Armored Baguette

    15:25 most of War Thunder maps aren’t suited for the employment of armored vehicles.

  4. Day 79: T55E1 vs. EBR. The time has come.

  5. Gaijin logic : Four 30mm = 30 +30+30+30 = 120mm
    So its basically 120mm machine gun

  6. Aung Kaung Htet

    ahhh love the intro.

  7. Great , now i`ll hear “down with the sickness” in my head everytime i will shoot with this thing , because of the Intro .


  9. Imagine if this has APDS

  10. Nerf every vehicle until nobody plays it…Your doing a good job.Less people play WT everyday.

  11. Gamin Destroyer

    Phly: starts playing the gets down with the sickness beat

  12. Sanic The Hedge Hawk

    Don’t Worry, Gepard with missiles can’t Hurt you, it doesn’t exist.
    Gerard with missiles:

  13. we need at least 2 more maps like Fulda to compensate the small ridiculous maps like Frozen Pass, FInland or Berlin. AND we need a BR dependent maprotation in the first place.

  14. Better get up, you might get down with the Phlyness!!!

  15. Im just never forgot the times with the thing in Battlefield 4 😔

  16. Teguh Iman mulyaman

    Hey plhy cant you play a leopard a1a1

  17. Day 28 of telling phly how much we love him

  18. its the Falcon of 10.3

  19. Γρηγόρης Πανούσης

    correction: the missile of the adats was specifically made to be dual purpose, meaning it could kill both tanks and aircraft
    the 9m311 is only intended for sam purposes

  20. Dude the game became unplayable when the trifecta of helicopters, thermal, and op wheeled vehicles all made their debuts top tier is fucking hell if you just wanna run around and blow up tanks cause if you’re not Russia you’re team is losing at least 5 people to the 3 or 4 ka50s that always spawn at the beginning of the match I haven’t played top tier in idk how fucking long and I just finished researching the m1a2 while only using shit at 7.7 and below

  21. This just shows how ridiculously bad this game is, thanks for pointing it out Phly. The best anti-Armour vehicle is an AAA truck?

  22. Femboy With A FAL

    Day 1 of asking phly to play the chi ha (the one with the short 57mm that basically has to rely on HEAT)

  23. First encounter between a 2S6 Tunguska and a Pz.II F

    Tunguska: “Daddy?”

    Pz.IIF: “You’re an accident”

  24. OMG! That intro.

  25. Tunguska but I play is as a *n* MBT. Where is your Grammar phlopwop?

  26. Peter Batchelor

    Playing SPAA as MBT is my favourite thing to do! Especially at lower ranks where the new players panic!!

  27. ADATS stands for Anti DAT Shit

  28. I have a speech impediment. Its called southern america.

  29. The good old intro song makes me so happy!

  30. Just like a boosted Wirbelwind, noice.

  31. Frozen Pass is a realy fun map for low tier

  32. As phly snored i got an ad for raid shadow legends

  33. Day 12 : pls play the etendard IVM so I can learn the meta

  34. @Phly Pls I beg you change the music at 0:15

  35. Tunguska with 430mm

    Gaijin: Write that down!

  36. 15:23 make a Map Tier List

  37. This is how i play my tunguska

  38. Why did you kill Yury Gagarin?

  39. 15:31
    Aaah, the Formula Formula-One car.
    Oll OK, I’m gonna return to RTB as soon as ASAP, because I’m fcked up beyond all FUBAR.

  40. What was name for this game?

  41. Air Defense Anti-Tank System (ADATS) tunguska is just anti air

  42. Soviet Tech tree has 6 Top Tier MBT officially approved

  43. The intro itself won me over… Looking at you David Dreiman

  44. VideoGamesForAll

    the war thunder 2s6 is inaccurate to real life. For starters, every version of the tunguska that I’m aware of has only ever had 2 autocannons, one on each side, and the 2s6 had 4 missiles total, 2 on each side. The 2s6m had 4 on each side, andd improved autocannons (but still only two of them).

  45. oh wa ah ah ah brrrt brrt brrt brrt

  46. Robert Skoglund II

    Gonk Droid is still alive in phly

  47. These vehicles are preceisly what’s wrong with War Thunder. Ridiculous automatic tank destroyers.

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