TURBO DIESEL TIGER TANK! ( War Thunder Tiger II Sla.16 Tank Gameplay )

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Source: PhlyDaily

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  1. hey phly 🙂 you always make me happy

  2. Panzerführer Chavez


  3. :v

  4. LAST

  5. Hey phly whats up

  6. Murphy Williamson

    am i the only one to notice the tiger stripe camo?

  7. Is there a Queen Diesel???

  8. “Happy monday!”Yea that mus be a joke………

  9. TIL the best War Thunder guide maker is not in Russian YouTube area. Well,
    works for me, gonna develop English by listening to you and figure out how
    to stop being a useless fucker. Greetings from Russia!

  10. when i was watching this video i didnt realize that i had a shirt with
    diesel logo writen on it

  11. What PC do you use

  12. I’m loving the Separate Ways was playing in the Background

  13. Alexander Snowden

    I’m early better make a joke , Donald Trump wears the same wig as my
    headteacher, actually that’s not a joke

  14. hey phly can you take out the Panther D

  15. Phly… “Happy Monday”…

  16. Its funny how every Youtuber thinks that the Tracks on the front of the
    Turret are what makes the difference, and those are the ones that actually
    are on the stock Tiger II H too, only those in the Middle of the
    turret-side are new, and probably wont help much there, as a clean shot
    into the side of the turret will still get through without Problems.
    EDIT: And its just a 50 hp improvement, you didnt have any Engine-Upgrades
    in your TIger II

  17. No…..its not happy

  18. Росен Борисов

    hi phly

  19. yes phly

  20. I love this tank, more maneuverable, faster turret, and it takes an insane
    amount of punishment. At 6.7 it’s very competative.

  21. Am I the only one to notice the tiger stripe camo?

  22. Psychosaur ЭИTITY ЦИЖИФШИ


  23. Tiger 2 TDI

  24. Serious evidence on how the BR system is fucked. Why are there KV-1s going
    against a fucking Tiger 2!?

  25. I hope they add stürmtiger to war thunder!!!

  26. Wouter Drupsteen (Ravaeron)

    PHOB? New squadron? Are you recruiting?

  27. It’s 39 euros though

  28. 10:30 The cleanest T-34-85 kill I have ever seen

  29. Franco Javier Mina

    IS-3 VS Super Pershing?

  30. Loving the Music choice’s man :D

  31. Turbo??

  32. god I wish playstation network would have this bundle out.

  33. Daniel Johan Andersson Ortega

    how do u allways have golden Eagles???

  34. you should do a give away of one of your old accounts

  35. is that bon jovi

  36. Russian Tanks Hunter


  38. Usually i dont click “Like” button at the start of the video, but then i
    heard Black Sabbath and it made me to like this video from all 3 my

  39. RustEZZEProductions

    Who made Who!

  40. A 750 hp turbo diesel is making a hell of a lot more torque than a 700 HP
    petrol engine, that makes a much bigger difference than the 50 extra hp.

  41. pay to win than? :D

  42. Yo Phly! Where is some SuperPershing gameplay!? :)

  43. NotEvenDeathCanSaveYouFromMe

    The difference is…. Tracks ! WAAAAAU !!!! xD

  44. If i get -75% or -90% discount for that from the boxes in game, i might
    think of buying it… But hell I’m not giving gayjin so much money for
    something virtual. HELL NO!

  45. I wonder if they calculate the torque properly for diesel engines compared
    to Gasoline….I know this diesel was a proposed engine design for super
    heavy tanks such as the maus, so the horsepower increase is understandable
    (If not a little low) but just slapping horsepower onto an engine does not
    make it work like a diesel. Its about the torque you get out of using such
    a small amount of your engine.

  46. it is indeed a happy monday for me ! im almost done with my exams. after
    that, war thunder a volente lol

  47. unfiltered Volkswagen Turbo Diesel !

  48. Like your music!

  49. am i the only person who wants sound mod updated

  50. you literally listen to what I listen too when I play great playlist man

  51. dat beard doe

  52. Gaijin needs to put in a shit ton of 152 AI controlled anti-tank guns to
    prevent the “spawn camping.”

    Of course they should be “killable” :D


  54. I’m a new sub and I will for now support you

  55. no rolling coal?

  56. Hey can we play sometime

  57. Primarch Alpharius

    Phlydaily is a boob streamer

  58. Wanna hear something that just happened to me when trying to grind tanks?
    Was in the first russian t-34 you get, cant remember the exact name. went
    into a realistic battle and did next to nothing, i got an assist thats
    about it. Got about 1k xp, meh. Went to the germans, and got in a tank the
    same battle rating as the t-34. Got 3 kills, and assist, and captured 2
    points. End of battle, only 1k xp, the same as the t-34 even though i did
    way more work in the german tank. GG war thunder, gg

  59. Tks everywhere…

  60. you have good taste in music

  61. nice vid bro. can w8 for some new 1.57 tank gameplay. gg

  62. Phily is the traverse that more noticeable on the prem version over say the
    tiger H?

  63. pls Gajin drop ur fucking prices!!u should earn more money in that way to
    like max 10-15 euro per vehicle ,so many vehicles i want and could easily
    buy maybe 1 vechile a months for that price but no way im gona pay 40 for
    this tank even if i want it so bad!!u now how much stuff u can get for so
    much money?u can get a new fucking game like starwars,fallout 4,gta5 or
    what game u even like or 1 tank!1!-.-so many more should buy stuff then .-like
    who the fuck pays 40 for 1 vechile in a game.-

  64. ACDC yaaaaaa

  65. Classic rock, beer, and War Thunder?
    Our Monday is very similar Phly

  66. who’s eating while watching

  67. happy monday? u kiddin’ me phly?

  68. almost 250k subs!

  69. Sir Stefan Channel!

    Tip, you’ve already taken out his turret, and 2/4 what is left?
    His driver and machine gunner. So aim for the driver, even if he manages to
    replace his crew, thus meaning the MG guy is now in the turret, you’ll kill
    his driver so he can’t drive away.

  70. This may sound stupid but what’s the key for using the binoculars ?

  71. phly du bischt der beste

  72. Phly you should do a face cam Friday or just incorporate the face cam more
    often in your vids. Also do tiger ll Sla.16 with the Arado pls!

  73. Hey Phly Im a german war thunder gamer and would like to ask something:
    Whats in your opinion the best low tier plane. Thx paul

  74. in which country does baron live?

  75. Is it possible to get a unlock all in War Thunder?

  76. Stiggiekaptain WoT

    Look at all that smoke, It must be a VW TDI. Oh it is!! (sorta)

  77. Naughty spawn camping,plus shooting nicely at your team?shame on you
    Phly,still enjoying your tank battles,p.s can we see more world of

  78. that why I love phly gameplay cuz hr never camp spawn.

  79. Those songs would be very fitting if they were coming out of your tank haha

  80. where are all your money and eagles went 😮 u had alot milions and 12k
    eagles :o

  81. phly u look like the white version of my dad ya need to shave!

  82. Phly doesnt have the jagdpanther, I am crying. Best & sexiest TD in the

  83. I just bought this tank and I’ve been 1shotting t44s for days

  84. you are PewDiePie ??

  85. but the tiger 105 is already much faster and mobile than this …

  86. damn phly got some good music

  87. Captain SumTingWong

    Phly please play the premium jagdpanther!

  88. Can you do the focke wulf next please

  89. Brannan Darmawi-Iskandar

    I feel like the t32 is a better hull down tank

  90. Iron Man!

  91. Brannan Darmawi-Iskandar

    I like that music phly!! rock on!

  92. Diesel = op cost

  93. Plz fly Hellcat Mk 1 ground attack

  94. Agent_nick _5000 (AgentNick5000)

    brilant tune selection

  95. Ozzy… Ozzy Osbourne…

  96. people in chat “is that the real phly” and one guys like “no he’s not” he
    must feel like a twat

  97. PHLY… Plz quit posting good games show games that show people how to
    drive the damn thing, u just put games that few people will get often…..

  98. 2:32 is the game play

  99. how much does the Tiger II diesel cost in eagles?

  100. And now try to say something about russian bias

  101. how does the commander view work?

  102. Its just a prank bro! I only tracked you because its just a prank…(Tiger
    II Sla. 16 teammate tracking prank gone wrong gone ammo racked)

  103. Best Steel ever, its german!!!
    and good video :)

  104. he look like a home less guy 3:40 BURRPPP !

  105. Hey Phly. Curious to know if you played the PS4 version of Warthunder?
    played it and it’s fun but can’t stand the PS4’s godawful controller. Wish
    they brought Warthunder to Xbone as well. Looks great.

  106. Mr Phly could you by any chance fly the b29 with biplanes with a enola gay
    skin thnks

  107. I applied for your squadron phly!

  108. Grass Brassington (thegrassmaster2)

    Why can’t it roll coal

  109. Lovley long lost music at least were I spend my day at school.

  110. Can I have the playlist please? Best one I’ve heard in ages. Journey,
    Sabbath, Ac/Dc…

  111. Tyler Brooke-Thomas

    Do I hear paranoid in the background??? Nice choice

  112. PzKpfw VI Tiger ausf. H1

    Pretty sure it’s only 50 hp increase as I do belvieve germans used 700 hp
    engines after 1942

  113. Gotta say that you improved from entertaining to being a good player and
    showing some good content!

  114. Henry Hämäläinen

    the tracks are counted as structural steel, so they have a 0.45 modifier to
    them. so it’s not even 15mm of armor. just sayin’

  115. I love tanks.. when I first saw the Kingtiger (plus the other cats) in real
    life I was in heaven

  116. you look like a blue drake

  117. Upright productions


  118. That beard makes you look sexy

  119. you should drive the conway next

  120. Tank is a beast i managed to pull behind enemy lines in ash river killing 2
    is-3’s and couple of t54’s it was fcking amazing

  121. HAPPY Monday i wish

  122. How to use binoculars??

  123. Phly baby, I love your music taste :P

  124. nice music

  125. David “madindie” Dew

    Great game mate nice to watch, clean as great pointers.

  126. just because it has a desiel engine doesnt mean its got a turbo on it :P

  127. No such thing as a happy Monday LOL

  128. SU-85 next, love that thing!

  129. Now that’s real game play…

  130. Phly, just wondering, what country did you start with?

  131. TheFreaky Strawberry

    phly, plz take out the Cromwell I and the Sea Hurricane MkIC

  132. Very happy Monday to you.Since the Soyuz tanks were wiped out the track
    that should have been playing:Mandatory Suicide ,one of Slayer’S great
    songs!!! Looped!!!!!!!!!!

  133. Could you send us your music playlist used during the stream? PLEEEAZE !

  134. war thunder should add the Lancaster special bombers like the dam
    buster,tallboy,and the grand slam bombers

  135. hey phly it has a thicker mantlet thing.

  136. Challenge video! Take out the JPZ 4-5 and try to get an ace match. JUST DO

  137. that sux i thaught that this tank will have at least a 10,5 cm gun or 12,5
    cm gun

  138. “Happy monday” he says that like it exists.

  139. I’m actually building a Tiger 1 that I bought from Metal Earth. The amount
    of detail in it is astounding but the tracks are quite frustrating to make.

  140. But is it really worth $40

  141. what is the song after Paranoid of Black sabbath?

  142. Eat it ya Russian Bias noobs.

  143. Love the soundtrack mate

  144. nice tunes man! you may get CR strikes though

  145. 0:02 That’s an antonym

  146. Panzer with listening AC/DC and ZZ top, what else ?

  147. Dat thumbnail

  148. Nah the game is SHIT now, its become a bunch of sheep following a greedy

  149. a german package i hope its beer

  150. for me it is more like 1 out of every 25-30 games

  151. Great gameplay and great music, phly!

  152. they should lower the br of the tiger h1 imo

  153. Ofc he shows a gameplay in a 5.7br, try out the Tiger in 7.7 with T-10Ms
    and IS-3s.

  154. Ambush them as soon as they leave their spawn? Seems legit.

  155. T-34’s? What kind of match making is that? I don’t ever even get a game
    without at least two IS-4s/T-54-1951s

  156. this tank isnt available on the psn store yet im pretty pissed at gaijin
    for this

  157. nice phly

  158. T34 85 and yak3p thank you love your vids!!!!!!:)

  159. Good taste in music!!!!!

  160. Beard is back! Wonder how long he’ll grow it this time? Maybe the yeard
    (one year beard without trimming) special?

  161. play the p61- A1 premium its amazing at 3.7 in realistic battles.

  162. Good Stuff!!! Love that tank dude! – Wade

  163. Phly are you listening to black sabbath

  164. Love the music phly

  165. Aww, I was excited for this video. Shame about the face cam.

  166. phly… i must say that playlist is fucking amazing lol… sounds a lot
    like mine lol… keep up the great vids (who made who)

  167. phly is definitely a “sharp dressed man”

  168. phly when are you going to do the mighty mouse?

  169. 13:10 Lol there is a smiley face on the back of the Tiger’s turret.

  170. Why take so much ammo with that tiger?

  171. Aaron Cook (adog)

    You have like the same taste in music as me.

  172. It’s so fucking satisfying watching you bust up all the op Slav tanks. This
    is like brain food

  173. I flagged your video for not covering your face with a real beard.

  174. The copyright strikes….

  175. shit premium tank

  176. premium tank suck

  177. great music!!!

  178. “Happy MONDAY”?!? With not a drop of sarcasm to be heard. That is all the
    proof that I needed to confirm that YouTubers live too good XP

  179. Super Pershing next? Plz phly

  180. my kinda stream music

  181. For the next challenge you should try to shoot your tail off with the P-61
    and then land

  182. My best tank match was 9 kills and 0 deaths with the t-34-100 before it got
    pushed up to br 6.7

  183. Das tiger nien German yah snizal

  184. The Star of China


  185. you should also take an aircraft with a high explosive round and then find
    an open top tank (e.g dicker max) AND TRY AND ONE SHOT KILL IT WITH A

  186. It was kinda fun to whatch you dicking around at the end

  187. Phly is your new squadron for yourself or are you just making one for your
    phans (phly fans) to join

  188. Jeremy “JC” Collingsworth

    Phly Can you do a video on how to use British tanks like The comet Mk 1
    because I cant seem to use it effecivly

  189. Радик Лаврушин


  190. Радик Лаврушин

    вар тандар вы онг лечяны я руский

  191. phly goddammit, go visit a barber before you star looking like a gunshow
    neckbeard redneck!

  192. how much € does it cost?

  193. phlydaily how to you get the god way to kill so many people I have wot and
    im bad as

  194. The King Tiger is a sexy beast of a tank!

  195. phlydailyfan yeah

    Phly I’m such a big phan I would be honoured if u replayed to my coment pls

  196. WтF I lol it

  197. that sup music is awesome haha what is that ? :D

  198. This tank is crazy. Cant penetrate it when using T-85 or IS-1

  199. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH – One month later… HYPE HYPE HYPE HYPE.

    You have 0 credibility.

  200. Nice music

  201. play the is3 killer phly

  202. wooooo phly you had black sabbath in the stream, I went to their concert in

  203. Lol 3:43

  204. Jacob Skelton (GAMING)

    Fly, why don’t you do a night map but have everyone use tracer rounds. It
    would be like the 4th of July

  205. What About the T-10M?

  206. Phly, you have great music choice! I always enjoy your streams! :D

  207. I like how the IS2 engine shot didn’t catch fire, yet the fuckin diesel
    engine tiger catches fire no problem. GG gaijin

  208. do Top 5 Epic Playzzzzz

  209. phly you are a journey and black Sabbath fan?

  210. all tanks are diesel so to state it is a diesel all time make me think that
    their all petrol witch their not just sayin

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