TURBO PATTON is EPIC in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

In of Tanks the M48A5 Patton has always been too slow for my tastes for a long time… Let’s change that with a TURBO!


of Tanks Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. why QB seems so happy in this vid I LOVE IT !

  2. glad to watch your daily uploads 😉

  3. Amazing use of turbine… 🙂 OK

  4. I think that the turbo charger might be the best equipment at this moment fo almost every tank
    You get way faster to that initial spot were you can put a couple shots on unsuspecting enemies (in the case of the Patton if you get an enemy medium for 800 HP of damage that totally change the battle for that particular enemy)

  5. World of gold spam..

  6. Might I just point out 1k games in the Patton and only 2 marks

  7. John Paulo Castelo

    Hey QB maybe you should do this more often…..i would love to watch your vid everyday

  8. I love when he says “Fitton” so adorable

  9. I grind this line and I HATE it(( Right now on pershing t8 – wtf is this tank? No DPM, no alpha, no speed, no armor, no turret
    Really starting to think to just free exp till patton

  10. I hope they don’t nerf it.

  11. M6A2E1 is the best tier 8 tank, how can you all not see this?

  12. Great video working on that line, so will try this setup

  13. Missed the opportunity to title this “THE FASTON” as a pun with Fatton.

  14. When this game came out and clanwars started I was in one most competitive Finnish clans and it was so fun! It was fresh and exiting! Also it’s has been so nice to watch you videos past all these years. But now I don’t know how to come back to the game. I have been away from the game for 1-2 years and it feels the whole game has changed. Game looks mostly like the same but everything inside of the game has changed totally. I would love to check in with old friends and play some platoon, but because I’m so outdated I don’t wanna burden my friends. I don’t know where to shoot, but everyone seem to know where to shoot me. It used to be obvious, but now for me it’s a shame.
    QB: Make a new video series where you show some old timer(s) how to come back to game…step by step 🙂
    Find a new player and play games with him/her while you stream, teach him/her how to be better while you are streaming.
    I think everyone would just love that video.

  15. QB: *puts ridiculosly expensive equipment on the tank and uses gold*

  16. 430U next? :’D

  17. this is the best equip for patton hands down.

  18. WOW QB hitting that week spot … so easy for you … WOW look at that ping 30 to 40 did you ever played WOT in higher ping like 250 to 270 or 310 to 320 … with a little bit of timeout ….. like you videos keep it up

  19. One never expects random damage from a T92 😀

  20. I love my M48 it’s nice to see you play it for us thank you lol

  21. How does he get total damage, spotted damage, etc. in game? All I can get is damage log

  22. What an obscene amount of gold, here I am trying to decide whether to sell a tank to retrieve a garage slot or spend my last 300 gold?

  23. Wait what?Noone like Russian balanced meds?:)
    Get all great stuff on tenk,power by weight still less that 19:)

  24. Trump…. LOL!!!!!!

  25. Yea this is all fine and dandy when wargaming hands you CCs a ton of bounty equipment. Then charge us gold to get even 2 pieces oh and then nerf the bouty equipment after we payed gold to get it.

  26. turbo on everything 🙂

  27. Rotation mechanism

  28. Make the comet your most played again!

  29. Hi, a bit curious. Do you ever get killed like in first seconds of the game, either it was by an enemy arty, sneaky TD or so?
    Let me know 😀

  30. That second game:

    Overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer.

  31. 8:30 “so comizorations to JagPanzerE100”

  32. Till you get hit by deathstar for 1.9k dmg

  33. QB when you yell it’s really loud

  34. Every player has the same reaction when they see the jagpze100 (red) in front of them: Noooooo! Not meeeeee! Please! 😍🤣🤣 My favorite tank.

  35. QB are you dedsec 😂😂😂

  36. Must admit I’m loving daily quicky baby, gonna give Boris a bell to extend the lock down 🤣

  37. i think he reeeeally understates how much food buffs ur tank, and how much of an advantage it is to have money for it

  38. You are just becoming more and more noob.. with less and less skills.. just used your equipment advantages.. nothing else..

  39. Nice vid. Like the Patton gameplay, don’t like the heat. Every day a new episode, really nice! Should be fun with the upcoming Well Deserved Reward and Holiday Ops! !!

  40. Very nice

  41. so… you move with 4km/h faster about 10 seconds and then you sit there and shoot… ANY gun equipment is better than this

  42. i had very trouble to play the patton really good!…with e50 e50m leo1 pta or 430u, not problem to play 3000wn8+…but i dont know why, withy the patton i struggle a lot!
    On the paper the patton is much better than e50 e50m or leopard….but in rl….i was unable to play well with that tank

  43. QB you so fonney, love your joques XD

  44. If the Italian HTs turn out to be so bad, I’m going to sell some of my other Tier X tanks and rebuy the Patton and use your build, minus the bond equipment, since I don’t have those.

  45. Bounty equipment. Food. Boring.

  46. QB can you do a “video marathon” about not using gold ammo at all? To show how op/balanced it is

    i feel like, gold ammo destroys the game

  47. Why you always writing in capslock?
    It seems so rude as if you’re shouting at your team mates.

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