Turtle MK.1 – First Impressions in World of Tanks!

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World of Tanks – Turtle Mk.1. A super- premium British is now being super tested – here’s all you need to know!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Was excited cause I thought it would replace AT-15, then I saw it was premium…

  2. 5:22 *_and get into penetration positions_* ಠ_ಠ

  3. Mmm, another slow victim for my light tanks. Love it. Bring more,comrades!

  4. While playing WOT 9 years, since beta.. game was pretty good at one point. In spring I started a break from wot, and started to play CS:GO. And it is funny, The amount, that the wargaming is abusing the gamers wallet is absolutely terrible. It actually did not seem to be so terrible, but now. CS:GO, you get prime account. Around 13£. and afterwards, you dont need to pay anything, if you dont want to. And it doesn t effect to your performance. WOT. omg… just oh my geese. You have to pay 10 every month, plus the 30-40€ tanks in every month that comes up to stay in the meta. it is so absurd. im thinkin about deleting my account. which is maby several thousands of worth. Still, in the CS:GO is 13 euros… and thats it. wanna buys skins? doesnt make you any better.

  5. Russian bias

  6. Wg should make more tiers all the way up to tier 100

  7. Damn… I hate to pay WG but this.. this I have to buy… it’s british tank.. and I loved that TD line…

  8. 318th comment

  9. another heavily armoured tank again? wow, that was a surprise, or not.

  10. why the fuck is this tank the fucking chrysler k all over?

  11. So, basically, this tank destroyer would have been quite impractical, since it has no cupola. The tank commander would have no way to see anything other than standing up out of hatch, which leaves him extremely vulnerable to machine gun fire from an enemy vehicle. Of course, World of Tanks gives every player third-person view and even an “unbuttoned commander” view without actually exposing the commander to gunfire.

  12. “Get into a good penetrating position”

  13. Lol, quit kidding QB, we all know you are going to make a review of this tank because the only reviews you do nowadays are for premium tanks

  14. Turtle.
    Is this the best name that WG can come up with for another of their napkin design tanks?

  15. Turtle.. WG got out of imagination for names

  16. The Jap heavies O-Ni and O-Ho have 330 alpha on there 105mm guns

  17. 94mm or 3.7inch probably. Well the Actual Tortoise as built had a 32Pdr and no reason at higher tier to give it Aphla. 32pDR AA gun had a higher power “Late War Post war version Mk VI” ” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/QF_3.7-inch_AA_gun

  18. I see a Rita love triangle happening.

  19. 10:50 for everyone that just wants his opinion about it.

  20. I wish WG would just buff the f2p tanks for their f2p players instead of giving us slightly better or OP premium tanks. All I ever see in all my battles are premium tanks. Nobody really plays the f2p tanks anymore unless they are fun or OP. If anything the premium tanks should be more difficult to play with but still make more credits.

  21. Great video ??

  22. I was hoping it was American since I can’t get the TS-5…

  23. Pen is a bit too low to compete in a t10 match

  24. So basically just hit the front track wheel to keep it tracked and constantly pen it. Got it.

  25. Probberly gonna be a event grind tank.
    I like it..only shame is that 70% of the muppets will play it as a sniper.

  26. Does this mean the American T95 is no longer the Doom Turtle?

  27. Four minutes in and I’m already rolling my eyes at how overpowered this is.

  28. mini tortoise

  29. Honestly dont care too much about view range especially on tds so i dont see why u wouldn’t take a toolbox

  30. These type of super heavy tank destroyers personally ruin heavy tank gameplay for me.like the t 95 for example,have more armour ,have better pen,more alpha,better camo and its weak points are trollish compared to some tier 9 heavy tanks

    • You’ll probably be able to pen this with premium ammo on the flat plates, hard to tell without the armour model though

  31. I had been working on a 3D model of a tank destroyer/assault gun called the Somua 45 105 “Tortue”, and the side profile resemblance to my model is uncanny! XD

  32. When is wg gonna buff the t32

  33. Yet another premium

  34. 60 tons each …but one have 50% more side armor and,30% rear. miraculous math in wg world

  35. Да, товарищ

  36. “Respect the Tortwass!” Will be replaced by, “Respect the Tortale!”

  37. Turtle ? So people can’t say tortoise and there and behold…..ninja turtle……

  38. I know i’m not the only one on the NA at least. This game can shove its metrics and maps up its ass, goodbye.

  39. So now we have a turtle and a tortoise in the game… when is the reptile getting added?

  40. its pen is worse using gold ammo, than the pen of most tds on regular ammo. wtf. even some heavies have better pen, srsly? there is no point of a premium tank that has low pen.

  41. Should be quicker in water, it is a Tuttle afterall

  42. Crap pen.. can’t move.. no side armour.. cannon fodder for wheeled vehicles. Nnnnope!

  43. How To Defeat ISIS 101

    2:20 The only other tank with 330 alpha is the french heavies 105 with prem rounds (not pay to win at all Da yess)

  44. Dellinger the fighting fish

    British version of T28 lol

  45. Events rammer, tool box and drop the fire extinguisher for another tool kit, if your not angled hard and in their face your doing it wrong

  46. WG: guess what guys ! Here is a brand new tier 8 premium !
    121 and tiger II : cry in the back

  47. Tankrider 12345678900 [NOR]

    kinda looks like a chunky AT15

  48. I don’t care if they releases more Premium tanks…. only thing it bothers mi is that they are making Tortoise, E75 and VK45.02B like premium tanks, those are icons, man, and they are ruining their originality 🙁 WG really knows how to ruin everything nice 🙁

  49. Ah, of course it has to be a Tier 8 premium

  50. Cristian Gabriel Tengher

    nope, next… 😛

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