Turtle Mk.1 Review – World of Tanks

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  1. Hope you enjoy this style of video, if you did, let me know, i might do more then in the future : )

  2. Yes pls do more of these videos

  3. Holy shit it has a reasonable weakspot! Was expecting a mini badger

  4. Baron von Limbourgh

    Like the video, dislike the tank..

  5. Pog. A video before work and a video after work. Can this day get any better ? circAmazing

  6. it looks like a stug on steroids

  7. Man, this is great! Circon is doing tank reviews, gameplay instructional vids, and pre-recorded replays? This is the greatest thing ever!

  8. This tank is pretty OP frontally, especially against tier 6. This just proves that +1/-1 need to be the only MM.

    • yes but at the same time an experienced player can sometimes take advantage of +2 and earn alot more exp (probably not credits cause you’ll need to premium spam) but i think you should get an option for +2

    • @Turninator I was in a clan for a while that was in the same community as Mahou. I’ve also known players from SIMP and G. Believe me when I tell you, you are wrong. Yes they get more EXP, but there is no way I want to face tier 8s with my tier 6. I dont want to face M103s with my IS. I dont want to face ST-1s with my KV3. Keep in mind I am a 2700 recents player, and that’s not how it works all the time. I don’t want to face tier 8s with my tier 6s, period.

    • @Trevor Renkevens that’s why i said i agree that you should get an option to disable +2/-2, personally i don’t mind it as it doesn’t happen constantly for me and it feels very rewarding when you play well.

  9. Good video! Theory and then a couple of games to confirm or reject the theory. Please produce more!

  10. I enjoyed it immensely…..nice to see some normal games, and stream of consciousness commentary while you are actually playing. A youtube version of twitch (minus the viewer comments lol)

  11. Save HE rounds

  12. Dynamic gameplay ?

  13. Church Automotive Testing Dyno Tuning

    New Circon youtube overload! Loving it!

  14. 大和*Bayern.ヤマト

    at least better power/wt than SuperPershing Kappa

  15. I really love that live commentry style

  16. use live armour stats

  17. yes i really like this format,you in a new tank and not knowing all the inn’s and outs of the tank….. or in short the maidens road trip of Circon 😉

  18. Da da obviously better than AT 15 no problem comrade. At least we got money blyat.

  19. The 330 alpha is unique to this 108mm 55-pdr gun, it is indeed quite odd 🙂
    Edit: I think that weird french 105mm APCR with extra damage is also 330

  20. This is pretty neat to have a live gameplay vid with a new tonk. The tank itself seems pretty meh, it’s pretty much like you said, a baby tortoise with a pretty good gun but people will come thru the armor even though it seems good on paper.

  21. Blistering speed

  22. It sure is a turtle, but it ain’t no DOOM turtle…

  23. Circon in the raw, can it get any better? I do not think so.

  24. Sircon, most players cant afford /don’t run premium food, I wish u would do gameplay with food, so avg players out there get a better feel of vehicles during battle. Thx

  25. i like the way this has been done a good review

  26. it’s amazing how likeable you are.

  27. I like turtles

  28. I love that there’s a new Brit tank out… I don’t like the price (over £33) especially after your review but I’d have bought it for £20… but then I no longer play my Tortoise or Badger… I think you’d just saved me some money. 🙂

  29. Yeah this is a good thing :SeemsGood:

  30. I regret buying that thing as a crew trainer for my crew going to the FV4005.
    First game i did 600dmg and got APCRd to death. Second battle as low tier everyone just lolpens me even though i am in the second line not showing much and angling. Now it is getting dusty in my garage.

    Playing my tier 8s i can easil kill these things

  31. The armor is worse that WG advertises it to be. In the first replay even the stock T25/2 penned him (lower plate maybe). And guns with high enough pen can go right through the upper unangled front armour parts

  32. so basically they nerfed the tortoise and brought it down to tier VIII so they could sell another premium. big surprise.

  33. good fucking quality man. thanks

  34. * loses shit * TWO Circon videos in one day? Nani????

    Also, try playing the unnerfed KV-2 against this thing. Flat ground? Blyat. Hull down? BLYAT.

  35. you: keep describing tanks like, “the turtle is like a small tortoise.”
    me: keep watching

  36. i enjoyed it. you should do more of them.

  37. Great vid type imo, it’s nice to see a hero tanker playing regular games and going through the same poop as us mere mortals. it gets boring to just see the epic carry games. (i want that too though) 😀

  38. 1400hp on a ism means he has the stock turret. I think its around 100mm thick frontally

  39. Jordan Drapeau-Trottier

    What is so bad about the vanilla server reticle? I know about the one Circon uses, but I feel like you dont need the client reticle + the server cross…

  40. I liked that you kept your review of the stats to basically the cliff notes. I know that some people, like QB for example, go into comparisons and really overdo the stat stuff (in my opinion). You just giving a quick tour of the stats, then some gameplay was great, gives me a good feel for the tank. That said, I’m not throwing any more money at WG til they start treating their players with some respect, barely play the game since they started introducing the ‘slightly better than tech tree’ premiums and then the ‘no, really, it’s totally balanced, da!’ premium tanks. Love your content and glad to see you back on the YouTube side of things. Cheers Circ, keep it up

  41. Taking notes ?

  42. the LOS is still stupid… just cause a team mate spotted the enemy dont mean you can see them… and maps are to small

  43. Very good review. Honest opinion.

  44. 1:53 omg click on collision and go to live for goodness sake – collision models are the worst

  45. Another piñata for Soviet bias !

  46. Stop wasting money on this dead game like some little kid all you stupid old men. Get off your fat ass and go for a walk.

  47. I would nickname it the “Lisa”

  48. Image this tank being Russian… better speed, better DPM, better traverse, better armor + russian gun acc….

  49. The tank reminds me of the old AT-2, before they nerfed the armor. Slow, decent armor, fast firing gun…and utterly boned once a team melts. I swear they have tweaked MM to put teams together that guarantee shorter battles. Either that, or the player base is developing brain damage from playing the game all these years.

  50. I like your reviews, because you don’t try to blow smoke up my ass and instead just say it as it is.

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