TUTOR ME FOR $1 in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

has some serious back seat commanders and trash talkers. Today I’m going ask one to tutor me!


is a Free 2 Play published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. I was new to ranked battles this 2ns season, and yeah unfortunately fun turned out to be the first thing that got killed in almost every battle because 1) nobody dared to move, just staying passively at the back and 2) toxicity between players was a lot worse than it normally already is (although less vocal on the Hong Kong server where I (am forced) to play, cause few players speak English)

    If it weren’t for the generous amounts of bonds rewarded, I’m not sure if I will play ranked battles again……….

  2. WG still hasn’t implemented a mute function?

  3. Fun fact – Leo was right. We all know taking your heavies to valley is dumb and 9/10 times it loses games. QB only did that, cause it was semi – safe play and he knew whatever happens, he’s likely to retain his chevron. And then tries to depict this as a good play and an example of teamwork. Also, had the Leo not done 4k damage, QB’s team would still likely lose the game. Yes, Leo was toxic, yes, valley push eventually won the game, but that was poor and selfish gameplan to stay in the valley in the first place.

  4. I actually need YOU to tutor me cause Im bad at it even if I’ve played 5k battles and i have only one brain cell

  5. For some reason I never thought id see QB type stuff like that 😛 Great to see that Im not the only one getting trolled!

  6. A classic Unicum play…. You just play for yourself mate. Whatever the Leopard says in this map the Heavies MUST go to the city and THEN you come up with a plan.
    With any other type of tank yes study the opposing team and play accordingly, but with a heavy tank any logic you use to justify going to valley is simply a sign you play for yourself.

  7. Problem is… the Leopard wasn’t wrong. He was just an a**hole about it, which made his argument kinda invalid.

  8. Man you are hilarious. Leopard just said you did well and you told him to shut up. Who’s the toxic trashtalker here?…

  9. Downvote all you want, but the Leopard is right. Pushing valley is useless for winning the game. Yes you might get a good damage score if youre in a good hull down tank and dont get spammed by arty, but you lose both the middle and the city (exactly like QB did in this game). And when you win the valley you cant push any more because you will get killed by campers in A6-A7. Valley gives zero map control, its soft terrain so you cant flex, it literally is garbage. In the end game was won by cap (wohoo) and was basicly thrown by enemy leopards by staying on the corner. If they were at A6-A7 you can do nothing for them, cap is in the open, they can double bush.Other tanks can come back from city and defend hull down at B6-C6. Stop teaching people pushing valley is a good strategy because its not. It is almost as useless as beach on Overlord …

  10. Leo1 is so screwd now

  11. It’s sad that many of the players who know english to some degree on EU only use it to trash talk.

  12. That´s why I don´t play ranked

  13. That is WOT for you. There is always someone who wants to dictate to everyone else on what they should be doing with their tanks. You have to remember there is alot of kids that play this too and most of these muppets trying to order you around are more then likely kids, or just arrogant stupid people.

  14. Leopard was like teaching soldiers how to march

  15. you can look at your dismay towards chevrons 2 ways. as it hurts some good players that push a lot it also gives lesser players more of a chance to advance in that sense. it also gives that good player and eye opener to change their way of play from their norm and shakes things up a bit, Remember, it is only toxic if you have chat on. or mute them players so you don’t have to deal with them while you are trying to carry a battle.
    i think quicky if ranks was played the way you want it to be it would favor the good players more since if you play by the book you would then have a better chance to do better and further push the not so good players back even further.
    to adapt to a different play style takes more then you think for the normal good player. you look like the exeption but it does shake thinks up and gives lower skilled players chances to advance.
    hope all that mumbo jumbo is understood lol, a lot going through my mind and trying to shorten it all up for ya.
    thanks quicky, always great video content.

  16. Юрий Шторм

    В wot часто встречаются такие вот товарищи на котиках, которые знают как надо. В ранговых на рус серверах это нормальное явление, у одних нервы не выдерживают.. другие просто идиоты. Не стоит с ними переписываться, молодцом с победкой тебя.

  17. They should add a vote system for the extra 3 shevrons

  18. Ranked is a terrible toxic camp fest with hull down tanks hiding for 90% of the game.

    Avoid it like the plaque.

  19. “don’t argue with idots they will drag you down to there level and beat you with experience”

  20. I don’t understand how this tank has the largest gun but lowest heat pen. couldn’t they just give it a different shell so its a little bit consistent ?


  22. That moron in the Leopard is the type of player that would’ve intentionally shot his teammates when things weren’t going his way.

  23. Ah…..I fondly remember the late 90’s of the internet. Back in the day when you had to have an I.Q above 60 to even understand how a personal home computer worked let alone figure out how to access the internet. There was only pleasant conversation and happy people back then, it was truly a paradise…….sadly now its more like a bad 80’s post apocalyptic movie with roving bands of sub I.Q ingrates threatening your sheltered communities. The internet is now a fine model of what society would be like if we had no police and zero accountability within our societies.

  24. Can I get some likes for no reason :3

  25. I’m not a great player so never feel qualified to give tactical instructions. Especially when I have to stop playing to type anything (old age).
    Usually when someone asks me to follow them I faithfully comply only for them to die a few seconds later.

  26. Rename the video to : QuickyBaby argues whit a 11 years old

  27. Lovely battle,respect to S.couqueror

  28. Can’t communicate in Asia server. Many don’t speak English. It’s tough

  29. cooperation in ranked? imposibru!

  30. This messages of teamwork are worth gold!

  31. bloody childish.

  32. QB you are a good player but if the other team were more aware, you would have lost the game. The last push was good, but noone was spotting the valley or defending properly (2 non-armored enemies playing in the corner against heavies). In this map, winning the city will get you the win 8/10.

  33. I do not think that my tutorials give you the best Return on Investment. If you do it the other way around, I might be interested!

  34. Good work with the thumbnail text love that!

  35. I can see why QB didn’t continue to argue with the Leopard…..he’s not the type of guy that would have a battle of wits with an unarmed man.

  36. Nice. Now grow up.

  37. It takes two idiots to argue.

  38. Hey QB, if you need tutoring, I’ll do it for free. I can help you to understand how a barely average player thinks and plays. XD

  39. All I get is no talking but noise no voice what is wot doing to fix this when you team up

  40. People trash talking me because they think they’re god in this game was the reason I disabled team chat all together.

    When someone pinged me, I often said: “Yes? Any recommentation what I/we should do (next)”
    Most responses….ping ping ping or something like: “you suck”, “uninstall”, “get cancer”…you know the usual stuff

    Really, I am far from the best, but I am willing to learn and definetly not bad, so if you think you can do something better, tell me at least what you think would be better in that situation instead of just being toxic and harassing – that helps no one.

    One other thing, if you’re out and have nothing useful to say, just let the others make their own experiences, it’s their battle now, not yours.


  42. I think, 70% of the players do what ‘LEOPARD’ does, so…..

  43. I will give you $1 if you teach me.

  44. I normally enjoy your videos QB.
    This is one that I didn’t.

    It belongs in the 2 wrongs don’t make a right category.
    I do get salty myself, and the leopard did go over the edge.
    However, you have a VERY big bully pulpit and you chose to highlight him.
    That was wrong.

    As for your game play vs his.
    You are a very good player, in a very good tank. You can make most situations work. You did on this occasion.
    However, most people that watch will not take away the subtle things that made this work:
    1) You need to be in a tank with a turret and gun depression… preferably with monster HE shells.
    2) You do need the leopard and others (yes THAT leopard) to have a bloody good game, otherwise they will be behind you very quickly.
    3) Arty wasnt focused on valley.
    4) Getting a cap victory is always a bit hit or miss… you were fortunate their leos were on lake road and not providing vision for a bush in back row

    End result?
    1) You will have a bunch of sub par players rushing valley because of this video.
    2) They will take any tank there (ignoring the subtle reasons why it worked this time (Russian heavies and Chinese medium with no gun depression.
    AND most significantly
    3) You trolling will mean that MANY more will troll…. because QB trolls.

  45. QB was not anonymized? If not, I guess people will recognize him and sooner help him out when he asks for help as opposed to us normal folk asking for help?

  46. All good but too many morons rush to Noob Valley and lose.

  47. i will be very honest with you, valley is a dogshit play in 6-7/10 situations. This is one of the lucky 3 or 4 that it works.

  48. Tutor me for 1$ best way to play american heavies, tds, and mediums?

  49. Hiring someone to tutor you and pretending to be a beginner is actually not a bad video idea.

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