TV2304E71 / Himmelsdorf / “Three for the price of one”

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Source: PointyHairedJedi

Is it a Bert replay? Is it a T23E3 match? A T71 game? It’s all of this, and so much less…


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Mods list: J1mB0’s Crosshair, Locastan’s Minimap & Extended Stats, Kodos’ Hitlog+Damagelog, Gnomefather’s Historical Gun Sounds


  1. Caption guy is so upset he starts repeating himself mid-sentence, I see. :P

  2. first! hehehehe

  3. The VK 3002 DB isn’t to bad if you spam APCR with the 88mm. I’m one of the
    few who seemed to like it :o

  4. Deciding to chase a light tank in heavies takes a very special kind of
    retard :P

  5. I ain’t sure but isn’t this something like replay steal because it wasn’t
    You playing t71, correct me if I’m wrong. ;P

  6. Yeah, “no cap kill all” and then all the retards (I’m not afraid to use
    that word) are chasing very fast light tank or feed an enemy by driving to
    him one by one.

  7. The IS’s probably thought that he’d camp the hill that was why one came
    from the North and the other from the South.

  8. Finnish player :D

  9. Yeah But its is fun as hell Jedi, and i mean the t23e3 Since everyone knows
    the fv304 is ‘fun’

  10. its Italian tanks that reverse fast, French tanks just have a long aerial
    for hanging their white flag on :P

  11. Jedi in arty, didn´t see that before 😛 :D

  12. personally at the end I would have just yoloed into them giving them the w
    since all it does is help them no matter what happens it does not effect me
    so I will be the nice guy no matter how much it pains me

  13. Something I’ve noticed about a lot of players is that they prefer to follow
    an easy formula, rather than actually thinking about the immediate
    situation. Hence, you get “no cap, kill all,” “all heavies go hill,” “all
    heavies brawl,” “all light tanks scout” – all easy formulas to remember,
    and formulas that are generally correct, except for certain situations and

    The difference between most players and good players is knowing when not to
    follow the formula.

  14. Hmmm, let me see. World of tanks and common sense in the same sentence just
    does not work most of the time. You want to see it in action?/ Come over
    the SEA server. Words just fail me at times.

  15. What tank is this? and how to get it!

  16. I feel bad for the T23’s on PC. Xbox T23’s get 1400 HP

  17. Good one Jedi. Message received.

  18. 30.02 d is great

  19. Jedi, just a few minor things: 1) It seems the quality of your video’s has
    gone down, by that I mean that it looks less sharp and crisp. 2) No matter
    what you claim Bert is an arty

  20. Joeben Pajes Engalan

    that T71 driver is the boss in that match

  21. He’s Finnish actually ;)

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