TVP 100 CHAPTER TIPS + HOW LONG? World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

The ShPTK-TVP 100 will be grindable from /05/2022 in World of Tanks in the “Queen of the Night” temporary Chapter. Here’s some tips and how long it takes!



  1. Or my cent with hesh, haha. That’s pretty nasty against Leo’s as I don’t have a kran, or leopard. My t10’s are American, the German super heavies, and the cent. With quite a few mixed t9’s. And lots of 7’s & 8’s of most others.

  2. Years past I would play the marathon. But with two babies… I won’t be able to play more than a couple hours a day at most. I like this TD, but need to decide if I want to spend 10k of my gold.

  3. Though I’m gonna miss a few days, am traveling for work, shit internet here, and working long hours, so get off work and shower, eat a sandwich or go out to eat, then bed. So if I think I’ll want that td, then I’ll probably have to buy the last few stages, so probably not, lol. And yeah, I hate their silly timed stuff, I’ve missed out on a to. Of things as I work for living, and don’t always have time to play, or enough time to play, or the right time to do stuff, like black market stuff, it’s always when I’m at work, so what I want is sold out long ago when I get home. They definitely don’t make this game for people who work for a living. Unless just purely casual and you miss out on so much, that you could otherwise finish.

  4. Man, 46% player here(if you take into account that I’ve played this game for 8 years since I was a younger self) to my more recent 48% I’m really not looking forward to this grind. Probably why I never 100% any of these events.

  5. I’m feeling well prepared. Have about 10 tanks that are ready to max out during the event and sandbagged on rolling over on the daily mission counter so it’s ready to give me the extra 50 points tomorrow. Figure I should only have to play an additional 11 hours of game time over the next 11 days to complete the event. Also I did save a good chunk of points on the Kran and Leo for good measure.

  6. Get the tank day one and farm ace tankers lol that’s what I done

  7. I have not played all 3 yet.. :)..

  8. I work 15h a Day, 6 days a week and have 3 Kids so… f*ck WoT

  9. I have 20 tier 6 tanks close to 100 points also. Easy 300 extra points. 1 or 2 battles with those tier 6 tanks needed.

  10. Good advice at the end there about not playing every day just because Wargaming says you have to

  11. Phuk that. I spent most of my adult life under pressure in my careers, why on earth would I engage in a challenge that causes rage over the frustration those clowns at WG created and have the arrogance of calling WoT a game? The 3, 5, 7 mix of match making works on paper but is practically non-existent in dozens of games, one of the infuriating aspects of a game that grabs you by the ankles and shakes the gold out of your account pockets.

  12. Ay Voldemort stop complaining.. this is easy

  13. Math? 1950 points. 12×45 points = 540 points. So you’re at the 11th stage ONLY by completing your daily! 1410 points left! Let’s say the average Joe has 50% win ratio, let’s say you end up in the top 3 in every second battle! AND you always in the top10. This means you’ll get 5 points on average. Now 1410/5= 282 battles.

    EDIT: for me that’s 12 days. If it’s going to be 11 days, then ofc even more battles you’ll need. Also forgot to mention that I had 103 battles in the last 7 days (with 67.96% wr)

  14. 08:31 there was a line on the article stating that even if you had the limit reached you will be able to get battlepass poıints etc

  15. tho playing the just the Leo will shave a bit of time dont for get its a tier 10 tank unless you getting exceptional matches all the time its gonna be burning through credits i have the Cent AX even in games where i get good 5000 damage minimal to no damage no premium rounds or consumables it eats credits like theres no tomorrow.

  16. Bill_nye_the_russianspy _

    Of course I’ve been saving all my BP points and I’m over 10k and I already have all the rewards available and I feel like the bonds for points are a ripoff. Oh well

  17. Oh great. Goodbye team play. Everyone for himself to win this OP tank. Especially unim0r0ns.

  18. Hair tie QB?

  19. Robin Van den Dorpe

    Great timing Wargaming, had a feeling you wanted to screw college / uni people over its not like our exams start 20th of may for me

  20. Is the calculation of % top 10 include 3 point when loss?

  21. Christian Erritsø

    Speak for yoursef abort bonus points 🙂 I have 24 tanks lined up ready for reaching Max in 1 or 2 games

  22. I hate these mission marathons (or whatever Wargambling will name them) were brought down to doing the math first instead of just playing the game and have fun. The other thing is that grinds on these marathons are awful and somebody who has a real life beside the PC games would not be able to gain these rewards. On the other hand I’m optimistic a bit once read that the supertest server is being moved from Putler’s fatherland to EU region. Maybe that would bring some more balance to tanks and maps which will be more fitting to actual human players, not for these soviet “Z” apes.

  23. Miljan Milosevic

    Amazing advices, especially the ones about real life! Keep up the good work.

  24. What maybe they should have done was any that were maxed out they should have been reset to zero, I know at lot with low tiers only would struggle to have a competitive tank left to use, I dont do tens as its just a waste of credits, I play only 6 an eights with a few odd 7’s now a days and a lot of my 6’s are maxed out.

  25. gutted, away for the moment so miss some days of this event

  26. I resent having to buy the improved pass again

  27. I dont get it… And qb didnt even say anything abut it. Do i need to buy the damn pass for 2,000 gold or not?
    Some plz ffs tell me 😀

  28. Playing tier 6 tanks a LOT gives you a similar advantage as playing the leopard as you will be adding 15 bonus points whenever you reach 100 points on a tank. Additionally it’s easier to reach top 10 by spamming gold which won’t break the bank at tier 6. Only downside is that you need to own a lot of tier 6 tanks, as you will go quite fast through them.

  29. I played 4 games X tier tanks and I thank WG for this shit. Better playing VIII tier doing missions with plaesure.

  30. Softeis Verbieger

    3:56 time – Depents on how good your are at the game!!!— nope, i´s NOT up to you if you get an victory or not!. It depents on how good your team is and if the RNG bonus is on your side. And this is what is so boring and the reason why many players dont care anymore because they get forced to play more and the games are less fun anymore because of to many players who has no idea what to do. Teamplay and tactical play is something they dont know at all….waste of time and as a full time worker you have other obligations. But for all the guys who „WORKING“ full time on and for WG/Wot it is an nice option to get another OP tank for free…at least in the right hands, lol.

  31. Really? 49% win ratio is considered average? Holy…

  32. okay but leopard is a sniper, so 1. your battles usually longer, if u want to play it well. 2. long shots less xp, u need top preformance for top five, top three is extremly hard, so I think Kranvagn is better if you want to grind it in t10.

  33. GeneralTrueFocus

    FV4005 gang! lets blast those Leotards grinders, at last.

  34. Hi, I’m doing the kranvagn pass and I also bought the improved chapter. Now, once the tvp chapter ends will I still be able to continue the kranvagn improved chapter or I will get the standard one once again?

  35. Also no bonus equipment at the end of this Battle pass

  36. Wilhelm Hetrick

    Well I hope WG does these events like this from now on. It was never even remotely possible for me to do the missions because well I has job. Also doggo get angry when she doesn’t get her walk and pets.

  37. Kairoru Iced Mocha

    So is this the best time to return back to WoT for those who haven’t played for couple of months?

    From what I see this is definitely way easier than doing the challenge marathon. Grinding for base EXP isn’t fun, even when you’re grinding for a tank that you wanted imho.

  38. Gideonpriyadharsan.W 9012

    I give big advice don’t stop griding in your top of tree tanks if you in a lucky may be you can earn about 300 points per day or 50 games because I finished about 6 stages in a day with my t 103 tank

  39. Coffee On My Foot

    Would I be able to do this BP chapter with only 1T6? I only have the Kv2 im new

  40. easy…am new player but this is joke

  41. Think overall WG did mess people over by not stating the bonus point tanks will be viable for this marathon but also seems they made it easier by being 4 hours a day grind for the bottom end rather than 26 hours a day

  42. Not leopards.. Kranvagns everywhere.

  43. I only have 6 tanks above tier 5. Guess I won’t be getting the “free” tank 🙁

  44. wargaming was thinking everyone who already did THREE other fucking chapters will just have to buy this chek TD most people are under 49% win rate half of the playerbase cant even get this tank for free no matter what, because for 52% of their battles they lose, and of those losses they are in top 10 less often, so there is just no way to get it without buying, unless you spend 12 hours a day grinding 3 points per battle, it’s disgusting.

  45. how can you call THIS unfair? you can even buy the rest with gold…sorry but thats MUCH better to grind a tier 8 premium than previous marathons.
    Also its not like your world will stop spinning if you already played the BP tanks too much 😉
    1-2h is just casual fun, easily possible unlike the previous like 4-6h 😀

  46. Good info QB but what might the options be for those who only make it to level 30 of 40 for example? Is it all or nothing to get the TVP 100 or will we be able to purchase at a discount with gold or $ ? Cheers

  47. how do i turn of grand battle?

  48. Conclusion: f2p players don’t need to bother to get it

  49. As a mediocre player that plays just when I want it seema fine compares to the other marathons that i could not finish because of the time needed to get to the last tier.
    P.S: I think the 4th chapter was teased since the beginning of the battlepass so those who paid attention prepared for it leaving the leo,kran and E4 for this one and also got almost max points on tanks just to rush it when it comes to that bonus.

  50. I agree with qb @ 08:30 about the point limit, as I’m planning to grind credits going through this marathon and my 2 favorite premium tanks already reached the points limit!!

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