TVP T 50/51 goes ham!

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Source: TheFochYou

System specs: Asus Z170 Pro gaming LGA 1151
Intel core i7 6700k @4.4ghz
Corsair H100i GTX
Asus STRIX 980 TiDC3 OC
Corsair RMx 650W 80 PLUS gold PSU
Kingston HyperX 16gb DDR4 Kit
Samsung 850 EVO 250GB SSD
Seagate Desktop 2TB HDD
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  1. snowisthebestweather

    3:40 “Thx for great help NOOOBS”

    It never gets old seeing these people who don’t understand that lightly armored mediums aren’t going to go fight tier 10 heavies frontally.

  2. Waiting for better conversion rate to get 10k gold and freexp to tier 9. This line is such a piece of garbage.

  3. 4 dislikes…why?!

  4. dope ass trigger discipline dood

  5. OK let’s bet for the next Foch’s 30hours stream 😀
    Men the first phrase of this vid 😛

  6. At 4:55 you were not shot blind, but you received the shots for the Leopard who got spotted. Nice one though, keep doing a good job!

  7. HE confirmed OP?

  8. Nice way to finish the video with that foch logo. A cool down after fast paced action.

  9. Well the woodstructure should be destructable probably but on this map it’s not that bad imo … The worst map for me at least is stalingrad that really consists of alot of shit like this…

  10. AMAZING ITA platoon1…

    As usual GG SIR!!!!

  11. you should never take HE in a autoloader. it’s often that you run out of ammo in most autoloaders and it is not worth to take HE.

  12. Btw foch, when are the resaults of the competition gonna pop up ? 😀

  13. you should really be able to refill ammo in the base or so

  14. This tank is easy mode, probably the least difficult t10 medium to do well in.

  15. I use that same strat at the beginning, with a medium at t6 is 1k dmg from the start haha.

  16. Decent game = 8200 damage. Wtf

  17. So this is basically the new waffel e100. Well that worked out great.

  18. fuck u too foch …… just I fakin love u man ???

  19. Yeap, E5 getting nerfed, just when the Type 5 is getting a massive armor buff with a derp cannon that will guaranty damage without aiming, the Maus is getting buffed (which it needed) and they are adding a new German super heavy into the game which looks really good. All of these tanks and the IS 7 have all around armor, the E5 only has good frontal armor and it has weak spots already, and it sides are crap, the new Type 5 will be frontally better than the E5 is right now. It makes no sense to nerf the E5 now, maybe months ago but not now. They need to keep the E5 as is and buff the IS 7 and IS 4. But this is Wargaming, and they always over it. Mark my words, they will Nerf the Type 5 when everyone starts complaining about it in random battles. Heck most tanks in the game will never be able to pen even the sides of it, what about tier 8 and 9 tanks, why even try if all you are is a HP farm for tanks that are imperious to almost all kinds of ammunition, even in their sides.

  20. tvp is just the biggest cancer of this game…

  21. you should play, I dunno, the M44 with full HEAT. Come to the dark side Foch. Do it! DOOOO IIIIIT!

  22. Is it just me or do wot you tubers always upload together? Xp this was uploaded a couple minutes after cf’s video

  23. that tank is so OP… like srsly, the BC25t has bad gun handling, bad reloadtime within the shots (2.73s) etc. BUT this tank has just no weaknesses (except the pen), but as a medium which is fast etc you dont need the pen.

    Because of this tank and others including (Kranvagn, T57, Amx50B) the BC25t is the weakest.

  24. President Donald Trump

    “to all of you who thought i would die with in the 30 hour stream; Fuck You”
    Never Change Foch, Never Change :’)

  25. how does Foch regenerate so quickly after staying up for 30 hrs…
    he is truely a half men half salt dispenser

  26. I think E5 was shooting at the Leo there at 4:56

  27. Foch is in delightfully positive mood.
    Its St Valentine’s day I guess :3

  28. 8k dmg, 0 premiums fired = 38k profit. Seems like a good economy model to me.

  29. 4:52 i noticed that the leopard pta was moving into cover probably he got spotted and foch wasn’t even spotted at that moment of time. I guess just unlucky timing that foched moved and took the shots for the leopard pta

  30. That LTTB shot though..

  31. I respect your opinion foch, but honestly that tank is much more than good, it doesnt have any of drawbacks of regular autoloaders ( long reload, bad gun handling and reload time between shots), 20 seconds reload is very nooob friendly, you have 2 shots left you just reload, with B C 25 for example you have to think twice before reload, its much more time out of the battle.

    That tank for me its clearly OP, just that gun handling is godlike, i trade any french autoloader for this, and it have nice gun depression, the only B C 25t have really good comparing to this is the cammo and even having more damage potencial in the clip that means nothing for me when you have to sit 10 seconds to unload.
    I dont know the arguments to saying that tank its not OP, bad cammo?? yes but have mobility, modules damage???

    I just test that thing on test server, and first game 5k damage without any effort, no plans no big tactics.

  32. Autoloaders OP Plz nerf

  33. coconutjellypie2000

    Hi Foch 🙂

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