^^| TVP T 50/51 Stream Highlight

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  1. More with jingles!!!

  2. Jingles talking about cats as usual…

  3. Well now at least we know what’s been plaguing Jingles. He’s been talking
    about “The Jingles Effect” the past year or two, but it’s really just the
    old saying: “Unlucky in game, lucky in…” ;)

  4. Of course jingles comes when I have to clean my dog’s cage ? oh well, it
    was still an awesome stream. Hope you had a great birthday Circon?

  5. Man Jingles has an interesting life, in the navy and now recently engaged,
    wow! I love the stories he has.

  6. Circon aces it with 6,1k and 1,2k base, I first class it with 7,4k and
    1,35k base… legit

  7. Wow that Conway player is trash.

  8. Communism is Badass

    Though that’s a Czech tank, you made the Motherland proud.

  9. Thanks again for the awesome 36 hour stream, Circon

  10. you know what would be hilarious to see?

    Jingles, circ, quicky, and sirfoch all playing a game of cards against

  11. I did 22 hours with you Circon, b4 I ran outta gas, but I enjoyed the
    stream. I look forward to the next one. Daslimpett

  12. i wonder if jingles still thinks everyone is out to get them now he is
    still getting rekt by artillery when playing under different names. I
    remember him bitching about it every single video a while back.

  13. Dah clippings are realz ._.

  14. sirCircon guess which middle aged old sailor hit the ring on a half his

  15. Circ please play AW after B 2.0 and Global Ops. it needs a great review
    from everyone to revive.

  16. The Grille and the TVP at the end must have felt like 2 girls in an empty
    bus grinding to a halt, the bus stop being full of football fans just after
    the match :D

  17. random question here, AMX 30B or Leopard 1? I only have enough credits for

  18. No arty gay nazi cancer noobs ? Already a GG !

  19. Saw this live for once

  20. Foch always makes me laugh.

  21. For those who didnt watch live (filthy heathes): Jingles was like : “Yeah
    I’ll join Circon like 30 hrs in then he’ll be tired and i can look good” :D

  22. TVP pretty gud tenk da?

  23. Circon, SirFoch and Jingles <3 gotta lotta lova for ya

  24. 36 hours, you absolute madman.

  25. this is after 31 hoours of playing ..

  26. ‘russian jet engine’ i laughed so hard :D

  27. Morning from Florida Circon.

  28. omg

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