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*It really is not.


  1. Jebaited? Have a nice weekend ya’ll!

    • Can u do a mod pack update please

    • You too dude

    • You got me. P.S. I always get mad when I think that the tier 8 tech tree tank should have been the autoloader Skoda T27 but they decided to make it a premium instead and sell it for cash… Despicable…

    • Hey, thanks for the content/entertainment brother! It’s weird, I don’t even play WOT, I checked out your channel to make sure my son wasn’t watching something questionable. Now I watch your Twitch just for the vibes, humor, idk, whatever. Good times man, hard to explain but spending time with your content brings things into perspective especially after a shit day at work, like baseball games. All the best, your work is much appreciated!

  2. You high Circon?

  3. Ugh, the TVP VTU. It’s about as good as the Panther II when you pick the 88, but with less armor (and the Panther II isn’t reknown for its armor), the 122mm handles as well as any non-Soviet 122mm gun (so not very), and the less said about the 100mm gun the better.
    Still better than some other tanks *cough* AMX 65t *cough*

  4. Hi QB, im a big fan

  5. Patrick Mundhenk-Koch

    With all the talk about the TVP VTU being the worst tank, I was hesistant in going for it. I even saved up the Free XP to skip it but then decided to try it out. It turned out to be a lot less worse than I thought. I was taking a support position double-bushing wherever I could and worked the gun (the only good thing on the tank) and the DPM was quite okay. Never needed the Free XP saved to pass it.

  6. “… but… At least you’re fast, you have a turret.” Is a ringing endorsement for USA tree players

  7. Ok. Clickbait title? I’ll bite!

  8. you might just use the 105mm on this tank for the memes and alpha and actually make this tank some what interesting instead of another boring and trash glass cannon

  9. I think i barely played this tank, i skipped after 20 or 30 battles. Didn’t liked it.
    I think i played the Tier 7 jap med with the stock turret because it was way smaller than the top turret that is soo big. So yeah, sometimes, stock turret are an option.

  10. Any tank you play is overpowered.

  11. Circon, get your facts straight!! It’s not only overpowered, you forgot it’s real name, the defender slayer, having one on your team it’s an instant boosts to your team win rate by 70%

  12. Misleading title

  13. who says tvp vtu is weak????? ..i think only the one who were using it doesnt know how to play it 🙂

  14. This Tank AKA Defender Hunter

  15. This tank is good of WG decided to put 3 shot autoloader

  16. 420 and 1337 in the same video. Immature nice approval

  17. ISU and WZ lost to you because they didnt have stock turret

  18. How did you get this open map with no arty?

  19. don’t believe his lies

  20. SU-130 had a couple good shots, didn’t deal much damage though.

  21. Its not thaaat OP.. it just counters Defener too hard …

  22. man that ISU was so out played…..

  23. nurf it!

  24. Every time i see circon play i think he plays a different Wot than me. Holy shit

  25. Circ, I know you can polish any turd and make it shine, but in the hands of most players, it’s a piece of crap with about 49% winrate.

  26. I found this tank to be just barely tolerable. I grinded out the t9 using the top turret and the 105. It did suck having less gun depression, but in that regard I just played it like a Russian tank that has absolutely no benefits, if not outright negative.

  27. When I saw that asterisk in the title, I already knew what I’ve come for.

  28. Imagine playing on the whole map and not like 30% because theres no arty

  29. Another important note about the stock turret is that it doesn’t have a weak ammo rack hitbox in it like the top turret does.

  30. This tank makes you look so depressed

  31. I like EBRs, they do silly things like spin 180 degrees when knocked out. (the one roughly 3:30 in)

  32. The SuI-130PM played reasonably well here too.

  33. Game is too ez for you playing in general population.

  34. BestViewedWithCable

    I hated that piece of crap. The grind was awful.

  35. the VTU is so op that I used blueprints to skip it, just couldn’t face clubbing so many noobs in that monstrous tank

  36. Sad thing is this tank was fast AF and had a great gun when it came out compared to the other T8 MTs and people still hated it.

    Now the T-44 is faster, has a better gun, and 4 times as much armor. Rasha. And dont get me started on the italians.

  37. Feel like the Skoda T 27 should have been the tier 8 tech tree tank… and the TVP VTU should have been the tier 8 premium

  38. Defender killer

  39. Ya know is not the tank is the player controls the tank and every time he plays a shit tank he made it look OP

  40. Im so glad i used all my universal prints to skip this tank completely

  41. Snake Enjoying a Can of Beans

    Do they even make stock turrets any more?

  42. The twitch prime ones have 1 free zero skill

  43. 5:50 “I hear the ISU”…??? WTF? Are you from this planet?

  44. Poor defender doesn’t even stand a chance against the tvp vtu 🙁

  45. i had a love hate with this tank. used same setup for a better gun. makes zero sense because tier9 is so much better.

  46. Actually my best game in a tier 8 med ( I have every one) was in the tvp vtu. 5600 dmg 9 kills

  47. Arfield without arties is actually cheating

  48. I was confuse until i see the *

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