TWIN 40MM KILL EVERYTHING VEHICLE | M247 (War Thunder Ground Forces)

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The F-89D Is Quite Possibly The Most Sophisticated System On Planet Earth

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  1. How would you feel about gainin making maps bigger for higher br’s so that Aa is less effective, making aircraft more viable?

  2. i love playing the vfw because its so hard to die

  3. And Centauro doesn’t hullbreak either…

  4. M247 is pure shit! it was torture before i got ADATS

  5. The 190 F-8 can kill a base.

  6. Why doesn’t it tuck its radar away like the others when you turn it off? It clearly has bits cut out of the turret for it to do so lol

    Another unfinished product of Gaijin… Didn’t it also take ages for its radar to even work correctly?

  7. ??7:33-7:35 when you get confused and mind fucked ?????

  8. Јосиф Висарионович Џугашвили Стаљин

    Me :

    *actually puts my hands up and prays with phly for rng*

  9. do u think they should add the black hawk

  10. GuppiApfel JustLeopardThings

    Dear Phly

    I have two questions for you.
    My first is what is your personal oppinion on players which prever xbox- or ps4 Controllers?
    And my second question is if you ever considered trying to play with said controller?

    Thank you if you read this

    GuppiApfel JustLeopardThings

  11. Attempt #2: I challenge you to only get assists in tank RB with at least 5 assists

  12. What do you use to record?

  13. Imperial Shocktrooper


  14. 12:20 he sounds like…

    Dwayne Johnson?


  16. Roll a 1d20 dice for probability…………(HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE)

  17. 9:25 , woah , such nice family friendly content

  18. 11:15
    A balloon?
    Welcome to FSX Steam-edition.

  19. Phlee, I-15 kills are permitted, Po-2 hunting is forbidden.

  20. So this gets hull break, but the VFW doesn’t? Gaijin’s Nazi bias is alive and well, I think.

  21. Phly, i’m your fan for like 3/4 years. Why you have to be blasphemous?
    This is really sad by you…

  22. G91 YS repair cost is 20k. if fully upgraded: 27k … ! pls.. 😀

  23. god, it’s not an anti-air, it’s an hentai-everything

  24. Attempt #332 pleas play the KV85 and ZUT 37 use the bucket force phly ^^

  25. «Now, don’t go over this hill»

    **proceeds to go over the hill**

  26. Reload painful to watch

  27. What’s the name of the “god” at 0:15 ?

  28. In REAL life this Sucked !!! And an easy kill with long ranged Anti-Radar missiles, so not built and many problems, failures and way over budget in the 1980s !!

  29. 9:18 this is why phly is the best. Also I’m finally a man!

  30. You should play the chieftain marksman

  31. Phly can you make a video with the China AS With the T-34 chasie


  33. The VFW should have hull break, otherwise it turns into the cancer machine like that it is now. The M247, in my opinion, should be hull-broken only if hit in the turret.

  34. play the m15,i challenge you to get 3 aircraft kills in a game

  35. Attempt 151phly it is time phor you to take the British go kart the Cromwell.

  36. 16:50 da comrade we will help everyo single war thunder player by ADDING THE PREMIUM KA50 XAXAXAXAXAXA.

  37. i expected him to have gotten alpha’ed by a helicopter with that intro, woulda been appropriate since he was asking for an aircraft

  38. “You’re now a man.”

  39. VFW is still very good but not as good as it was on realise because now the side skirts can hit pretty much anything and their hitbox is bigger than they visually are. Why doesn’t this happen to the T-64 with its side fins?

  40. kill all humans? i could not find anything with radar malfunction…

  41. Agree on rep. idea

  42. Music from fable??) Great jobe товарищ))

  43. Marius Heen Nilsen

    You have only played the type 90 on the deb server can you play it? Attempt #21

  44. Wait. Don’t they load in a belt? So wouldn’t they be fast to reload??

  45. Hey phly, Play MOWAS 2 With Terminator V2 mod

  46. It just take time to roll in a this long belts of ammo, cant be divided.

  47. and this thing is the same BR as Shilka. lol.

  48. could u make a small tutorial how too combine your thermal and ngv’s? because it wont work for me and maybe im doing something worg!!!???

  49. attempt #72 , use the Tetrarch Mk1, BUT try and kill a german Panther with it.

  50. attempt #73 , use the Tetrarch Mk1, BUT try and kill a german Panther with it.

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