Twin 57MM Cannons PROXIMITY FUSE SHELLS (War Thunder)

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Twin 57 Cannons PROXIMITY FUSE SHELLS (War Thunder)


  1. *2 DAYS TILL XMAS!*
    inb4 huehuehue it’s actually one day for me fly

  2. Hey phly. Hecking phly the mig 3 15 already. Also take a look at the book called modern armored fighting vehicles. That is all. Merry Christmas!

  3. And why doesnt zsu57 get these proximity shells?

  4. I know this is ground forces but, it’s Hipper to be square.

  5. Why is this an anti-air?

  6. Wow killing Germany its ez…. What do you think about Germany suffer??

  7. 5:56 China Precision

  8. Hey that’s Untertael

  9. Hull weapons functional? Time for my Sherman flamethrower upgrade

  10. Phyl plz take out Type 87 for once, its DM23 APDS got a huge buff!


  12. ? nice video bro

  13. F for the guy in the chat who has to stock grind with APCR shells ( 01:52 )

  14. Christopher Mustonen

    Please consider using the swedish B18B or the B18 series of aircraft, it is a bomber ground stricker and a fighter. My last game with this aircraft was amazing and not to brag but i did win with 3 player kills, 14 groundtarget kills 1 assist.

  15. I don’t understand why the soviet version doesn’t get the proximity fuse shells…. the Chinese version isn’t an upgrade or modernization (as far as my knowledge goes) it’s just a Chinese version with lil improvements but the canons are the same…. and in the real world the ZSU-57 also used proximity fuse shells…. so it should have them… And also since im talking about this a lot of other Spaas (like the flak truck and the Yag-10) should have proper proximity fuze shells or Time fuzed shells and not the joke of time fuzed shells that they currently have… because those shells don’t destroy mid air or anything and they just work as regular HE… which pisses me off… Spaas need rework done….

  16. hey bro .. wich way to manage crew level ??

  17. That Tom part had me laughing.hey can u play as the vehicle that Tom is playing

  18. CHINA NUMBER 1 !!!!

  19. Does anyone notice that t34’s still drive while on fire?
    Keep getting circled by them.

  20. When your early morning is 8-10 am

  21. Meanwhile they take away the good old 37mm HVAP from the flakpanther

  22. Is this some knockoff version of the ZSU-57?

  23. Is that the OVERLORD tank from c&c generals?

  24. 00:00 hm… I started playing WT last month and i went tô custom battles yesterday i got my Tiger H1 and i killed a leo1 6 times before he could even shoot at me lol… I guess the old cat is the best cat

  25. jasonfloridacracker

    Stupid gayjin shyt right here, abuse of power! If it makes $ most it’s OP.

  26. WT has been trash for a while now

  27. Vehicle : ZSU-54-2
    Music : Death by Glamor (Metatron Theme)
    Me : now we’re cooking

  28. Aqua Airways Channel

    China doesn’t seem to be so bad,…

    It’s just worst

  29. “It’s a tough situation. The game forces your gun to go up and hit some random sand debris on top of a pillar – I hate that”

  30. Play the low tier MiGs pls

  31. Incomprehensible Idiot

    No Leopards were hurt in this video.

  32. 3:24 why is a cyber truck in the battle

  33. Music name pls

  34. When that leopard died

    I felt that

  35. got me all excited thinking this was in the Russian tree but alas, war thunder has disappointed once again

  36. hey there a new battle stations pacific mod out that has really cool missions called The complete campaign pack you should give it a shot its a lot of fun its on moddb.

  37. Does it annoy anyone else when Phly always mispronounces “anticlimactic?”

  38. This tank is the best MBT in game

  39. use this in top tier and snipe the heli’s with it

  40. Felix James Ainsley

    Man. The flakpanzer 341 aka coelian needs it’s twin 50mm aa guns
    This would be a good counterpart

  41. Don’t drink and drive that’s sad drive and then drink with ur friends

  42. tell those phags to stop spawn camping

  43. Russian Balanced thing:)
    Next twin 88Mm guns?
    You really need play that thing different way:)

  44. Russian Anti-Air and Anti-Tank Gun.

  45. Hey Phly. Try doing like the ships with the best AA against a bunch of planes. Hope to see it.

  46. Ok so the new flat tank I kill it in one shot with my tigers by
    1, Shooting the Cupola
    2, canine shot
    3, under the canine
    It like facing the doom turtle if you guys get the picture they make it two easy when they want to angle the way they do

    Ps. Phly a lot of SL was sacrificed in my hell of 6.7 vs 7.3 so if you kill one of those hellish things in a gem ww2 tank remember this

  47. The M24 Chaffee is actually a really good backup at 8.0

    It’s speedy, manuverable, and comes with the wonderful American APHE round that just one shots everything (even leo lower plates 😉 )

  48. Phly: lemme check the reload real quick
    *proceeds to shoot 2 tank shells in less than a second*
    Phly: It’s _decent_

    Me: (ㆆ_ㆆ)

  49. -AAA- It’s an Anti Tank

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