Two Man Army in World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today I'm teaming up with vendar_Renant in World of Tanks to forge a two man army making 's final stand!



  1. This tank is pure garbitch. I mean it.

  2. i like how QB spoiled the end results when he was checking the stats lmao

  3. Tank reminds of a pug

  4. I had a game similar to this but I was in the IS6 and I forgot what tank the other guy was in but we end up winning it. LOL I thought at first no way this is going to happen. But it did.

  5. yeah, thats a real spoiler

  6. I think vendar had a microlag at that moment, losing control for just a second, stuff like this happend over and over to me during the holiday ops, either my internet was crapping out or WG’s servers.

  7. I’ve been playing this line on both wot and wotb and gotta admit I much prefer the auto-reloader on wotb than the autoloader in wot. Makes the tank feel more active.

  8. 7:05 talks about not spoiling so much
    Spoils at 1:06 the outcome

  9. I still remember when i came in to the stream and i saw the end of this battle…it was amazing and so frustratin to not see QB take this one down with his unexpected friend!!! GL next time mate 😉

  10. Yes I had this thing. It’s a blast

  11. i knew i seen this before, forgot where maybe on stream

  12. Did u rly have to spoil it

  13. 1:06 spoiler allert!!!

  14. The game wanted you to lose Dave made you get hit on that little spot like that’s ever gonna happen really Plus Hi Tanya

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if the enemy had that mod that highlights weak points, or a custom skinpack (if those are still a thing) with weak points colored in.
      At that close of a range a spot like that wouldn’t accidentally be hit.

  15. Defeat lol

  16. Loved playing WoT, should get back into it

  17. Top tier editing when you checked the tank stats lmao

  18. Umm . . .

  19. 1:06 hmmmm i wonder how this game will end lmao

  20. how did the enemy team have 8 people with medals and 2 off them had 3?

  21. As a tanker, great more content.

    As a follower, milk what you can its obvious

  22. 4 times as many kills as the rest of the team? Dont think so

  23. Holy video artifacts…time to start rendering in 1440p/4K…1080p is too ugle for 2023 :s

  24. Look at all the know it all’s below mentioning a minor error over and over. Apparently everyone needs to put in their 1penny in order to appear knowledgeable. Good video QB!

  25. Spoilers!

  26. dilike for spoiler at 1:08

  27. Asocial Socialist

    It pains me how ISU152 is a very bad tank now, almost unplayable

  28. Huge spoiler lol

  29. Bruh this tank is awesome fr… I have my highest average XP in it, more than torti which I have 3 marks on

  30. Oooof sir! Cliff diving would and should have worked but then when it matters, rip

  31. I couldn’t make the 120mm work. I use the more accurate gun and set the tank up to fire at greater distances.

  32. what a fake game

  33. QB that was so impressive. At 6:28 minutes into the game you were down 10 vs 3. 7092 HP vs 2884 HP. I really though you had this as the game progressed. That would have been epic.

  34. QB you spoiled it

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  36. so what you say about WG give old accounts to boosting company’s ? @QuickyBaby

  37. When you found your vipera have 30mm less penetration gold round than tech tree tank:

  38. Tort has 5 sec intraclip 😛

  39. noob crapy baby spoiling the game before it starts

  40. I have to say that I like the t7 and the t8. T7 is maybe still a bit better

  41. QB I love your videos. Whenever I feel tilted or angry. I go straight to yt and turn on one of your videos.Thanks for being a part my day and making me happy. Keep it up!

  42. The_Apostolic_Guy

    Top of the morrow to ya, fine lad and hail to King Chair the 1st!! Upon further review at 12:31 the Ref (QB) calls a laugh for flying while playing a tank. ArmFil looses the challenge yet makes the replay real…. lol lol lol!!!

  43. Hi quacky baby I’ve just built my pc and got in to WOT and everything is overwhelming there is too many things and blueprints that I don’t understand
    Can you make a beginner tutorial since the last one you made is 6 years ago

  44. *Spoiler alert*

  45. Many 0 damage’s on QB’s team, they probably don’t know which end the shell goes.

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