Two Tortoises Mate During Battle circa 1946 (War Thunder)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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Two Tortoises Mate During Battle circa 1946 (War Thunder)


  1. Nightraven7723 7723

    And now you see two tortoises in their natural habitat butt to butt in a defensive position…

  2. That was good

  3. But we refer to vehicles as females, does that mean your tank is lesbian and your crew is gay?

  4. That bird lineup be looking mighty nutty Phly ? Full homo

  5. HESH isn’t for penetrating so there shouldn’t be a hole in it but then it could because of the shear size of the round.

  6. “Phly” but our whole team is dead, *because you formed voltron on the other side of the level* ….

  7. Dude Phly, it looks like that gym time is paying off.

  8. It took so many shots to kill that tiger 2 i almost thought it was world of tanks

  9. 12:47
    That shot made me cum hard.

  10. Just a little butt stuff between friends.

  11. Phly, i have a good challenge for you!!
    Attempt #286!!!!!

    Play the M48 in stock configuration. But i am generous, besides the APCR shell (that rarely do damage at all) you can use the APHE in one battle (170 pen on 7.7 Br but at least do something post-pen), but make sure to play one game with APCR only.
    No camping behind allowed (and not sure it would help)
    Good luck, you will need it.
    If you have fun during it, i can guarantee you are not doing it right
    . The challenge is to not lose your mind or uninstall right after.

    Requesting it before the sh!tst0rm of the stock syndrome

  12. Did this with AT2 in war thunder

  13. NiccolosMoraOfficial

    This is not what i expected you to look like

  14. German Christian empire

    Sir Phly,
    I would like to recommend a combo for the FV4005 with the lancaster b mk 1 pls!

  15. Not at all how I pictured you, heheh.

  16. Dartagnon Alexander Backes

    an option to hold crew would be awesome it would stop those annoying deaths from getting shot in the same spot and dying by just one crew memeber trying to be replaced

  17. Hey Phly lets see some turbo prop play with the A2D-1 in honor of some good ol’ fashion American patriotism.

  18. Dapper dan bro Big boss

    Fly looks like a Kmart Blake Griffen

  19. Phly what’s your computer specs

  20. The butt buddy technique

  21. theil2sturmovik2

    what mic does phly use

  22. *You forgot to put colorized in the title*

  23. “Butt to butt” I believe gay folks call that a “Moon landing”

  24. The Reagan Administration

    Phly have a full squad of tortoises

  25. *Thicc armor*

  26. TheInsaneMustang

    Use the tortoise as armor an put the FV behind it

  27. Can you please do the leo and the heaviest bomber you have (attempt 1)

  28. OMG PHLY we have the same headset

  29. I actually have done butt to butt but with the Hetzer XD

  30. You should make more videos with Benny, he’s good fun =)

  31. Benny’s laugh is so fuckin’ funny! Every time he laughs, I start laughing.

  32. Ancient Warrior

    Use the soviet T-60 light tank as anti-air

  33. Nobody :
    Phly : *2 turtles have sexy times while fighting*

  34. Cryogenic Toast


  35. what was the song at the start??

  36. So the Title is for shits and giggles but Germany surrenderd May 1945….so who where they fighting in 1946 ?

  37. The male fantasy.

  38. phlydaily pls play battlefield

  39. battlefield 1

  40. Kyros Droztamyr

    “circa 1946”
    by god….D-Day failed..

  41. Shoulda had the tow line attached at all times.

  42. 12:47 What the actual… phlipin heck. Iph only I got that lucky.

  43. I cant use this slow Tortoise, try to turn in the water with it, and everyone knows the weak plate under the huge loader hatch, like the whole side under the loader hatch

  44. GuppiApfel JustLeopardThings

    Im asking myself when they bring the german “Wisel” in warthunder.

  45. You should do that again and always stay in formation

  46. How about T95?

  47. Kommander Phly, pls play the VFW into 10.0.
    (Side skirts down, get 5 kills and no APCR)
    Attempt No 26.

  48. Hay Phly Daily what game is better for you to play War of Rights, Hell let loose or War Thunder or out of the three which is more fun.

  49. The tortoise formation in its prime

  50. Phly ,idea. Make pizza time in crossout.

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