Type 4 Heavy review!

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Source: TheFochYou

Intro song: Steel Glass by nervous_testpilot
Mods used: xvm
System specs: FX 8350, GTX 760,
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  1. Seems to me like Wargaming saw the IJN battleship line in WoWS and said;
    Hey, you know what would make a cool tank line ? Battleships on tracks !

    Except the IJN battleships are fast and sexy…these tanks are…not. IJN
    battleships existed and fought(mostly)…these tanks….didn’t. Really,
    Wargaming just failed at understanding the japanese philosophy for imperial
    armored combat, mobility and might, not slowness and getting hosed by
    everyone… that was Hitler’s (Maus, Ratte)

    I just feel that line is contradictory with the whole national tech tree…
    but what do I know…

  2. do you like any of the japanese tanks? they may not suit your play style
    but other people may enjoy that type of play.

  3. So what’s the point in releasing large, heavily armoured tanks with pretty
    significant weakspots the moment you try angling it? Shitty DPM? I thought
    the purpose of the test server was to ensure utter shit like this isn’t
    released. Then again, those pumpkins released the WT E100 so I can’t
    exactly say I’m surprised.

  4. It’s actually gud C:

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