Type 5, But Played By The Best Player in World of Tanks | Type 5 Heavy Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Type 5 Heavy New Equipment Gameplay. World of Tanks Type 5 Heavy AP Gun Gameplay, How To Play Type 5 Heavy. World of Tanks Best Player – Stanlox (Stanlock). World of Tanks Best Battles / Best Replays.

Today’s video is going to be about the best player in World of Tanks, according to the https://en.-life.com/ website, when we line up WN8 numbers across all the servers. “Stanlox” is a Russian player and streamer, who has the best WN8 while playing with mostly 9 and higher tanks and at the same time able to maintain over 70% win rate.

Enjoy the show!


  1. Decided to bring you something different today…
    Also… “Where do I find enemy team like this?” 😛 Or did Stanlock just make them look bad? ⛔

  2. Wow, Even the best player are a gold noob.(in my opinion)

  3. i like it

  4. Friend of Puttin ?

  5. Map awareness was special! Definitely above average.

  6. Any reason you deleted my comment Dez? I would have suspected a comment defending accusations to clear the air would not violate anything. But I guess not. If anything this comment section is proof of why WG removed “report” a cheat function. As anything they don’t understand or now is a cheat. Not saying this game is cheat free, it’s far from it. But still.

  7. 3:09 wtf was that?

    • Type 5 has a -10 gun depression. But over some points on the hull it jumps to -9 instantly. As indicated by his gun position when he zoomed out.

  8. Ah the predictable ‘he is cheating’ and ‘omg gold ammoz’ comments in the comments, maybe just accept this guy is a lot lot lot better than you at the game and is has nothing to do with the ammo he uses or the equipment etc. it’s his pure ability.

    I’d like to see people averaging 4.4k DPG and a 65% solo win rate in a Type 5 by just spamming premium rounds (which are shit btw, a Leo 1 has 278mm of standard pen, Type 5 premium AP only has 12mm more than that).

  9. And what would his stats have been if he hadn’t rerolled his account?

  10. Im reading comments and im really surprised by all comments about gold spam, do you really people think its possible to get best result across all servers by not shooting full gold? How naive can you be lol

  11. ꧁ω༺⌉ৡۣۜ͜͡ৡ༒쬬༒ৡۣۜ͜͡ৡ⌈༻ω꧂ l

    yes yes shooting standard ammo to type 5
    such potatos

  12. Nice….

  13. Huge respect to him for playing with mostly AP and not like a direct firing arty.

  14. Firstly WN8 is a deeply flawed metric, and I don’t know why it is still being used. With that out of the way, the best way to gain a high WN8 (which Stanlox is also using) is Don’t play light tanks, don’t play SPGs, and preferably don’t play TDs. All those classes are massively disfavored in the WN8 formula. So stick to Heavies and mediums, and you WN8 will increase quite a lot.

    I am not by this saying you can’t get decent WN8 in light tanks for instance, it is just massively much harder than in a heavy tank, due to the mechanics of the formula.

  15. It is all about WN8! We need WN8 in the title! 😉

  16. Only obj705 and FV shot premium ammo, the rest are standard ammo no wonder he did good in type 5 heavy

  17. sorry I am not impressed. Like he is a good player, and better then I am, but everyone can do good in the type 5 if enemy team doesnt use gold. And he is using full gold, best crew, food, etc etc. So its like a boxing match, but one of the players uses boxing gloves and the other uses brass knuckles. They can both win, but one just has a numerical advantage over the other.

  18. Manipulative MM and RNG!

  19. If his insane win rate was produced by platooning, it would still be impressive as hell and way beyond what most players will ever come close to. But more importantly: It would mean that the wn8 is even more insane. It is way harder to score 5900 in a godlike platoon than when solo.

  20. Alexandru Ciubotariu

    is it me or that aim circle is jumping on target, kinda suspicious. at 1:20 and 1:48

  21. Yes, he did something special that most players don’t: From the start to end, consistent awareness, angling, well aimed shots, and spending his HP pool perfectly.

    All of this is basic stuff, sure, but doing all of it, perfectly, from start to end in every single game you play, that is the difference between this vs what most players do.

    All of the good players typically have one thing in common: They are not magicians. Nor are they in any way cheaters. They just do the basics perfectly and consistently. And that’s not basic at all

  22. 22k games is low which means this account was reset fot statpadding purposes; plays tier 9 mostly for statpadding (-2, +1 preferential MM), spams gold, not playing scouts (1,7 tanks spotted) or does go agressive at all for statpadding purposes

    • Statpadding with tier 9 and 10… gl with that… besides playing lights is easier to get high wn8, especially on low tiers so your comment is just from a person that sucks at the game and blames others for it, git gud kid

    • @Robert Basleader92 you get -2 MM on tier 10 and +1 -2 on tier 9 and thats preferential; that is what all statpadders do; ask him to play 1k games at tier 6 and check the stats; i did quit the game after it turned p2w but back at the time you got almost no wn8 for spotting; did it change? usuall padding gameplay was sit at best op most meta spot, use teammates as meat shields, dont loose hp, trade your hp for more damage at the end of the game, use whatever p2w you can afford, repeat

  23. Wait which gun is he using?

  24. More like that please Dez..

  25. Saturnas Trisdesimseptini

    22k battles (pretty sure that it’s just a reroller, so all the previous battles are not even counting) are definitely not enough to be defined the best wot player. I might be wrong, but from my perspective, someone like Skill4ltu, who has over 100k battles and has 3 marked almost everything, is the best random battles player. While for clan wars is a completely different approach, based on team and strategy.

    • This has has 5k+ dpg in his tier 10s. He is by far the best player in WOT. Skill is good for 3 marking and such but damage wise his damage isn’t that high. This guy can probably 100% every tank in the game without trying

    • Saturnas Trisdesimseptini

      @R-Flex he is a clear wn8 grinder, which is a shame. Having good wn8 doesn’t mean to be a pro. 3 marking is much harder. Not all tanks can deal dmg, so you need to know how to spot and get assistance.
      Besides that, a reroller isn’t worth of my consideration.

  26. extended Auto-Aim ????????

  27. I mean I’d also do pretty good in Type 5 when playing on russian server where no one shoots premium ammo, and he loads all premium

  28. I mean the OBJ 279e is even worse them this tank(talking about the skill cap) so I have to disagree with you (I have ~100 battles in my Type and I have a 2 mark plus I’m not using food so yeah

  29. Take their premium ammunition and then let’s see how it goes with the statistics !

  30. Alexandru Rohozneanu

    Pfff!What a noob…

  31. Dam is been a while since I saw a video of wot. it’s interesting that this game still hold it. Last time that I played the game it had really really low player count. Anyways good to see a video from DezGamez.

  32. what a muppet gameplay.. lol.. best ? of course RUSSIAN lol no more words needed.. and russian streamer also ? need more explanations facepalm

  33. One can learn so much from replays like these. Like all the ways you can buy results – directives, consumables, full goldspam…. We need more content from these human shits

  34. 2.57 , why does his gun flick so quick into the capolla?

  35. How many battles has he really played to get that good? His account looks like a re-roll with only 1 battle below tier 6

  36. Dez, you asked the question… I answer, and you will say I am just stupid. But I can upload all my battles from yesterday with kv2 to super pershing, or obj140. 75% of my shots went to dirt, or above target, or just hit the target where it is an auto bounce. In this video, 75% of the shots went where it was supposed to go. And I am talking about at least 3 skill crew well equepped tanks. No, I do not want to say, I am the best player, I kniw how to position my tank all the time. I think players can do that way better than me, but still… That hit ratio is not something I can reach even on my better days.

  37. Here it comes, he uses aimbot, full gold noob, camper, statpadder, blah blah blah…. just grow up people and admit that you suck at the game instead of making stupid comments just because you cant understand how someone can be so good at the game. Aimbot is bullshit, he streams so WG would see that and ban him, full gold makes sense since your normally gonna fight against other heavy tanks and with 290 something pen on prem your gonna struggle so full gold it is. Statpadder is bullshit, you do that on low tiers and with light tanks since thats easy wn8 plus you would platoon a lot which he doesnt do…

  38. Did that say it was created in 2016?..

  39. Guys what was that? 3:09 to 3:11 I’m not saying he is cheating, he is a great player but it was not just right click. He was aiming at the back and the aim just went right on the enemy turret and then back to its back. It happened a few more times during this replay.

  40. wasnt he shooting ONLY gold?

    and also not a single one enmy hit him with gold ammo (fv doesnt really count since it lowers its pen compared to standard).
    usually when i play a medicre armored t8 tank t10s spam me with gold, and he gets the opposite in this battle…

  41. He didn’t do anything special, but he didn’t do anything wrong. however I would like to see him playing an Indian panzer in a tier 10 game. Or a tier 8 or 10 german lt with 1 or 2 ebr 105 in the enemy team and 3 arty’s in play. type 5 is not in the meta, but is not a bad tank. And his acount is a re-roll, he plays only good tanks, I cand find any tanks below tier 8 that are not premium, or tanks that are pretty op for theyre tier. He has skills, way better than me, but i want to see if he can do this good in a bad tank.

  42. you can only dream to meet such enemies on european servers that
    wont switch to gold after seeing type 5

  43. You saw how he blocked the shot for the Phase I, so he could take out the T30? Kind of a dick move. If it’s unintentional, meh cant change it. But this was definitely intentionally blocked.

  44. This is just proof that the game isn’t rigged, over half of the games you lose are lost because you weren’t good enough.

  45. Yep anyone can be 5000wn8! Just install a mod that will make your tank invincible and drive forward and shoot everyone to death! I just saw a shell with white tracer go right through his Type5 tank at exactly 2:09 of the video and done no damage to him, he is invincible, after he gets 4000dmg he turns off the mod to start receiving some damage to look legitimate 😐

  46. He’s using AimBot, a few shots at the Gun’s Crosshair swells straight to the Commander’s dome or to the roof of the tower. Or it’s just a bug

  47. Definitely toying with RNG. It’s not skill at that point… RNG is rigged but it can be fooled by logging in and out at the right time or playing a certain way.

  48. looks hard like improved autoaim

  49. tbh t5h has negative income even if you never fire a single premium round. its my onlt t10 tank and i can say that he DRAINS my silver, its dumb how much money you lose per battle with him. even when you do well

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