Type 5 Heavy – Master Class – World of Tanks

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The Type 5 is the heavy weight boxer of of Tanks, taking hit to make blows is key – here's how to master it!


1:09 Which gun to use?
2:37 Crew Recommendations
3:26 Recommendations
4:11 Field Mods
5:11 Game 1
13:50 Game 2
20:24 Game 3
34:13 3rd Mark
35:27 Conclusion


  1. A pity that cliff-dive failed to land directly on the enemy Type 5, that would’ve gotten you to your 6k damage for sure.

  2. Macaroni and Cheese

    I haven’t played it since they nerfed HE.

  3. Master class = use bond equipment

  4. Type 2 diabetes heavy heavey.

  5. Thx QB, can you do an ebr 105 and a kunze pz???? pls thx❤

  6. dont play this .. only when they nerf the gold ammo .. i sold mine when they nerf it for second time… guys do not try this at all your team will lose 80% if type 5 and 4 are in your team

  7. Love to see a slower tank! I’d very much love to see a master class on the T95, been wondering about my equipment setups. Can’t bring myself to drop the bond gun rammer, durability or bond protection on my first loadout.

  8. Three Ts – Tier Ten TOG

  9. Dang it QB, you make it look so easy. Before the nerf, this tank was hilariously fun. Now more frustrating than anything. I’ll have the rare great game but this thing just doesn’t hold up very well in tier 10. I’m probably a try hard on this tank, thus the frustration. 😂 I hope the upcoming rework is for the better. 🍻

  10. I have been watching this dude for 10 years and just realized that both QB and Quickfingers are most likely dirty names.

  11. David Gallimore

    What about the O-I, 10 cm high pen gun, or the 15 cm derp gun?

    • 10 cm is way to go. Even before HE changes I used 10 cm because it’s so much more consistent and reliable. If you play O-I for fun 15 cm is for you but if you are playing with it to get to the O-Ni or if you are chasing MoE 10 cm is way to go

  12. More master class videos!!

  13. I think the Type 5 is a tank that can be fun and with a platoon of them can do some serious memery

  14. I will get one FUN

  15. how the hell do you have 450k gold.

  16. MuhammadAli Uppal

    Now that qb has played the type 5 , I’ll be able to have high damage games with my t30 and E100 since most of the random queues will be filled with the type 5 heavies

  17. “The people who won’t do well in this tank, are the ones who are paralysed by the thought that they might lose hit points….”

    …so pretty much 90% of all players then in the current “hide at the back and hope the reds roll in front of me” meta?

  18. Nobody tell him about the type 5 heavy in console, it’ll boggle his mind

  19. Washi Washi Juan

    First Tier X i got, infuriating getting farmed with gold but most time you turn off your brain and just enable your team to carry

  20. I have never been able to master the Type 5H… I loved it for what it is, but finally sold it and retrained the crew for Jap TDs. Watching this video, I am a bit tempted to buy it again and try my luck, but I guess I know how it’s going to end 🙂 so hopefully they will re-work the Jap Heavies as @fourche7 stated, then I will try again. Until then, I enjoy my TDs.

  21. Dominick Ciaravino

    Masterclass MS-1???

  22. I’ve been grinding my type 4 forever. Part of that is my fault, I’m grinding a ton a tanks all at once, so a stupid number of 78-t9’s of all types. But also because of work, I don’t play as much as I used to. I definitely have some pretty good games here and there in it, with like 3-4k blocked, and 2-3k damage the. Others where I’m 4k damage. But depending on the map, how I’m playing. And my teams, it can very old to play. Very fast.

  23. im a different breed, this is still my favorite tank in the game, and i take a masochistic pride in every time i make my opponents cash go negative by bouncing their gold rounds, my philosophy for this tank is that if the enemies are shooting me their gun is on cooldown so my friends can have fun.
    the Type 5 is kinda like the Tiger 1 in that you really can make use of your health being so high.

  24. Why does he keep saying try harding? Doesn’t he mean trying hard or trying harder?

  25. I would absolutely love to see a master class on the leopard 1 because it needs a lot of skill (being obviously fragile but has a great gun) utilising the mobile sniper aspect

  26. It’s realy wierd to think that this tank was OP 4 years ago between 2017. and 2019. when had derp gun with OP premium rounds and at that time Chieftains, 279’s didn’t exist

    • Chief and 279e existed, Type 5 was nice counter to those tanks, I can be wrong but I remember type 5 was only counter to those tanks in 279e and chieftain infester Rankeds

  27. I adore my type 5. I think one of its strengths is it’s not so common anymore. People almost seem to forget how to shoot at it. Like QB said, just waltz in at roughly 45 degrees and you’re good to go 5/10 times.

  28. Thiccus Briccus

    2 Type 5 heavys merged into a single Type 10? sounds like hell on earth for the enemy team

    for the unaware Type 10 is an actual tank. It is the most modern tank Japan has to offer with all of its statistics miles above anything found in world of tanks

  29. Could u make a jgpz e100 masterclass ?

  30. Nataliia Teteruk

    Yeah V4 Sure deserved it coming.
    Remembered when last year it was top on the tree. Then it was that month paus from wot altogether.

  31. The master class videos are my favorite, another great one. I’m currently grinding this one now, I’m at the tier 8 so shouldn’t take long to get the Type 5 H

  32. Carl VonDrunker

    Load premium…got it. Good break down.

  33. jammydean geway

    11:00 in other words the type is ONLY better when enemies DONT fire gold, that simple…

  34. Krunzer Panzer just chillin’ behind the bush at their spawn

  35. i actually prefer the 152mm gun, and for the AP rounds specifically. it’s one of the only vehicles that mounts a gun that high with so much depression, and it can overmatch the top deck or roof of any vehicle in the game, (minus the 268/4, but you have the funny bar on top.) at hugging distance, it has a 100% pen chance against every vehicle unless they’re a very small light, and then you can squish them. i know that this isn’t necessarily good, but i feel it’s the only thing that no other vehicle in the game can do and if i just wanted to be durable, i’d play the maus instead. also, when you win a flank and hit someone in the side or rear with an HE you can see them panic >:)

  36. That TD platoon….my god.

  37. 34:54 for fun, that’s absolutely FUN

  38. Lol my highest blocked game in the maus was 17k

  39. This might be an interesting, but I think it be kind of cool, doing master class for the Amx 50b, as out of the meta as it is I found myself having alot of fun with it every now and then

  40. I love the master class series I just wish the videos were more often but when there’s a master class video it’s amazing!!

  41. Is the type 5 heavy worth it? I’m relatively new to Heavy Tanks, I mostly play lights and mediums but want to go down one of the super heavy lines. How’s the grind? Is the pay off worth it? I’m not talking how competitive just is the tank fun to play?

    • Maus is best superheavy, very powerful for just going in and taking/bouncing shots, excellent at surviving and you can do some damage. Type has only better alpha damage, but gun itself is worse, also armor is a lot worse. E100 has best guns, is slightly faster but you are not bouncing anything in that. PZ7 is just a complete garbage, forget about that, yeah gun handling is very nice, but its slow, no armor, no hitpoints , no dpm…its just shit.
      Also worth mentioning, E100 has best grinding line

    • @Janis Karklins I was debating between Maus and the Type 5 so this is helpful thank you

    • HELL NAH. Unless it gets buffed. Maus is the same tank but better in every single way except alpha damage.

    • if you are new, don’t go for type 5 as first heavy, go for a russian heavy, those are all pretty good, most recommended is IS-7, or the german E 100

    • @Zican Not necessarily new too Heavy’s I have super conq and T110 just new too the super heavy lines. I’ll probably go down Maus first though since a bunch of people agree with you that Type 5 isn’t really the move

  42. i dont have the type 5 or the type 4, correct me someone if im wrong, but, is the type 4 better than the type 5? because when i look the stats, the pen, and the alpha damage for a tier 9 tank looks goog when you face this tank with tier VII tanks.

  43. 5:37 I’d say the E100 has better armour than the Maus. Both are nearly useless against 330mm+, but the E100 can bounce 300 and below off the front of the turret more often than not, whereas the Maus cheeks are an easy pen until as low as 265-270. The E100 hull also absorbs so many rounds seemingly at random, with the only advantage to the Maus being the lower plate.

  44. I remember the days when the Type 5 Heavy was one of the most OP tier 10 heavy tanks in the game. They buffed the armor and introduced the stupid derp gun.

  45. Easy when you are top tier against tier VIII … Try aginast Bobject 279e … so much fun

  46. The_Rainbow_One

    Masterclass akhy

  47. Rodrigo de Carlos Ayuela

    Please EBR 105 masterclass QB. THANKS!

  48. On the console, the 15cm gun fires HE standard and prem is 330 pen HEAT

  49. A enemy Type 5 on El Halluf had 300 hp left, and i watched our 1600 hp T57 Heavy jumping around the rock to kill him. The T57 bounced or missed all 4 shots, and was then rammed to death by the Type 5. The MM is crazy. T57 only penned 4 of 14, and probably shot HE only, since he did 850 dmg. You cannot expect to win when half the team are muppets in tier x. Besides, that shot on top plate 268v4 was really bad, i would never had fired.

  50. Brandt Stephens

    Master class with the Maus.?

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