^^| Type 5 Heavy Patch 9.17.1 PTR changes… (World of Tanks Gameplay.)

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  1. WG .. “we will improve armor role for HT” .. so lets push tank with gun
    shooting HE only and without frontal weak-spot u could penn without premium
    … dat logic … poor E100 ..

  2. I see myself loving both the Type 4 heavy even more and Type 5 heavy at all

  3. So, Time to run spall liner on everything.

  4. “We’re going to increase RNG on less accurate guns, reduce the accuracy of
    LTs and make penetration fall off faster to make armour more relevant.”

    “Let’s introduce derp guns that will regularly do 350-700 damage to the
    most armoured tanks in the game!”

    The incompetence of WG legitimately stuns me sometimes.

  5. RNG at its finest on HE shells. As if this game didn’t have enough HE
    shooting guns!
    I used to play WoT for hours, now on the first arty hit i alt+f4 and play

  6. Adding more RNG to such a random game already. Really hope WG dont mess up
    their balancing overhaul and put this on the live server. This looks like a
    terrible way to “fixing” the broken SPGs

  7. Make armor relevant again)))))))))

  8. i think the biggest issue is that this tank and the tier 9 are absolutely
    OP you cant outplay HE. you always take damage from these tanks, and you
    almost always have to fire premium shells to pen them (depending on the
    tank) its like a 183 with a faster reload and fantastic armor. completely
    removed skill from the equation.

  9. I can’t find my double-u key plz help ;~;

  10. gl guys im happy just playing tier 6, i dont need tier 10 to have some
    fun…they just make the game and for sure they not play 50 games with that
    derp gun to see how stupid can be if they get the same on face, some people
    will say the type5 is balanced now…dont make me laught

  11. I call it the peeter gun :D

  12. Remember when people joked about the chi-ri being the best tier 10 heavy?
    Some memes should stay dreams.

  13. Yeah Deathstar too op lets nerf its alpha…. We can give it to the jap
    heavies btw. Wg logic.


  15. Considering this is really only shitty thing about that update I think we
    should be pretty happy

  16. I think the whole game is going in the wrong direction not just this stuff.
    Im not buying any new premiums and I’m not renewing my premium account
    until I know what’s going on. I strongly suggest EVERYONE do the same. And
    I agree with Circon the Jap heavy line was unnecessary. Too many tank lines
    now. Swedish lines are fun but we could do without them Czech line is ok
    but do we really need it ? The is not enough basic game fixing. Map
    research ie new maps for all people not just corridor shit.

  17. tier 1o derp guns! now I want to play the jap heavya.

  18. I like the idea of a tier x derp gun, but I deeply hate that HE p2w

  19. I just palyed the Type 5 on the test Server.. it’s totally op in my
    opinion.. that gun is dirty!

  20. You Sir, are absolutely right on this. Those premium shells have more alpha
    than French arties, but heavy tank armor. Nice meme indeed!

  21. This is going to be ridiculous…

  22. Let’s introduce more RNG to high tiers! What could possibly go wrong!

  23. great, I look forward to being one shotted in my skorpion g by type 4s and

  24. I certainly will enjoy fighting these tanks now in my lightly armoured
    high-tier French tanks…. NOT. It’s bad enough having a tier 7 arty delete
    you while playing a Foch because of its horrendous armour on the top and
    sides. Now these buggers can do it if they have your sides.

    Slow American TDs will certainly enjoy this change too. They already have a
    hard enough time with artillery. The Tortoise will have fun too. Maybe this
    will provide people the incentive to get spall liners.

  25. are they finally adding in a new ui element that’s tells you what type of
    ammo you’re being hit with?

  26. Wargaming: “We will make armor great again!” weeks later: “We will give
    high tier tanks ridiculously big derp guns!”

  27. Watch Superheavy Spall Liner sales sky rocket :-(

  28. Well it’s good for me but seriously 600 HE to a tier 10 heavy

  29. Gotta love missing for 600 damage!

  30. really hate these stupid ass derp heavies

  31. It's what you think (It's milk)

    So play the tier 9 and hope you get top tier or your fucked.

  32. Good memes on Type 5 Heavy

  33. thejoedude thefirejoe

    they want to make armor better but then they add stuff like this to the
    game, where it does the same damage with heavy armor or not

  34. Sergio Llorente Martínez

    what are you doing WG …

  35. Add HE add even more RNG!

  36. my poor fv4005. …..

  37. Yeah, the derp guns take the skill away kinda like HEAT ammo on the E 100.
    But I still like to derp with the KV-2, but that’s a different story

  38. People who hate this are the type who hate the T49, or who think the T49 is
    boring. It’s bad but SO much fun.

    Although 1400 seems a bit much, killed a grille 15 from 1500 hp just now.
    Maybe 1200 with no prem ammo would be okay….

  39. Hi Circon, could you make a video about the 110e5 because they will nerfed
    the hell out of it… making it probably the worst heavy…so they are
    buffing all the heavies and nerfing the 110e5.. do not get it..

  40. Good job WG, now these tanks will require even less skill to play.

  41. Hey Circon, if you press ‘m’ you can get rid of that annoying map in the

  42. Finally we get our japanese arty line.

  43. Cosmin Herciu-Sava

    with these japanese derp guns people will start carrying large repair kit
    and large first aid kit and wargaming will make more money Kappa

  44. the most tier 10 game i’ve ever seen lol

  45. WG: “We need to improve the armor on Heavy Tanks” *Lets give all the top
    tier Jap Heavies guns that only fire HE, that makes armor even more
    useless” Paint sniffing bastards xD

  46. ah yes… what’s basically a Direct Fire Artillery piece. As if artillery
    wasn’t already broken…

  47. Circon what do you think about the useless speed buffs that the Centurions
    and 4202 are getting?

  48. the type 5 will
    o u t p e r f o r m
    all the other heavies now

  49. This game is so broken. They are talking about Armour ist useless lets nerf
    pen, but first we introduce driving artillery…

  50. Yeah its like wg telling us. fuck aiming and fuck angleing.

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