Type 5 Ka-Ri – Tank Review – World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

The Type 5 Ka-Ri is the first Japanese tank destroyer in World of Tanks! A Tier 8 with German influence here’s all you need to know!


0:00 The Type 5 Ka-Ri Tank Review
6:15 Crew
7:29 Equipment
8:11 Field Mods
9:02 1
19:12 2
24:19 Results
25:22 Conclusion
27:24 Thanks! Leave your feedback in comments and Like/Dislike!


  1. is y heavy metal voice moment 🙂 take care QB

  2. QB releases new video.. 1) click play, 2) click like, 3) watch and learn

  3. Small clarification. The shell velocity on the standard round is 980. Its the gold round that has good velocity. Both are AP.

  4. Nice to see that we don’t have another OP premium tank going into the game. Interesting to see what the tech tree TDs are gonna look like. Tho I really dislike how WG is displaying this tank’s armor values as it’s giving very unrealistic view of how it actually performs.

  5. wow.. WG really just put in a new T8 premium and its balanced… 0.O

  6. Oh, finally…. puberty

  7. With this voice, I’m hearing Gordon Ramsaybaby, going for his third michelin mark of excellences. Get well soon 🙂

  8. Nice preview, thanks! I feel your pain with the voice / throat issues, had the same myself. Have a look at the Vocalzone range of products, used by singers etc when they have throat issues. Their tea range is good too. Hope you fully recover soon!

  9. Its shit you’re ill mate but you sound like Gordan Ramsey hahaha.

    Hope you get well soon.

  10. The second shoot of the 1st game was the min damage roll 😮

  11. hAvE yOu TrIeD tHe ReTiCle MoD? i ThInK iT wIlL fIx YoUr VoIcE

  12. Christopher Rutterford

    SmokeyBaby stikes again, this time bringing us the sound of inhaling the contents of a chimney. Dude go rest, youtube content can wait, its not that important.

  13. I wish they would just sell the tank out right instead of making you gamble for it. I want it but I’m not gonna gamble for it and get a couple shit tanks like the 59 Patton instead of the one I want. Fuck WG and there loot boxes honestly. Anyways thanks for the review even tho your sick!

  14. Im just gonna say Pray for QB in regaining his prime form Back 🙂 keep on fighting old chap 💪🏻

  15. Lol just saw that the 2nd shot you ever fired in this thing was a min roll 😂

  16. How about giving the script to an AI to generate the voice for you 😀 , but seriously, props for the commitment to regular uploads even now!

  17. Getting cough syrup ads before and during this video feels eerily intentional. Get well, QB!

  18. Tanya is a lucky woman, you sound like a bad boy with your cold XD
    Get better soon

  19. Seems like a decent well-balanced tank. Congrats WG.

  20. hey QB i love you been watching you for years everytime i look at you sick and hear you sick it pains to see you in this way hope you can read this message as i look up to everyday you are the reason why i play world of tanks i love you in the way of your content and you should get more love as your a gift from heaven also i hope you get better i really hope you can see this! 🙂

  21. i got it in my 57th loot box 🙂

  22. wots been tuning my cheeks for years

  23. Since when Gordon Ramsay started doing tank reviews for WoT?

  24. ehhhhh whateva…. 🙂

  25. Your voice reminds me of Gordon Ramsays. Nice commitment!

  26. It looks like a nicely balanced Premium. Which is what we want WG! Not BZ176’s type of prems.

    Get well soon QB.

  27. 3 things:
    – Hope you’ll get better soon. Spare your voice, would be shame if you damaged it permanently….
    – The 18km/h reverse speed (20 with turbo) is absolutly amazing and contributes a lot to its cheeky and responsive playstyle.
    – Don’t gamble for it if you just want a crew trainer…. just farm credits and dump them into crew books as soon as the new TD line is released.

  28. any way to make the new voice stay? kinda like it

  29. Quality review kek

  30. Ho no qb still sick get beeter soonQ

  31. Im not sure but i was thinking that i heard your voice before in someone else. Little bit Gordon Ramsay? English people will dissagree i think 🙂 Maybe im wrong

  32. This tanks honestly reminds me of the tier 7 or 8 French artillery could be both just haven’t played them or seen em in awhile. Great tank review as always QB 🙂

  33. skill4ltu’s review on this tank: Hahaha, what armor, where? You should hear his review on this.
    QB’s review: Hmm it does have some armor, looks “kinda” nice tho.

    Youtube content creators 2023. Depend who you watch and who your bias is. Decides the communitys view on tanks and “experience”.

  34. JPII is God tier. Has really good rng

  35. That 375 was lowest roll you can get with this tank. Nice review as always.

  36. The Jap TDS are disappointing. In WOT Blitz the Jap TDs are really well armored beasts with monster guns.

  37. This tank will get melted when people get used to it

  38. I have been watching you since I was in high school Sir you can rest and relax until you have recovered and we will still be waiting for you

  39. Oh yeah,the front armor looks really good 😂😂

  40. I bought 50 of the St Patty’s day crates because I figured I could use the boosters and premium. I got very lucky and got both the Ka-Ri and the Forest Spirit

  41. No game vs tier 10s. That would have been a different result…

  42. I think this tank might be a great platoon tank, which is nice to have in a tech tree. 3 of these set up in the right position can be devastating getting slapped on average for 1500, killing almost anything tier 8 and below

  43. Darkness Nighthingale

    Oh no. The OH-RI is coming.

  44. He should have wrote a script and had Tanya read it. Or better yet, just had her do the tank review, it would have been hilarious.

  45. Is it just me but unwell QB sounds like Gordon Ramsay lol

  46. John Jimuel Basco

    @Quackybaby I commend your commitment to uploading recent videos despite the illness… we quackybaby fans salute you

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