Type 5 review! Is it worth the grind?

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Source: TheFochYou

Intro song: Steel and Glass by nervous_testpilot
used: xvm
System specs: FX 350, GTX 760,
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  1. These tanks, while fun against noobs, are just huge XP/credit pinata’s for
    any competent player.

  2. This tank needs either a massive dpm and health buff or front armor
    thickness buff IMO. Judging from what Wargayming has implemented thus far,
    I guess the former would be the more probable.

  3. “250 pen decent for tier 8 heavy”

  4. World of Tanks Epics by mau81

    Even playing tier 6 was so much painful – I could not handle it.

  5. foch actually talks sense compared to other youtubers and better more
    helpful advice

  6. Lucky that is7 died where he did or that 62a would of ripped u a new

  7. Foch will you be doing more Armored Warfare videos?

  8. Your videos keep getting better and better and so does your stream. Keep it
    up big man and the viewers and followers will keep increasing :)

  9. Pro, as always. Hope to see more of your in AW. :)

  10. Tier 5 has that 1200hp engine, combined with shit armor, that thing hits
    43+km/h easily. I dont understand how there are no epic ramming videos of
    O-I Exp. considering it weights 100+ tons.

  11. Wow, this thing actually manages to be far worse than the stupid comedy
    tank that is the maus? If these ever come to the Xbox I’ll get the tier 6
    and stop there.

  12. “In general, this tank is a giant piece of shit”… Why do u have to say
    those thing? Why?? 😉

    Answer: reasons.


  13. how about shooting HE under the tank??

  14. Did they buff the Foch 155? It’s win rate has climbed according to
    vbaddict, and I’m seeing ARL V39’s around again.

  15. Foch reviews be like “Is it worth the grind, Hell NO!, Because why Fuck
    you, the line is just plain terrible”. I love Foch reviews short and on


    “Stay away!”

  17. its a little counterintuitive that you talk about everything bad about the
    tank while doing 8k damage and blocking 8k damage with your armor.

  18. The FockYou!

  19. t62a fucked up a big time … english plz

  20. god, i love your videos

  21. Have you ever played with ppl like Quickybaby or Jingles?? Seems you have
    the knowledge and even better playing skills than them?? Great vids, great
    tips, and even btr gameplays that are actually played by you and not
    others. Keep it up!!

  22. Those rolls though! 516, 570, 580… no problem ^_^

  23. unless you are a masochistic prick, or just a prick then you deserve this
    piece of shit…Foch for president xD i love the good old foch :D

  24. Coming from a new guy to WoT (is 2k games even considered new?) just wanted
    to tell you your video’s have been invaluable in helping me understand
    wtf-to-do in higher tier matches. Love your vid’s, keep em coming please :)

  25. Dude, i love you, you are a genius.

  26. Awesome game!

  27. How were you able to plant that shot in the T-62A’s track? (at 16:20) I
    play on Xbox, and I would have to get really, really lucky to get that shot
    off. Is it that much easier to aim and shoot on PC that you could hit that
    within a half second after a full turret turn?

  28. So, to cut a long story short, are the new japanese heavies worth the grind?
    Fuck no!
    Thank you Wargaming, for an entire line of utterly useless and outdated

  29. Thanks for the review, I will stay away.

  30. Foch, please plat the Tier5, for your own amusement (and ours). That thing
    brings back memories of KV-1Sport.

  31. If anything this tank needs massive soft stats buff, ie: shorten the
    aimtime to ~2.3ish, better terrain resist, perhaps better dispersion. 25
    kph is bearable, hell, the entire tort line is fun as hell, because gun
    handles like a dream up to T9 (let’s not talk about the cancer mmmkay)

  32. Finally a video for Type 5!!

  33. Jingles has gone to the dogs on wot, dont think he cares anymore about the
    game. Sir Foch on the other hand!! well you can tell he is still interested
    and gives the best reviews.

  34. “stay away!” xD

  35. The T5 is garbage. It’s like the T6 but without the armour or the gun, just
    a huge shell magnet.

  36. Epic ending to a game, though. Well played.

  37. Nice game….You said is a bad tank, but u just did obj260 HT-15 mission,
    so it not all that bad:)

  38. Brilliant 🙂 Another token monetary thanks coming your way Foch. Anything
    to keep the most amusing WoT channel alive and healthy.

  39. Man I fucking love your reviews ^^

  40. this tank is ok the problem is arty and gold ammo same with e-100 and maus

  41. lol Hahahah “is it worth the grind no, why? FUCK YOU!” Hahahah that’s funny

  42. “This will be a fan favorite” Quicky Baby said ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  43. Moe Dali (Addicted2Trance)

    Pretty fun and honest review as always. I love your rants lol
    Umm, are you planning to make a new review on the FV215b? After the buff,
    it’s kind of op now in good hands. I’d appreciate it if you make a new
    I watched pretty much all your videos and didn’t find one after the buff.
    Thanks ?

  44. I think EVERYBODY knew what Foch was going to say about this tank!

    LMAO at the end rant: “…Unless you are a masochistic prick, or just a
    prick – then you deserve this piece of shit…”

    SirFoch; Do you ever play with Intact? He is probably the only WOT YouTube
    guy who is even SALTIER than you! Though it could be that you ARE as salty
    as he is, just that you don’t want it to mess up your Channel and narrow
    your subscriber and follower base… Cause Intact, well he is NSFW let
    alone kids! Not that you are exactly kid friendly, but by comparison you

    Also Intact always recommends your tank reviews, I suppose he plays very
    similarly to you, as he shits on the same tanks you do, and recommends the
    same ones as well!

    It would be interesting IMHO, to see you guys play in a platoon – you could
    make a series about it with SALT somewhere in the name, and I imagine you
    guys would say some HILARIOUSLY fucked up shit!

  45. Iemandjwzz aa izan

    another replay where foch is top tier (just kidding)

  46. Best reviews EU, confirmed

  47. Type 4 has actually quite good global WR while the Type 5 has abysmal 46%.
    Gold ammo is totally not broken.

  48. 3rd :DDDD

  49. no fuck you. lol

  50. … pwned those potatoes. while driving the potato truck…

  51. I know the answer: “Fuck no!”

  52. First KappaRoss

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